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Summary for the discussion:

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
1 We should set a basic movement-wide notability criteria for our projects, to avoid notability conflicts between local and multilingual wikis (i.e. Wikidata, Commons). notability
2 To achieve our mission, we must fix some problems. First, we need to try changing the localist notability criteria of some communities. Second, we have to promote the usage and collaboration of all Wikimedia projects, not just Wikipedia. notability, localism, sister projects
3 The WMF should support the smaller local wikis through a translation staff to help create content in their languages. language, WMF, translation
4 The access and availability of contents for the people with disabilities need to be improved. access, disability
5 The Wikimedia Foundation must build strategies to promote the other projects, not just Wikipedia, to prevent them from becoming desert wikis. sister projects, WMF
6 Wikimedia should remain independent, further promote other projects and improve the Wikipedia translation tool. independence, sister projects, translation
7 We must encourage teachers to incorporate Wikimedia projects into the classroom as an excuse to develop other skills. education
8 It is necessary to foster positive interactions between Wikipedians to ensure the retention of newcomers. etiquette, newcomers, user retention
9 To attract more new users we could refresh the Wikipedia interface, because many people find the current one outdated or obsolete. interface, newcomers, MediaWiki
10 The Wikimedia Foundation should consider whether the decline in active editors is a solvable problem or a natural evolution of Wikipedia, to concentrate its resources and efforts on the issues that really affect us as a movement. WMF, user retention
11 The Wikimedia movement has become more diverse and complex, so we could analyze if its current structure ("bureaucracy") is efficient -- and if not, how it could be simplified. affiliates, bureaucracy
12 The WMF should not pay translators to impulse languages -- it would be better to sign agreements with local governments and institutions to train people in those regions. WMF, languages, translation
13 Probably there is a relationship between the deceleration of new articles and the number of editors, although we must identify if there are other direct causes of the stagnancy of Wikipedia newcomers, growth, Wikipedia
14 English must stop being the predominant language in the projects, because it is a barrier of entry to the non-English speakers. language
15 The survival of the movement depends on its ability to become a global project and overcoming obstacles in incorporating diversity. diversity, movement
16 The WMF should stop looking from the Global North/Anglosphere and to foster geographic and cultural diversity, facilitating the entry into the movement of new communities in other languages. WMF, diversity, language
17 It is important that Wikimedia not to be an endogamic movement, and to participate in other international forums related to its work and mission. movement, partnerships, international forums
18 Wikipedia should offer alternative articles for different target audiences: children, general public and experts, with different levels of depth, detail and language. Wikipedia, target audiences
19 It is necessary to reinforce the sense of community, to spread the free/wiki culture in the society, to integrate the sister projects and to use new platforms (radio, sms, AR, hardware). community, sister projects, platforms
20 It is necessary to motivate and involve as contributors to people who have a good level of expertise in different areas, to ensure the credibility of the projects. users, expertise, credibility
21 We must reduce the pressure of experienced users on newbies, rethink copyright licensing and reduce the bias produced by English as the predominant language. newcomers, copyright, language
22 I want a Wikimedia that is part of global projects with other organizations related to its mission and that we can cover the content gaps that exist today, diversifying the mass of editors. partnerships, content gaps, diversity
23 The WMF should promote the Global South affiliates and initiatives that promote collaboration in languages other than English, such as WikiFranca and Iberocoop. WMF, Global South, language
24 The WMF must maintain its mission and not only focus on numbers, and to maintain its independence by financing only through donations. WMF, metrics, independence
25 The future of Wikimedia is in their communities, which must be more diverse and to be agents of cultural change in their localities. community, diversity, activism
26 We should empower volunteers in the values of free culture and empower them to defend these values in the face of constant changes in teaching and governance paradigms. values, free culture
27 We must become an example of online coexistence and collaborative construction without the vices of harassment, trolling, or vandalism. coexistence, etiquette
28 We must emphasize the importance of quality over the number of editions of a user, and to make the bytes contribution more visible. quality
29 Wikimedia represents a convergence point and an invitation to plurality. This should be reinforced through software improvements and greater outreach. diversity, software, outreach
30 We must adapt to the fast changes of technology which will probably go hand in hand with the expansion of the Internet of Things. technology, software
31 It is important to achieve greater integration between projects, which at the same time will make sister projects more valued and used.[1] sister projects, integration
32 Today the pages of help and documentation, the systems of tutoring and support to the users, and the organization of the administrative tasks are neglected. Improvements in these aspects could greatly facilitate the users retention. user retention, newcomers
33 Increase the integration within the movement: First, WMF should give more support to chapters and have more mechanisms for participation of Wikimedians and affiliates in the decision-making process. Second, we should all feel integrated to the WMF/affiliates work. movement, WMF, affiliates
34 The community should help more the integration of newcomers, and leave aside the deletionism, as any action done on Wikipedia should be to improve the project (and the deletion is not always an improvement). community, newcomers, deletionism
35 Rethinking the structure of chapters and user groups. The WMF is growing too much, which implies an imbalance with affiliates, which need more resources as they are working locally. affiliates, WMF, resources
36 Technical improvements are needed for all projects: process automation, to improve and expand both the use of Visual Editor and translation tool. software, Visual Editor, translation tool
37 More integration between projects is needed, especially Wikidata-Wikipedia, and to strength the other sister projects. sister projects, integration, Wikidata
38 Educational projects are one of the main ways to make Wikipedia grow, so they must be strengthened. It is also necessary to encourage contact and collaboration with other groups and entities. education, partnerships
39 We want a more diverse movement, prioritizing the reach of groups that do not yet participate, and more women, through a violence-free space around them. diversity, gender gap, safe space
40 We want Wikipedia in more languages, which will benefit humanity as a whole by having free learning resources for more communities. language, Wikipedia, outreach
41 We want to engage in greater dialogue with other social, political, cultural and entertainment movements, global actors and institutions that safeguard international culture. partnerships, movement
42 There must be an equitable evaluation and dissemination of the affiliates achievements, the movement must no longer have English as an obstacle for a global dialogue, and there must be more women leading it. movement, affiliates, language
43 Notability should be reviewed, because today is conditioned by the current events or popularity, which is detrimental to lesser known issues, being a problem not only in Wikipedia, but in projects such as Wikiquote. notability, Wikipedia, Wikiquote
44 Wikimedia must ensure the quality and update of the content through a clear, explicit and understandable definition of the references policy. quality, policies, references
45 Wikimedia projects could be safeguards for minority languages, as the new generations identified with these languages are potential contributors. language
46 It is important to reach the most isolated populations, with the same native contributors running programs supported by Wikimedia experts. outreach, language
47 Some sister projects must be merged due to overlapping functions and the low activity; Wikispecies (in relation to Wikipedia) or Wikiversity (in relation to Wikibooks). The rest of them should be pushed further. sister projects
48 Vikidia should be integrated into the Wikimedia projects as a more accessible and understandable encyclopedia for a children or youth audience. Vikidia, sister projects, audiencies
49 Diversity should be ensured on Wikimedia, reducing current biases and reaching more women, more geographic areas -- particularly in Asia or Africa, and more minority languages. diversity, gender gap, language
50 Technical improvements should be made: better adaptation to infoboxes on the Visual Editor; translation tool compatible with existing articles, and improved search on both Wikipedia and Commons. software, Visual Editor, translation tool
51 Wikipedia should be an instructional tool for disadvantaged communities, and because of that the edition from mobile devices should be allowed too. Wikipedia, education, mobile
52 Wikipedia must reinvent itself and build bridges to other communities whose values are similar to ours, and create partnerships (e.g., with Unesco) that allow the sustainability of the free knowledge in the future. Wikipedia, community, partnerships
53 The challenge is to democratize Wikimedia -- that in the long run "every literate human being will do in his life at least 10 contributions in Wikimedia projects". outreach
54 At a regional level, research should be done on user communities and their dynamics in order to tackle thematic, gender, and linguistic gaps, their validation mechanisms and relevance of knowledge, etc. research, community, language
55 A goal: Any country or autonomous region that doesn't currently have a chapter, can establish one in the next 5 years, reaching 90% of the territories by 2022, and to strength national leaderships, outreach and public influence. affiliates, communities, outreach
56 We need more women editing, giving workshops, in decision-making. There is a need for more content about prominent women, and safe spaces (physical and virtual). gender gap
57 Greater diversity and updating of notability criteria is needed, besides potentiating other wiki projects and not focusing all our efforts on Wikipedia. diversity, notability, sister projects
58 There is a lack of linguistic inclusion in the Wikimedia events: WMF must invest in simultaneous translation and don't exclude non-English speakers. diversity, language, WMF

Detailed notes (Optional)

  1. That includes: continuing to develop and give Wikidata the role it deserves, and wikimedists lose their fear to use it. To avoid redundancies between projects (Wikibooks and Wikiversity, Wikispecies and Wikidata). A more wiki/collaborative approach in the organization of its contents (for example, Wikinews pages, instead of stop being useful and editable early, could be reusable). To have more common policies and more shared contents (e.g. templates, modules and preferences) among local wikis.