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What do we want to build or achieve together over the next 15 years? What is your Theme Statement? What are your Key Words? self-identification
Todo el conocimiento al alcance de todos

[English translation: All the knowledge available to everyone]

Formar un proyecto total y no una colección de grupos

[English translation: To build a total project and not just a collection of groups]

Unidad Totalidad Proyecto

[English translation: Unity, Totality, Project]

editor, organizer
Better communication access Reform the Wikimedia Foundation, and make the Foundation thrive again. Reform, Leadership, Organizing editor,
a robust, reliable, and open knowledge repository, with a focus on written knowledge and supporting media / open data projects should co-exist alongside Wikidata and open software projects should continue to make their mark outside of the Wikimedia umbrella / I am particularly interested in the WikiCite bibliographic database project being prioritized One key missing element is the WikiCite bibliographic database bibliographic database, wikicite editor, donor
Togetherness Surviving societal collapse collapse, downsizing editor, donor,
You're looking much too far ahead. We have no concept of what technology will look like in 15 years. A five-year vision or a ten-year vision and a five-year plan would be much more realistic. Wikimedia is free information-sharing. free, information, sharing editor,
A wikipedia where quality writers are paid for their work. editor, donor,
Freedom Start forming mesh networks that are primarily for Wikipedia data streams and can't be censured. networks, data, censure anon-editor, editor,
All wikimedia sites are beautiful on desktop and phone responsive web design reader,
Open-source knowledge for all The power of knowledge should be available to all--no exceptions. Knowledge, all, power editor,
Wikis which shall provide the sum of all knowledge to all people, free, in an inclusive environment, covering the interests of all people, allowing all to contribute freely Protect the people who just want to contribute to Wikimedia projects from aggressors toxic, protect, harassment editor,
A true movement, a true community of communities, a radically decentralized network of entities, and empowered individual contributors inside, and outside cultural heritage institutions like GLAMs and knowledge sharing institution like education, co-creating content and cooperating in a social network of relations allowing them to develop the projects, fellow contributors, and themselves towards self-realization, and agents of change in the global society helping to achieve the eradication of hunger, poverty, and war, and the emergence of a prosperous, and sustainable future for all. We should have an impactful chapter in each and every country accountable for a thriving community within the country including recruitment and selection of volunteers, including training and certification of all contributors to assure all editors behave respectful and maintain a welcoming culture. chapter, community, training editor,
Improve and promote sister projects + collaborations with governements to introduce WM projects in education Sister project improvement Sister projects, governments, accessibility editor,
A comprehensive guide to reality Don't trust primary sources Read, Refine, Register anon-editor, editor,
A coalition of wiki movement partners, all moving toward maximizing the accuracy, accessibility, and participation options across all wiki and open knowledge projects. With welcoming, fun loving work groups and teams. Skill development to help everyone improve what they're capable of and improve what's available online in the process. With a sweet user interface that works well for all our participants on any device. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy ? Everyone who cares about Wiki Movement should be able to help - every age, every ability, every cultural background. Inclusivity, Participation, Innovation editor, donor, organizer,
In next 15 years, I want Sindhi editions of Wikipedia and Wiktionary to be among the top wikis. I also wish every project of Wikimedia has a Sindhi version in coming years. Beside this, I want to make a user group of active Sindhi Wikimedians, that do not only contribute to different projects but also organize and participate in national and international events of Wikimedia Foundation. Moreover, I would like to be in partnership with different organizations and institutes for achieving the said goals. Theme statement: Let's build the biggest knowledge base of Sindhi language. Build, Knowledge editor,
All the world's knowledge, free and accessible to all people, organizations and algorithms. We should deploy machine learning and deep learning algorithms to every aspect of Wikimedia activity. machine learning, deep learning, automation editor, donor,
We need to integrate Wikidata more closely with the Wikipedias and other Wikimedia projects. Closer integration with Wikidata helps the smaller projects with fewer resources and fewer editors who want to or are able to work on the technical aspects of their projects. In fact, it would be a good idea to centralise all the more difficult technical stuff on (say) Meta so that editors and the smaller projects can concentrate on writing. It would be wonderful to have infoboxes generated from Wikidata across as many projects as possible.

Wikidata, and Wikidata-related tools with attractive interfaces such as Reasonator, WikiShootMe and Crotos, are much the most effective way of achieving our goal of storing the sum of all human knowledge.

Do more with Wikidata! Infoboxes, Wikidata editor,
Bring core articles to "Good"" standard The WMF should make an effort to attract people with expert knowledge of subjects dealt in WP's articles so that core [=high visibility] articles reach the "Good article" standard. Quality, Expertise, Civilty editor,
The same site, but allowed to grow and improve. We should make it easy to get quick, reliable information. Accuracy, convenience editor,
I want to expand Wikimedia in general, and double the amount of contributors that edit. New editors are badly needed, and we need new ways to get new editors. We should double the amount of editors of Wikipedia and the other WMF projects Contributors, Expanding editor,
The continued coverage of human knowledge in a free manner for the general public, while ensuring the reliability and constant improvement of the quality of information accessibility (various visual, visual and other illustrations). The movement must ensure the reliability of the information, while creating an information quality standard (rating according to the number of sources and backing of the information by recognized institutions) and transparency of its sources. Reliability, transparency anon-editor,
I believe you will be striving for a wider spread of Russian patriotism in Ukraine. I think you would need to overview your ukrainian team as it is currently lead by Russian patriots, who persue distortion and distruction of Ukrainian language and it's culture. distruction, Ukrainian, language, culture editor,
Local Editors Community Create a community level editors volunteers groups. Volunteers, Editors, Local editor,
नयाँ पुस्तामा सिर्जनाशक्तिको विकास

[English translation: ... ]

नयाँ पुस्तामा विकिपिडिया को मद्दतले सिर्जनशीलता र बाल कृयाकलाप बढाउने ।

[English translation: ... ]

सिर्जनाशक्ति, अनुशासन, बालबालिका

[English translation: ... ]

editor, organizer
To expand and extend the Wiki movement to other languages in the world. To get the editing on Wikipedia included as a part of curriculum in schools and colleges. We should get editing on Wiki included as a part of school/college curriculum Editing, Curriculum, education editor,
A giant repository of knowledge, a movement that makes oppressive governments afraid of blocking that knowledge and a broad enough contributor base that "oh you actually edit that thing?" becomes an antiquated reaction. Being an agent of change Controversy, relevance, WP:BOLD editor, donor,
An encyclopedia for the future. A very inclusive encyclopedia that is accurate, readable, and accessible for all. Accurate, Inclusive, Readable, Accessible editor,
grow, stabilise and preserve We are crossing an uncharted gulf to Reliable Source territory content, sourcing, stability editor,
Modern web interface. Promote more diverse editors and contributors. We should make the site more aesthetically appealing and start programs to encourage underrepresented groups to edit and contribute. design, diversity, community editor,
music and geometric analysis jazz anon-editor,
Free, open, non-commercial, high quality knowledge base Community supported knowledge sharing freedom of speech, fact-based evidence, reliable research editor, donor,
विकी प्रोजेक्ट नै हाम्रो सम्पत्ति हो र यसको संरक्षण र विकसित घटनाक्रमहरुलाई निरन्तरताको लागि विकी प्रोजेक्ट एक महत्वपूर्ण विषय हो । जसले गर्दा हामी जस्ता युवाहरुको सक्रियताको आवश्यकता पर्दछ । त्यसैले नयाँ पुस्तालाई तथा एकले अर्कालाई जाने सम्मका कुराहरुको खोजी गर्ने र यसको उपलब्धता गराउने यसको उद्देश्य हुन्छ ।

[English translation: ... ]

हरेक कुराको जानकारी गराउने यसको मुख्य उद्देश्य हुन्छ । जस्तै ः शिक्षा, स्वास्थ्य, विज्ञान, प्रविधि आदी ।

[English translation: ... ]

शिक्षा नै मुख्य यसको मुख्य योजना हो ।

[English translation: ... ]

editor, donor,
Organizar todo el conjunto de proyectos

[English translation: To organize the whole set of projects]

Wikimedia merece grandes temas bien organizados

[English translation: Wikimedia deserves great well-organized themes]

Organización, firmeza, global, temas

[English translation: Organization, Firmness, Global, Themes]

editor, donor,
A greater world with harmony Unity shall be fundamental, Humanity shall be the principle. Humanity, Unity. editor,
A community where both readers and editors feel valued and included. We should make sure that editors feel they are appreciated, thus encouraging them to contribute more/better, and that readers feel they can relate to and understand the material we produce. inclusive, clear, valued editor, donor,
Wikipedia as a strong open education tool that is supported by latest technology Open and Border less Knowledge education editor,
We must resist all efforts to make knowledge obscure, "non-heretical", or inaccessible as the Real Life 'Ministry of Truth' takes its many shapes from out of religious and political power blocs. (Islam and Climate Change Denial, I am looking at you, here, though you are not alone.) This is going to be crucial over the next 15 years. The time is cycling around again to where governments, both secular and theocratic, will decide or are deciding (or trying to) what is true _by law_, without regard for observation, reproducibility of results, or the basic human right to point out that "the Emperor is Naked". The Wiki movements have to be ready for fatwas, injunctions, inquisitions, and worse. I'm putting this first because without editors and contributors staying alive and out of jail, there is no Wiki-anything.

After self-defense comes progress toward inclusion (of women, the majority-minority, especially-- I cite the shameful treatment of [specific female editor] by fellow Wikipedians in support of the idea that we have *very* far to go in this regard). Many other goals we might adopt, many specifics of what we can and should want to build or achieve together, will come forth naturally from a user/contributor base that does not or IS NOT ALLOWED to run the girls off. Stop running the girls off or scaring them into silence and inactivity and in the next 15 years they will surprise you beyond your dreams. Keep on the way you've been going and in 15 years I'll still be submitting anonymous input and just not editing very often except to correct obvious typos.

Defend and Include: Unfortunately, I see the major challenges of "continuing to exist" and of "being something other than a boys' clubhouse or an organ of Church&State" as being the work of the next 15 crucial years for Wikimedia. Survival as a meaningful organisation depends on this. self-defense, inclusion editor, donor,
For Indian conditions, one has to be practical and cater to the needs of people living in this country. The Citations asked by the authorities can be of different pattern, surely not the European type. Citations for everything. editor,
A platform that transcended articles and uses Wikidata to deliver facts and content (commons, source, etc.) in a responsive, mobile-ready manner to obviate the need for proprietary search engines for basic factual queries. A natural language, Wikidata-based AI/search tool that delivers facts and free content. natural-language, facts, search editor,
A more fair way for individuals to create and share content. Everyone should be able to access tools and platforms for sharing content. Content, Access editor, donor,
Survival the total collapse of small wikis! We should hold as lot as possible volunteer editors and hop in every year meagre new editors. volunter, new editors editor,
A reliable and accessible source of information, that can be read and edited by the world. An open version of human information, that is available to everyone, everywhere. mobile, open editor,
cut headcount at WMF by 50%; spend money for content, not Mediawiki features cut headcount at WMF by 50%; spend money for content, not Mediawiki features headcount, content, features anon-editor, editor,
Reliable accessibility The cure for discromatopsia discromatopsia, color blindness, accessibility editor,
crear informacion libre que permita el auto aprendizaje gratuito para todo aque que lo desee

[English translation: To create free information that allows free self-learning for anyone who wants it.]

Conseguir manuales y tutoriales de todos los temas posibles para ayudar al auto aprendizaje de toda la población

[English translation: To get manuals/tutorials of all possible topics to help self-learning of the entire population]

Educacion, manuales

[English translation: Education, manuals]

To make people of the World;Uneducated-Free without any cost for study. Theme Statement:We should spread access to knowledge through educational institutes throughout the country by organizing various of educational programs time-to-time to keep people updated. Key Words: Access, Education, Time-to-time, Updated editor,
i want to spread knowledge of history through wikipedia history editor,
A college of the world wide cloud, with interactive mini-apps on every topic embedded into their respective wikipedia pages. An outreach program can provide certificates and degrees. The program can be accredited eventually. B'H. Educating humanity online. education, humanity, online anon-editor, editor, donor,
I want us to build an online resource that is a reliable, quick and first stop for information on any topic in this world. We should be a reliable first stop for information on any topic in this world Reliability, Information editor, donor,
We must be able to provide knowledge to all the counties especially where social media is not much popular. By this we may be able to bring the under developed and developing countries to developed ones. we must help in contributing more towards the Human Resource Development. Improve the condition of the people by spreading the knowledge and contributing more towards the Human Resource Development. WideKnowledge, HumanResourceDevelopment reader,
1. Joining more new wikipedians by friendly atmosphere in community. 2. Increase the level of knowledges from that near bouleward to more sophistic and/or scientific. 3. International help to small projects. More information about science/scientists and culture. We should spread access to scientific knowledge through educational institutions. Science, Education editor, donor,
pages on movies and actors What age is a actor by the year of birth age year-of-birth reader
numismatic and exonumia history History untold is History lost Numismatic History reader,
Wikipedia comes into education in every country, every university, every college and every school. Wikipedia belongs in education. Access, Education, Wikipedia Education Progam editor,
More knowledge supply on Science, Technology and Psychology Should spread access to knowledge through educational institutions, of course, Some thing like Khan academy Science,Education,Free,More accessible anon-editor,
The greatest and most accurate database of human knowledge. We should build educational institutions with access to Wikimedia projects. Education, Access, Projects anon-editor, editor,
A more complete, more quality-controlled resource of knowledge. We could introduce a more visible metric to indicate reliability of content. truth, accuracy, foundation, fact, NPOV editor,
The broadest and deepest educational resources for the largest collection of humanity We need to work together to spread freedom in culture and thought. Freedom, Culture, Education editor, donor,
Curate, develop and vigourously defend from dogmatic/ ideologue attack a balanced knowledge base for ALL to access and learn from. We should target the non-academic in general, and specificially those many for whom their level of education does not match their intellectual ability, using accesibility and through developing trust. access, non-academic, trust reader
Organizita internacia Vikimedia movado (organizaĵoj) kapablas inkludi en sian laboradon ankaŭ homojn, kies laborado estas nuntempe barata pro ilia malsufiĉa komunika kapablo en la angla lingvo.

[English translation: Organized international Wikimedia movement (organizations) could also engage in their activities people who are not currently able to contribute because of their insufficient communication ability in the English language. ]

organisations, communication, collaboration editor,
Vikimedia komunumo estas sekura kaj invitema loko por novuloj.

[English translation: Wikimedia community is safe and friendly place for newbies. ]

newbies editor,
A reputable, free, and open source of information that allows anyone to learn and gain knowledge of anything they want. Wikimedia should seek to foster a community of knowledge-seekers that is transparent, reputable, and free; with a particular emphasis on expanding access to its resources in regions that are developing and/or populations underserved, or marginalized. Access, transparency, marginalized populations, developing regions anon-editor,
Many answers are going to focus on building and accessibility of knowledge. Obviously, that is key to Wikipedia. At the same time, I think that Wikipedia needs to look at risks to its existence. Wikipedia can exist because of the current structure of the internet. We can't trust that this will remain the same. How can Wikimedia/Wikipedia sway technical accessibility on a global scale, to reduce the risk of this beautiful creation going the way of the library at Alexandria? Existential threats to Wikipedia Internet stability, government intervention, net neutrality, existential threats, risk donor,
Hacer que todo ser humano alfabetizado edite en Wikimedia al menos 10 veces en su vida

[English translation: To make every literate human being to edit in Wikimedia at least 10 times in his life]

Una meta ambiciosa

[English translation: An ambitious goal]

global goal, edition, sustainability, education, spirit editor,
A truly multilingual community facilitated by language technology We should make collaboration across languages easy translation, collaboration, multilinguality editor,