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  • Discussion coordinators summarize and submit local feedback to the draft via the summary skeleton.
  • If a point is "above the bar" (priority 1) - strong sentiment by the local community that something absolutely needs to change, be removed or added - then the coordinator also adds comments to the talk page on Meta as well while referencing the sources statement - do this on an ongoing basis.
  • A - Direction: The future we imagine (green box).
  • B - Remaining sections: Reasoning, Implications.

  • 1 - This is absolutely necessary change (either to keep or to eliminate)
  • 2 - This is a change, but not absolutely necessary

First draftEdit

Section Priority Summary Statement Overall sentiment Keyword or phrase
A 1 It doesn't make sense to talk about "many shapes and colors", al least in Spanish. neutral draft
A 1 The concept of "human progress" could be a little complicated in many contexts. concern draft
A 2 It's seems that speaking about "we will welcome people" right before "diversity" could be a little inconsistent, as speaking from a higher position -- it would be better to say "we will work to engage..." neutral draft
A 2 The "villages" concept could have a negative connotation in some contexts. concern draft
A 2 When we talk about "assemble through strong, sustainable communities", does it mean that now we don't have that kind of communities? Maybe it would be better to speak about "even stronger and more sustainable communities". concern draft
A 2 What does it mean "communities"? Are the individual contributors, affiliates, both? neutral draft
B 2 The concepts of "maintenance and monitoring" are only known by wikipedians. For the new voices could sound like a police term. concern maintenance, monitoring
A 1 The second draft proposed ("Our strategic direction: Knowledge equity") is better than the first one ("Direction: The future we imagine"). supportive draft version
A 2 When text talks about "creating knowledge", it could be contrasted with our mission to disseminate and free knowledge. Is that dissemination/freeing is also included in that knowledge creation? (2nd) neutral knowledge
A 2 We can't "create" knowledge, we are not a primary source. (2nd) concern creation
A 2 The concept of "fair systems for creating different forms of trusted knowledge" doesn't make sense to me. (2nd) neutral wording
A 2 I think that "build knowledge" is more precise that "creting knowledge". (2nd) neutral knowledge

Second draftEdit

Section Priority Summary Statement Overall sentiment Keyword or phrase
A 1 The translation should be written on gender-inclusive language. concern translation
A 1 I agree with the text, I wouldn't do substantial changes, since everything has been agreed and derived from a long process. support draft
A 2 When speaking of "structured" forms of knowledge, the knowledge that do not conform to these parameters are left aside. The adjective "structured" refers to forms of knowledge that have already passed through a filter and academic arbitration. concern structured knowledge
A 2 When speaking of "fully represents human diversity" I would remove the word "fully", because there is no "full representation", in fact that is the function of representations. concern fully representation
A 2 It bothers me when we considers us to be "the essential infrastructure". Although it is true, we should not erect it into a goal. It would be better to speak of "an essential infrastructure". concern essential infrastructure
A 1 It should be clarified what "left out [communities]" means, because it sounds too paternalistic. concern community

Detailed notes (Optional)Edit

If you have detailed notes in addition to the summary, you may add them here. For example, the notes may come from an in-person discussion or workshop. If your discussion happened on a wiki or other online space, you do not need to copy the detailed notes here.