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  • A - Direction: The future we imagine (green box).
  • B - Remaining sections: Reasoning, Implications.
  • 1 - This is absolutely necessary change (either to keep or to eliminate)
  • 2 - This is a change, but not absolutely necessary
Section Priority Summary Statement Overall sentiment Keyword or phrase
A 1 Strong, lasting communities?

What I am very curious about is how a strong, lasting community is build? My experience has been a different one. In my opinion the Dutch Wikipedia community does not get many points at being open for people with a different opinion. By the way I do think that an online encyclopedia needs a 'strong' community, otherwise it becomes a mess. But when it comes to new experiments an attitude is needed that is more open. In my opinion that should be enshrined in the strategy. This text contains nice words but it does not relate to the reality.

concerned communities
A The statement is written in a quite woolly language but the sentence 'We will welcome people from everywhere to grow fields of knowledge that represent human diversity" does say that they want more diversity with regard to the content and more openness toward new members, a confirmation of the 'inclusionism' I'd say. And the sentence 'It asks us to be bold and experiment in the future, as we did in the past' does say also that they want new experiments. But indeed, it is about making that happen, and I hope that the more conservative users understand that more diversity does not necesserily mean less quality. approval diversity
A 2 They now say: 'om de wegen, bruggen en dorpen te worden, die de reis van de wereld naar vrije kennis ondersteunen.' And I find that too woolly. My preference would be: 'in order to lay the basis for making open, gratis and structured knowledge, as much as possible, accessible.' That would be in any case more in touch with my vision on Wikipedia. concern accessibility