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name of group Wikimedia Bangladesh
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) Hangout
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) Online Conference
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) 10

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Key Insight
  1. The Western encyclopedia model is not serving the evolving needs of people who want to learn.
  2. Knowledge sharing has become highly social across the globe.
  3. Much of the world's knowledge is yet to be documented on our sites and it requires new ways to integrate and verify sources.
  4. The discovery and sharing of trusted information have historically continued to evolve.
  5. Trends in misinformation are increasing and may challenge the ability for Wikimedians to find trustworthy sources of knowledge.
  6. Mobile will continue to grow. Products will evolve and use new technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality. These will change how we create, present, and distribute knowledge.
  7. As the world population undergoes major shifts, the Wikimedia movement has an opportunity to help improve the knowledge available in more places and to more people.
  8. Readers in seven of our most active countries have little understanding of how Wikipedia works, is structured, is funded, and how content is created.
Overall (either)
  • supportive
  • concern
  • neutral
Line Week # Key insight Summary Statement Overall Keyword
1 1 A There are always a group of people who want thing differently that does not mean we should change our current model. Knowledge of encyclopedia should be deep and thorough. concern encyclopedia, model
2 2 C We should create a new project for oral knowledge only. concern new project
3 1 A For those who seek short and easy information on a specific topic, they can use Simple Wikipedia or use other websites such as Quora. We're an encyclopedia, not a Q/A based website. concern new project, encyclopedia
4 1 B In the low awareness region, we should find a way to promote Wikipedia and it's projects. People will eventually use it. So what we really need there is outreach. concern Outreach
5 1 B In this age, people will surely use social media to share information and we should do more outreach and promote our brand on them. neutral age of information
6 1 B We've survived all these years and have gained credibility for our current model and contents. Sharing knowledge in social media and sharing knowledge from the encyclopedia are two different things to me. However, we can promote our projects through social media so that people sharing them on social media or in-person getting them from our projects in the first place. concern credibility, promotion
7 2 C In Wikipedia we provide reliable information with sources. So changing it will affect our Wikipedia's credibility. concern credibility

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