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name of group Portuguese Wikipedia
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) pt:Wikipédia:Esplanada/geral/Discussão de estratégia do Movimento Wikimedia (14mar2017)
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) local wiki
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) 4

Summary edit

The summary is a group of summary sentences and associated keywords that describe the relevant topic(s). Below is an example.

Theme (refer to key) Question (refer to key) Summary Statement Keywords
1 A 2 I think that Healthy, Inclusive Communities is critical because without a welcoming environment for new readers and users, we will not have an impact in any of these other areas. Community Health, Readers, Users, Impact
2 B 1 The Augmented Age is more important than the other themes because with improved technology and new ways to contribute information, we would be able to quickly produce more quality content in more languages. Knowledge, Technology

Taken together, all the summary sentences should provide an accurate summary of what was discussed with the specific community.

Fill in the table, using these 2 keys.

Theme key
  1. Healthy, inclusive communities
  2. The augmented age
  3. A truly global movement
  4. The most trusted source of knowledge
  5. Engaging in the knowledge ecosystem
Questions key
  1. What impact would we have on the world if we follow this theme?
  2. How important is this theme relative to the other 4 themes? Why?
  3. Focus requires tradeoffs. If we increase our effort in this area in the next 15 years, is there anything we’re doing today that we would need to stop doing?
  4. What else is important to add to this theme to make it stronger?
  5. Who else will be working in this area and how might we partner with them?

Line Theme (refer to key) Question (refer to key) Summary Statement Keywords
1 A 1 We have the potential to globalize a cooperative approach to the web. User:Joalpe Associativism, community approach
2 A 1 We can practice in a radical way an unprecedented associative 2.0 web experience User:Joalpe Associativism, Web 2.0
3 A 1 Only the most resilient develop in an unhealthy community, bettering the community will allow more projects and people to contribute and thrive. User:Danilo.mac Resiliency
4 A 2 This theme is the base for all others, it should have priority over all else. User:Danilo.mac Priority
5 A 2 A healthy and inclusive community is an essential condition for Wikimedia projects, today and in the road to 2030. User:Joalpe Essential, belonging
6 A 3 It sometimes seems that the catalyzing of marginalized communities is done from a top down approach, that can infantilize volunteers from those communities and can have weak results in medium and long term. User:Joalpe infantilization,
7 A 3 The role of WMF should be rethought in some circumstances, it should be measured not only on the basis of it's immediate effect, but on how it generates elements that have strategic benefits to the communities. User:Joalpe Strategic thinking, WMF's role
8 A 3 By focusing on this theme we will have to be more complacent with mistakes, not only mistakes made by newbies, but also those made by experienced users. User:Danilo.mac Tolerance,
9 A 4 We need to pay attention to the documentation of the basic software features and of community processes; many users are afraid to edit, and those that do despite the lack of good documentation are reverted and get frustrated. An inclusive process requires a reorganization and simplification of the help pages. User:Danilo.mac Documentation, help pages
10 A 4 Harassment is a major issue in the process of creating power boundaries among contributors. We have been able to understand harassment in deep dimensions, including knowledge formation: some knowledge won't stick, as they do not fit the general, dominant epistemological perspective that runs through the projects. This knowledge bias is harassment as it limits the contribution of the marginalized. User:Joalpe bias as harassment, exclusivity and exclusion
11 A 4 To be globally relevant and internally democratic is compatible with being exclusionary: only the few privileged who can play according to the rules are able to enjoy this restricted democracy, while this general structure marginalizes other groups. A key dimension is to be able to bring diversity and build bridges to empower the chronically marginalized. exclusivity and exclusion, empowerment
12 A 5 World Social Forum, peer to peer networks and other institutions aligned with alternative traditions could be partners in this area. User:Joalpe alternative movements
13 A 5 Human resources specialists could bring expertise and techniques to help deal with conflicts. User:Danilo.mac Human Resources
14 B 1 The development of learning tools and smart technologies will contribute to improving the quality and reliability of our content in a large scale, increasing our use as an unavoidable reference for all relevant matters. User:Joalpe Reliability
15 B 1 While companies innovate to placate market needs, we have the potential to innovate in well being processes and collective content production processes, allowing for these innovations to resonate in other processes, connected or independent to ours, due to the open nature of our licenses and collaborative dynamics of development. User:Joalpe free software, non-profit
16 B 2 Technological processes determines the way content production organizes itself. The global content production in a collaborative manner is only possible due to web 2.0 tools, and MediaWiki especially. User:Joalpe content production, collaboration
17 B 2 Every technological change will have effects in how editors interact with the projects and we should always ponder how much each innovation facilitates, substitutes, or qualifies the volunteers human work. User:Joalpe Innovations and volunteers
18 B 2 At the edge, we run the risk of technical advances transforming our projects into a space for robotic production of articles; a scenario that does not seem beneficial to me. User:Joalpe robot articles
19 C 1 By establishing a truly global movement we may establish a social globally connected society, possibly becoming a viable, desirable alternative to a increasingly polarized and unequal society. User:Joalpe emancipation, tranculturalism
20 C 2 The challenge is to assume a vision that in fact the sum of all knowledge in the world should adopt an inclusive practice and with groups and individuals from areas and backgrounds that are not like our current members'. To achieve this vision, the process of globalization and generalization of our community is an unavoidable condition, we need to open ourselves to the conditions of participation of those who are not in our movement so that these groups and individuals are accepted and can participate. User:Joalpe inclusion, permeability
21 C 3 To became a truly global movement we need to establish a system of parity in decision-making positions for editors from rich and poor countries. This may create uncertainty in the projects, however. User:Joalpe participation parity
22 C 4 The movements globalization process should be accompanied by deep institutionalization of democracy. We need to foment a diverse, polycentric community for deliberative processes incorporating smart mechanisms for the production of an e-democracy system. User:Joalpe e-democracy; deep democracy
23 C 5 Participatory budgeting networks may have practices and contacts that might help us. User:Joalpe social empowerment
24 C 5 The alternative globalization movements, such as the World Social Forum, with its "another world is possible" motto, might have experiences and capabilities to help us. User:Joalpe alterglobalization, World Social Forum
25 E 1 The impact will be big and positive; by being massively used in schools the students would pass their knowledge as part of the work of remembering the class content, helping Wikimedia projects to develop it's content on scientific and academic matters much more quickly. User:Danilo.mac Wikimedia in Education, feedback loop
26 E 2 This theme is the one with the most potential to impact the world, with a change in education; however, although of great importance, this theme should be of lesser priority than the others for without an welcoming environment and clearer processes and documentation we will not create the contagion effect necessary for this theme to develop in the needed pace. User:Danilo.mac Low priority
27 E 2 We have to ponder that many tries to involve Wikimedia projects in education have happened and it is still an objective of many offwiki activities. None, however, have managed the viral effect of making this involvement pass from educator to educator. Until such effect is attained it is impossible to reach a significant portion of the educational systems, this effect is probably dampened by the difficulties and rule complexity educators find in the projects. User:Danilo.mac Contagion effect, education
28 E 3 Our efforts should be focused in correcting, improving and simplifying projects to create an welcoming environment to allow this theme to be developed with more success. User:Danilo.mac low priority
29 E 4 Instead of focusing on attracting students we should focus on attracting teachers, each new teacher will bring all his students to Wikimedia projects. User:Danilo.mac Students as focus
30 E 4 Teachers who successfully use Wikimedia projects in their classroom may convince other teachers to also use Wikimedia projects. This "contagion effect" is essential for the use of Wikimedia projects in education. User:Danilo.mac Contagion effect
31 E 4 One idea to advance this theme is to do surveys with teachers, investigating the roadblocks that stop them from using and recommending Wikimedia projects. User:Danilo.mac Surveys, data
32 E 5 One idea is to reach out to teacher associations and other groups that congregate teachers to and discuss teaching methods. This might be more efficient as it reaches teachers and organizations already willing to discuss innovations in teaching. User:Danilo.mac Associations
33 E 1 If we engage deeply in the knowledge ecosystem we will have to review the the intercultural rules in the projects and in among economically unequal societies, now on equal footing in the knowledge realm. User:Joalpe Intercultural rules
34 E 2 There will be a leap of quality in the projects if we act decisively in the knowledge ecosystem User:Joalpe leap of quality
35 E 3 If we invest in fundamentally altering the knowledge ecosystem, the proposal of this theme taken to an extreme, we will have to modify the dynamics and practices associated with the project. This means our attention and investment focuses would change User:Joalpe dynamics, change in focus
36 E 4 Involve education institutions; these institutions face the challenge to integrate new technologies in the learning processes daily. User:Joalpe Education institutions
37 E 4 There is not enough research on the cognitive and sociological processes associated with the use of Wikimedia projects in education. User:Joalpe Research
38 E 5 At a macro level, we need to connect ourselves with the global, supranational, and national networks of change in the knowledge ecosystem. We are not the only ones with this problem, and we are even a little behind in relation to other initiatives. User:Joalpe Networks of change,
39 E 5 At a local level, the painstaking small work, we need to contact teachers, act in classrooms, improving point by point the work done in schools and universities. This will demand an enormous effort from our community. User:Joalpe local level

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