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name of group French Wikipedia
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) Wikipedia
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) local wiki
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) 20


Theme key
  1. Healthy, inclusive communities
  2. The augmented age
  3. A truly global movement
  4. The most trusted source of knowledge
  5. Engaging in the knowledge ecosystem
Questions key
  1. What impact would we have on the world if we follow this theme?
  2. How important is this theme relative to the other 4 themes? Why?
  3. Focus requires trade-offs. If we increase our effort in this area in the next 15 years, is there anything we’re doing today that we would need to stop doing?
  4. What else is important to add to this theme to make it stronger?
  5. Who else will be working in this area and how might we partner with them?

Line Theme (refer to key) Question (refer to key) Summary Statement Keywords
1 A 1 The impact would be positively hugeː making the world a better place. Trizek improving the world
2 A 4 Get wikimedia projects to know each other better. Trizek, Amqui awareness
3 A 4 Make projects more inter-connected. Trizek, Amqui inter-connectivity
4 A 4 Know more about other languages and cultures. Trizek, Amqui awareness
5 A 1 We'll be just another social network. TigH social network
6 A 2 Communities are the last protection barrier for projects. Any threat to the community could jeopardize its projects, and more particularly the projects that are already in bad shape. TigH protection
7 A 3 Strengthen the presence of human and reduce the automation and machine impact so as to make the projects rely more human being communities. TigH humanization
8 A 4 Make communities healthier and more inclusive both internally and externally. Amqui inter-connectivity
9 A 4 Make easier and faster the process for creating new Wikimedia communities, languages, and projects. Amqui new language
10 A 4 Have the MediaWiki strings managed directly by a WMF project instead of a third-party tool, TranslateWiki for now, will tremendously make easier the creation process for new languages. Amqui, Benoît Rochon translate wiki
11 B 1 This theme, if developed in accordance with transparency can allow Wikimedia projects and wikimedians to evolve while remaining relevant. Lamiot up-to-date
12 B 1 The tools and models of improvement of our wikis will themselves be open-source and therefore potentially reusable by other users of internet. Lamiot re-usability
13 B 3 Ensure that the projects keeps their humanized aspect, at the service of its users, and not robotized and automated to excess. Lamiot humanization
14 B 2 This theme can be transversal to others, in the sense that it can accelerate their implementation, but it must have its own ethical safeguards. Lamiot accelerator
15 B 3 If the community organizes and continues to grow, it seems possible to move forward simultaneously on all these major themes. Lamiot complementary
16 B 4 Integrate automatic and easy-to-use means to ensure transparency and neutrality of content. Lamiot anti-vandalism
17 B 4 Ensure that the "augmented" aspect does provoke an enormous consumption of electricity. Lamiot sustainable technology
18 B 4 Wikipedia and its sisters projects should be able to be fully powered by clean, safe and renewable sources of energy. Lamiot renewable energy
19 A 4 Ensure that wikis projects are accessible to everyone regardless of wealth and location. Lamiot equal accessibility
20 B 5 Academics and educational communityː we could collaborate on designing, prototyping, testing solutions, etc. Lamiot academics
21 C 1 We will be much better implanted in the third world, where education is not well developed. CreativeC38 internationalization
22 C 5 We need to teach NGOs how to access, use our resources and enrich them in their local languages.CreativeC38 NGOs partners
23 D 4 Being the most respective source of knowledge seems enough. Aiming for more is risky and hardly achievable since we will always face detractors and eventually make mistakes. Fuucx consistency
24 D 1 Effective impact requires a strong support and emphasis on projects other than Wikipedia, for example Wikiversity which remains a vast parcel unexplored. TgH sister projects
25 D 2 It is important put a strong emphasis on credibility of our information in order to preserve projects against communication and political propaganda. Alexfouch credibility
26 D 2 Relevancy and credibility of information is the key to the success of Wikipedia and its sister projects. Alexfouch credibility
27 D 2 This theme is complementary to others for what can be done if we are not reliable? Fuucx complementary
28 D 3 We will have to put an end to translations made by users who do not master the languages or the subjects their edit as they repulse people in need of quality. TigH poor translations
29 D 4 Contributing should be the coolest thing you do at least once in your life. It is therefore necessary to open other possibilities for people to share knowledge ː genealogy, tutorial, etc. Trizek forms of contribution
30 D 5 The millions of teachers around the world who use Wikipedia for practical purposes, we could perhaps tell them that there is more than just the encyclopedia but also the sister projects. TigH teachers
31 D 5 Researchers too. Allow them individually to use the Wikiverse as a kind of cloud for them. This would bring fresh sets of knowlege. TigH researchers
32 C 4 Broaden the dissemination of knowledge to low awareness regions in order to make knowledge and make it accessible worldwide. Zaxiphyvaxe low awareness region
33 D 4 Motivate and engage users in order to increase the amount of information shared. Zaxiphyvaxe engagement
34 E 5 Involve experts to improve the verifiability of content. Zaxiphyvaxe credibility
35 B 4 Make the content more dynamic and facilitate translation by active contributors. Zaxiphyvaxe translation
36 E 3 Stop pretending or make people believe that contribution is easy or without difficulty. TigH contribution
37 E 3 We will need to stop confronting human against machines : intelligence against algorithm. TigH humanization
38 E 4 Modesty, wisdom and patience.TigH values
39 E 5 Including Wikimedia in the broader knowledge ecosystem requires above all a legitimization, legitimization in substance by demonstrating more reliable information, and legitimization in form by bringing the institutional actors to acknowledge the skills acquired when contributing to Wikimedia. Pilou Tgy legitimization
40 B 1 Wikipedia will no longer be an important source of information in the future and will eventually disappear. Algorithms will be able to synthesize in real time information from a llarge number of structured or non structured sources in a reliable and neutral way. Jean trans h+ automation
41 B 1 This is an important theme as compared to the others, especially regarding our goals in terms of extension of users, contributors or simple readers. Olimparis contribrutors
42 B 2 This is the most important theme as it threatens the existence of Wikipedia. Jean trans h+ consistency
43 B 5 Applications designers and developpers. Olimparis developers
44 A 2 It is essential to ensure a neutral representation of all points of view. Nattes à chat neutrality
45 A 2 This is an important way to achieve our goals of neutrality and expression of diversity of views. Olimparis diversity
46 E 5 Wikipedia can not substitute for a higher university education just as one can not compare courses made by renown specialists and neophytes full of good will. Fagairolles 34 specialists
47 E 1 More outreach, a better understanding of academic, journalistic, etc., better recruitment. Tpe.g5.stan outreach
48 E 5 If we could get involved in the knowledge ecosystem, it would allow us to build a relationship between Wikimedia projects and what should make Wikimedia projects easier to understand, but also to attract new contributors. Tpe.g5.stan outreach
49 A 3 Reconsider the secondary sources dogma in order to make room for non-secondary sources. As for now, there are several communities where secondary sources are non-existent. Touam secondary sources
50 A 3 The process of accepting articles should be revised and made more democratic so as in contentious cases discussions should be handled by specialist contributors (Domi1789). However anyone could self-nominate specialist on any topic (Touam). articles review
51 A 3 Wikipedia does too much of instantaneity, similarly to social networks, as shows articles related to recent terrorist attacks where sources are not sought for thoroughly. Domi1789 instantaneity
52 A 3 We look like social networks "articles" created about the small world of show bizz, TV, singers, footballers, etc. Is this the encyclopedia we want? Domi1789 quality
53 A 3 I am wary of the "progress" brought by computers and automation. Domi1789 automation
54 A 4 It would be appropriate, I think, to target the groups of people who are underrepresented within the contributors community and decide where actions need to be taken. Olimparis survey
55 A 4 In my opinion inclusion necessarily implies to improve the design of the site.  The current look is not bad, but its look is tailored for a typical Western male audience. Touam design
56 A 5 Institutions and associations working in the fields of diversity and equality. Nattes à chat partners
57 A 5 Individuals like Sheryl Sandberg, public institutions as Ministry of Human Rights, research and training institutions. Nattes à chat partners
58 A 5 Linguists specializing in non-sexist or inclusive language, Amnesty, SOS racism. Nattes à chat partners
59 A 5 Organizations proposing mediation training, organizations offering non-violent communication training, civil society organizations: Nuit débout, Occupy. Nattes à chat partners
60 A 5 Create thematic debates and conferences and then set up working groups to exchange effective anti-harassment practices and build an environment of debate and non-violent communication.Nattes à chat non-violent discussion
61 A 4 We have to put an end to what makes our communities unhealthy: vandalism, which forces our patrollers to perform an exhausting work, a work of Sisyphus. Anglo-norman counter-vandalism
62 A 4 We should restrict access only to registered contributors, whose administrators have contact information, and if they engage in vandalism, can be suspended or excluded (Anglo-norman) [...] I do not share the idea of restricting Wikipedia to registered users only as assuming good faith seems to me an important pillar of inclusiveness. Nattes à chat counter-vandalism
63 A 4 A first step can consist in communicating around vandalism, even contacting former known vandals and expose what led them to change. Nattes à chat counter-vandalism
64 A 4 Against vandalism, it may be necessary to train patrollers and recruit more, have a patrol exercise included in the wikiMOOC curriculum? Nattes à chat counter-vandalism
65 A 4 Take into account childcare costs in the budget of our events, just like the Art+Feminism campaign did, will allow more women to join us. Nattes à chat childcare
66 A 4 Safe places for women : consider learning spaces reserved for women where they can make their first steps and master the basics of contributing before embarking on the discussion with a community which is sometimes unconsciously aggressive. Nattes à chat safe place
67 A 4 We need to ensure the protection of those who take risks to report what is wrong about society (ex: whistleblowers). Nattes à chat safety
68 D 4 Wikipedia must succeed in convincing these people, the complotists to name them, of the relevance of its content and the processes of its elaboration. Failing to do that will leave a growing part of skeptics who are sooner or later likely to harm us (Euloiix). However a conspiracy theories supporter is appallingly difficult to convince. He is an irrational believer (Cedalyon) skepticism
69 D 4 Wikipedia is as simply an encyclopedia would benefit greatly from being coupled with an efficient and lively educational system. Cedalyon partners
70 D 5 Empowering Wikiversity can surely increase the visibility and seriousness of the movement as a whole. Cedalyon wikiversity
71 D 4 Perhaps it would be necessary to encourage seasoned and specialist contributors to engage in Wikiversity. Cedalyon wikiversity
72 D 4 Interested contributors, if they benefit from a certain mentorship can produce adapted and quality pedagogical contents on Wikiversity. Cedalyon education content

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