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Theme (refer to key) Question (refer to key) Summary Statement Keyword
1 A 2 I think that Healthy, Inclusive Communities is critical because without a welcoming environment for new readers and users, we will not have an impact in any of these other areas. Community Health
2 B 1 The Augmented Age is more important than the other themes because with improved technology and new ways to contribute information, we would be able to quickly produce more quality content in more languages. Technology

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Theme key
  1. Healthy, inclusive communities
  2. The augmented age
  3. A truly global movement
  4. The most trusted source of knowledge
  5. Engaging in the knowledge ecosystem
Questions key
  1. What impact would we have on the world if we follow this theme?
  2. How important is this theme relative to the other 4 themes? Why?
  3. Focus requires tradeoffs. If we increase our effort in this area in the next 15 years, is there anything we’re doing today that we would need to stop doing?
  4. What else is important to add to this theme to make it stronger?
  5. Who else will be working in this area and how might we partner with them?

Line ID Theme (refer to key) Question (refer to key) Summary Statement Keywords Language
1 1 B 1 This theme is unnecessary. The technology should be easy and simple to use for humans. However, the alternative path for humans would not be easy. Nevertheless, with humans' better understanding of the developing world and rural areas, by 2030, we can make the Foundation's software easier and more convenient to edit. Of course, sister projects need huge improvements and should become edit-friendly and more inviting and well-maintained before reaching 2030. If this theme is ignored, more projects will be proposed. Some of the proposed will become fully formed and established, but they can invite its own audiences and elites. Wikipedia can still attract general audiences.; I feel uneasy about the theme. I misread the theme and thought it's about creativity. However, I realize it's about artificial intelligence. The A.I. is... something I would not encourage as part of the moment. However, if the theme is followed by 2030, more A.I. machines would take over human production. However, that makes humans less creative than they should be. Creativity, A.I. English
2 1 B 2 This theme is the least important of all five themes. "Healthy and inclusive" was second most important until I reread the "augmented age" theme, so "Healthy and inclusive" becomes the most important theme. Without making the community and the Foundation "healthy and inclusive", how else do we achieve the "augmented age"?; Back to the question, the theme reflects how outdated, buggy, and inefficient the technology of the Foundation is. It should welcome tech savvy people who should connect well with the general population, i.e. average person who know very little about technology.; Relying too much on the theme and A.I. doesn't resolve difficulties between humans and machines. Rather it makes humans too dependent on A.I. If the A.I. becomes dead, how would humans relearn how to use the technology that A.I. would know about? interdependence, descendence English
3 1 B 3 * We can't tell whether the Foundation's projects will survive by 2030. Wikipedia needs sister projects for balance. To combat imbalance, the world needs those projects to survive by 2030. Without them, how else will Wikipedians address poor quality, bureaucracy, and lack of creativity? * Wikinews needs a huge revamp to be more productive and inviting to original reporters. Its technology is old, its rules are becoming stagnant, and its community is very limited. Very little is published every day. Nevertheless, people complain every day how dead and useless the project is. One person has stood up for the project and worked hard every day to help the project survive. The limited community of Wikinews felt offended by the negative statements about the project and found them mostly inaccurate. Wikinews's stale editing doesn't ease but increases tensions between Wikinews and Wikipedia communities. If Wikinews starts to become more edit-friendly and newbie-friendly, maybe Wikipedians can stop complaining about Wikinews. * People should stop preventing creativity, stop hostility, and stop honing rules. Instead, they should reduce burdensome rules and start becoming more creative with ideas and content. * The theme does not resolve civility. Rather it prevents editors from collaborating well with others. This theme has premise but does not help people stop tensions among existing communities. hostility, creativity English
4 1 B 4 Nothing other than "artificial intelligence". That's it. A.I. English
5 2 B 1 Easier contribution if done right; frankenstein if done wronge. Easy English
6 2 B 2 Probably low, robotic automated w/o programming seems not that impressive yet. Inadequate English
7 2 B 5 Technology experts and organizations that share Wikimedia's values. expert organzation English
8 3 B 1 Something to change Committed, Sustainable English
9 3 B 2 It's is amazing Great, Good English
10 3 B 3 Yes Changing, Power English
11 3 B 4 Some Volunteers Support, Work English
12 3 B 5 My Brother Family, Friends English
13 4 B 2 Mid pack at best mid pack English
14 4 B 3 We would need to stop thinking what to write. That's not good. stop thinking, not good English
15 4 B 4 Technology should be a tool to make the things we want. We can't let technology do things for itself, as it would decide what to do, and that's is a bad idea. humans decide, technology helps English
16 4 B 5 There's many types of tasks: content production, content search, content delivery, and technology development. Wikimedians should produce content, not others. Also we should control how to search content within the projects. I'm fine of others get to devlivery our content and develop technology. But the first two should be controlled by the Wikimedia community. content delivery, technology development English
17 5 B 1 Easy access to knowledge easy access English
18 5 B 2 wanted wanted English
19 5 B 3 focus inside this scope Focus English
20 5 B 4 Focus more Focus English
21 6 B 1 I believe the impact would be similar to or even greater than the impact that Wikipedia had on the pre-Wikipedia world. The future of computing is semantic, and a Wikipedia adapted to that future would contain all of the world's knowledge not (only) in human-readable text, but in a semantically structured way so that a user with a semantic user-agent would be able to explore and consume it in terms of concepts and precise semantic queries, not in terms of natural-language sentences. greater, semantic English
22 6 B 2 I would say that it's most important, because having information/knowledge is the core of Wikipedia. Technical advancement will mean less busywork for volunteers, thus in a way lessen the need for volunteers, and likewise it will improve accuracy and reliability, while also enabling the increase of Wikipedia's scope and reach. improve, expand English
23 6 B 3 I am honestly not acquainted enough with Wikimedia operations to answer this. I suppose any activity that would inhibit Wikipedia from improving in this area would need to be stopped. unknown English
24 6 B 4 I suppose the theme should emphasize Wikimedia's current efforts in this, such as Wikidata, and the need to unify all Wikimedia projects on a common semantic foundation. Wikidata English
25 6 B 5 Technology corporations active in this space, such as Google and IBM, as well as universities.; Other than financial sponsorship, companies could support the development of the technology through programs such as Google Summer of Code, or having employees work on the development part-time or full-time. Universities could have students doing relevant coursework participate in the development as part of their respective courses. corporations, universities English
30 8 B 1 A Wikimedia-backed open-source machine translation initiative would, in the hopes of producing high-accuracy machine translations, would open the door to a far greater audience of readers, who, for example, may not have individuals who are interested in producing translations into their language or providing native content as opposed to translation. This does not preclude other scenarios, a particular case being areas of culture and history, of which there may be marginal interest in outside of its native tongue, and such no human translators willing to invest the time in producing an accurate translation.; By opening this project up to the community at large, it has the potential to not only improve machine translation in general, but also the potential for a "Wikiscient" system that can help guide people through topics and frame one topic in the context of another, which is another aspect of machine "translation", only one that remains within the same language. This suggests that a project must focus on machine translation that develops some form of comprehension of the subjects, potentially supported by Wikimedia content beyond the encyclopedia.; Of course, there is an inherent fear of bias creeping into a machine translation, perhaps due to something as simple as lexical ambiguity, or more worrying, such as actively or unknowingly fed "belief" - where the machine translation converts a neutral statement into a supportive or opposing variant, thus running counter to the nature of an encyclopedia. This means that this a project into machine translation must also develop tools with which to understand bias in machine learning and, where possible, counter it should it compromise the neutrality, and thus accuracy, of its translation. open source, machine translation English
31 8 B 2 This is very important from an educational standpoint, as the continually growing user-base of the internet, as well as its encapsulation of modern life, means that many users turn to it for assistance in lieu of nearby human aid. By providing provably accurate machine translation, education and self-education can be improved thanks to access to accurate, neutral material in a format (language and then reference-frame within said language) that is most suitable to the reader. English
32 8 B 3 Hopefully, little is sacrificed so long as the project utilizes an open-source framework that is mediated in a manner that supports the various interests and conflicts within a democratic system. By providing clear goals and resources, as well as clear communication and mediation between sub-projects, a collective project can be formed from the community at large where individual abilities and developments can be pooled into the collective project without sacrificing the benefits of small-team or personal development. English
33 8 B 4 Focus on inter-language machine translation to present accurate and neutral translations and the potential for intra-language machine translation to allow material to be framed within a desired perspective (eg. translating one area of mathematics into another, such as geometry in terms of algebra, or vice versa, should such a translation be possible) English
34 8 B 5 University have significant potential thanks to their high-throughput of a variety of different perspectives onto the various challenges involved with machine translation, as well as expert individuals, projects and companies, whose experience, comprehension or knowledge help provide a deeper insight into the challenges and implementation of machine translation. universities, google, individuals, open source English
35 9 B 1 One that brings about a general association of cleanliness and professionalism with what is becoming one of the most trusted and accepted sources/collections of human knowledge in the world. cleanliness,professionalism American English
36 9 B 2 Users will find the concept of Wikimedia being a reliable and trustworthy source of information, data, and historical documents more believable if the content is streamlined and accessible, and that fits this theme into the others relatively well. streamlining,accessibility American English
37 9 B 3 Increasing moderation to streamline might mean making contributing to projects more difficult or less accessible at times, but I can't make that determination as I have little experience in related fields, so to speak. moderation,inaccessibility American English
38 9 B 4 It'll take a lot of work and time, so we'll have to be patient and gather feedback in the time it takes to make progress with these aspects of Wikimedia. Patient,feedback American English
39 9 B 5 Frankly, I'm not sure. I'm not too familiar with Wikimedia yet, but the more allies the better, I suppose. Unsure American English
40 10 B 1 Unknown advances! Peace for all mankind. Peace, unknown English
41 10 B 2 My initial thoughts come from my experience. Limited to 2 themes I had to choose. initial, themes English
42 10 B 3 No. Technology is our road. Technology comes from informative personal growth. No, road English
43 10 B 4 This question delves deep. Future growth depends upon education and challenges! My own life experience is that these areas are diminishing outside Internet connections. growth, education English
44 10 B 5 I don't understand this procedure. At this time I can name no others as partners. no, partners English
45 11 B 4 An integrated bibliographic database (like WikiCite) is essential and is currently lacking bibliographic database, WikiCite English
46 12 B 1 * By making knowledge easier to access and use across languages, the technological, economic and social gap that separates people around the world can be narrowed. This in turn would help development, democratization and promote peace. ; Having diverse views for understanding the world, such as WP entries on specific subjects with computer-generated pointers to multiple points of view regarding the subject (for example the political right and left, competing academic theories, or different ethical and religious views), promotes open-mindedness of the issues, allowing readers to make up their own minds and have a broader world view. ; Technology could be used to cross check its articles with scholarly papers and provide smart reading lists of relevant material, making WP a more reliable source. * If technology can make it easier for the user to contribute, for example with editing wizards, we can expect a bigger and more engaged community which in turn would incorporate more readers and broaden WP's impact. rich-poor divide, world peace English
47 12 B 2 * This theme is one of the prerequisites to accomplish the other themes:* In order to foster healthy, inclusive communities, technology can help users connect with others that have similar interests/points of view; it can also help identify discussions and issues where they could contribute. * To make it a global movement, technology can make WP more accessible so that users with little technical skills can contribute. * For reliability, technology can provide WP readers with mechanically generated references with ratings for credibility, relevance, readability, technical level, etc. It could also scan the Web for new content that may be relevant for certain subjects helping WP authors to maintain contents current and well referenced. *Knowledge ecosystem engagement will require smart technology to automatically bring in to WP suitable content, such as photographs and other media. Also to interface seamlessly with external sources of knowledge so as to extend the scope of the contents in WP and make it the preferred point of entry for study and research. Enabling technology English
48 12 B 4 WP should become the central point for research on the Web for all levels of users, from someone who is a novice in a field of study to the professional researcher. With this aim it should incorporate a specialized search engine that would have two goals: (1) complement WP entries by providing relevant Web resources such as media content and educational resources (or links to it) and (2) provide bibliographic recommendations that are the most relevant background reference material as well as important recent developments in areas of interest. Search engine, bibliographic recommendations, entry augmentation English
49 12 B 5 The Public Knowledge Project could provide current content. English
50 13 B 1 I think this would be the most important theme - Technically efficient world Homodroids formation English
51 13 B 2 All the themes are equally important. But this is, in my opinion, the most important theme. It would make something extra ordinary invention in near future. Most important English
52 13 B 3 All what is done is good currently but a new way should be approached for this. New approach English
53 13 B 4 We should integrate it with all the others concept that may be reality as shown in science fiction movies. Broad concept English
54 13 B 5 Tesla, Google and other companies might work in this field. Tesla, Google English
55 14 B 1 It depends. WMF can push for this without involvement of volunteer editors and effectively kill Wikipedia. WMF can empower volunteer editors to take the lead and provide power editors with the tools they ask for - and for which there is sufficient support in the wider community. Volunteer editors in the lead English
56 14 B 2 Not at all. But you are allowed to follow Lila Tretikov on the way out. Forget it English
57 14 B 3 No, stop doing this theme in favor of other themes Forget about this theme English
58 14 B 4 Don't do anything in this area unless formally requested by a community Forget it English
59 14 B 5 Google, for example. They can and do spend billions of dollars each year in this area. They are far ahead of Wikipedia in machine learning. There is no way Wikipedia will ever catch up. Now people and Google love Wikipedia. We could partner with them to give volunteer editors access to tools by Google. for example. Google English
60 15 B 1 learning will be fun fun,exciting
61 15 B 2 Wikipedia is already good at other themes. But just thing how will we be able to learn by seeing atoms bonding, mechanics working in front of our eyes, and seeing places without going there. virtual reality, learning
62 15 B 3 no, you must do the same things as you do with an encyclopedia, but also create a learning environment that if fun and exciting. learning environment
63 15 B 4 Virtual Reality-seeing this in front of us as they ARE. virtual reality
64 15 B 5 perhaps nobody can create a vast encyclopedia like Wikipedia, and those who are trying may never achieve it without sourcing from people around the world. Sourcing from people
65 16 B 1 Advanced technology coupled with the breadth and reach of the Wikimedia content has an opportunity to become a unifying force for people of the world who value and desire learning. univeral, learning English
66 16 B 2 The themes themselves are too interdependent to be prioritized or presented into a hierarchy. However, the other four themes are about inclusiveness and expansion of the reach of the projects, whereas this theme has the ability to be the most transformative in truly delivering knowledge in accelerated manners fueled by technologies that we can barely articulate in 2017. transformative, acceleration English
67 16 B 3 If the themes of inclusiveness and expansion are successful, there will hopefully be sufficient numbers of volunteers added to the project base to allow for additional work to be undertaken without the need for sacrificing current projects. expansion, numbers English
68 16 B 4 There likely needs to be some thought put into humanizing any technological increases. AI, humanizing English
69 16 B 5 The main proponents of this work will likely be the partners identified in the "Engaging the knowledge ecosystem" question. education, arts English
70 17 A 1 model on how to collaborate collaboration, model english
71 17 A 2 prior condition prerequisite english
72 17 A 3 letting editors stop death of editors english
73 17 A 4 focus on relationships relationships english
74 17 A 5 any volunteer orgnization, social psychology org, psycho english
75 18 A 1 Protect new and existing editors from other, disruptive and abusive editors protect, abusive English
76 18 A 2 The 4 others cannot proceed without healthy and inlusive communities prerequisite English
77 18 A 3 Stop fundng abusive editors and user groups through Wikimania's, conferences, projects funding abusive English
78 18 A 4 Train users to which behaviour is accepted and which not. Make it clear by removing all funding from people who make Wikipedia a bitter place to contribute training English
79 18 A 5 Ask the help of Universities with department of Psychology phychology, universities English
80 19 A 1 The theme is very ineffective to make the Foundation more influential to the world. It is supposed to make the movement effective. However, the premise seems lacking.; The environment of Wikipedia is still becoming more and more hostile. Newcomers would be intimidated by bureaucratic editors and administrators. More and more long-time editors are leaving the project. Meanwhile, Wikipedia's sister projects do not have the same attention as Wikipedia.; On the plus side, readers matter more, and diversity of readers should make Wikipedia more diverse and welcome. The issue of editors matters more to make the theme very effective. Otherwise, this theme is worthless. ineffectiveness, influence English
81 19 A 2 This theme is not as important as "The Augmented Age", but it is more important than the other three. The Foundation should always welcome everyone of any occupation, age, sexual orientation, race, gender, etc. It should also welcome experienced, inexperienced, new, retired, semi-retired, etc. Importance, welcoming English
82 19 A 3 There have been too much bureaucracy and too much incivility, especially in Wikipedia. The Wikipedia community is working on lessening the bureaucracy and improving civil manners and behaviors. Also, it should stop alienating potential newcomers and start welcoming them. Also, it should stop driving off editors into retirements. ; Also, editors have been criticizing each other too much. Maybe they have been there too long and have been tired of people doing the same old routine behaviors and such, like disruption and incivility. bureaucracy, civility English
83 19 A 4 What about changing the word "Healthy"? I don't know which is healthy for the Foundation and its community. Also, making the Foundation "inclusive" isn't easy. ; If "healthy" and "inclusive" are impossible to change, what about common sense? Unfortunately, a universal "common sense" is not easy to define. Multiple cultures define their own "common sense" differently, making their common ground less likely. Perhaps "multicultural" and "diverse" should be added to this theme. Hmm... "diverse" is overrated as communities have been divided as often.; I'm almost out of thoughts for this question. What about "respectful" and "tolerant"? Gotta form a very tolerant community before becoming "respectful". People should tolerate each other's differences, even when they disagree with each other's customs. Also, they should respect each other's viewpoints rather than descend into pointless contests about who's right or wrong. respectful, tolerant English
84 20 A 1 A more inclusive online community open, inviting, engaging, facilitative English
85 20 A 2 Communities thrive from an open engaging forum that gravitate away from hierarchy non-hierarchal, anarcho-communist English
86 20 A 3 ban misogyny compulsive misandry English
87 20 A 4 centering the individual user and facilitating their growth and development as a new wikipedian user friendly, feminist English
88 20 A 5 weird internet sjws, communists, birds English
89 22 A 1 More inclusive. More fun -> more people inclusive fun
90 22 A 2 We need the world to be more inclusive, perhaps to survive as a human race in the future. Survival peace
91 22 A 3 In the languages where contributions are still lacking, the admins need to be focused on the community-shared goals rather than specific personal preferences of what should be done. Should monitor the monitor to make sure that they are not abusing powers, and should train the admins even more than the new members. common goals
92 22 A 5 Academics who share some of the Wikimedia's values should be actively invited. Academic common values
93 23 A 1 We'd keep an important source of knowledge alive. English
94 23 A 2 Without it the others are meaningless. English
95 23 A 3 I can't think of anything. It would bring life back, which should enhance the others. English
96 23 A 5 Probably no one. People have given up on the Internet being inclusive and welcoming. English
97 24 A 1 We would make information sharing easier for everyone and this would enable scientific discoveries on a global scale sharing, scientific discovery
98 24 A 2 This is the most important most important
99 24 A 3 We need to stop rejecting content that is not vandalism. To do this, we need to both redefine vandalism and redefine encyclopedic content vandalism, encyclopedic content
100 24 A 4 Multi-lingualism is the key to inclusion. We need good bi-lingual (English + native language) wiki-citizens in each language community who can translate needs and trends back and forth across the global community. We need to remain a volunteer movement, but in order to effectively share knowledge we will need to foster the bi-lingual and multi-lingual players in their areas of interest. multi-lingualism
101 24 A 5 There are many initiatives in the field of multi-lingualism. There are open translation communities in all shapes and forms, including dictionary builders and software programmers for machine translation. translation
102 25 A 1 People would feel more confident and able while still new members. In other words, they wouldn't feel like noobs. Confident, able. English (American).
103 25 A 2 Again, it helps new users gain confidence. Users, confidence English (American).
104 25 A 3 I am a new user, so I don't know much about the Wikimedia community. However, you could lay off a bit on file deletions. Off, deletions English (American).
105 25 A 4 Not much that isn't already being done. Not, much English (American).
106 25 A 5 I don't really know. Don't,know English (American).
107 26 A 1 A healthy community impacts the projects, and these impact the world. It's an indirect impact. English
108 26 A 2 Very. Having a toxic community threatens the project's essence. toxic, threat English
109 26 A 3 We would need to stop throwing stuff to the wall to see what sticks. We would need to focus. stuff, stick English
110 26 A 4 The commitment for everyone to promote a healthy community. everyone, commitment English
111 26 A 5 People, not technology. No tool will stop conflicts. people, technology English
112 27 A 1 A more complete, neutral, and rich collection of knowledge neutral, complete English
113 27 A 4 Working with educational institutions academia English
114 27 A 5 Educational institutions, especially students working on class assignments to improve Wikipedia academia, students English
115 28 A 1 Ideally shape the progression towards a more inclusive society without discrimination, and helping individuals forge genuine social connections and never rely on paying or capitalist systems for knowledge. growth, change
116 28 A 2 Most important Peace, education
117 28 A 3 No this does not require you to do less in other areas. The community should grow independently and not artificially. Offer more, diversify, connect articles better. context, organic
118 28 A 4 Far, far better ways to interact with other Wiki editors and LIVE, real-time conversations, not awful talk pages. live, social
119 28 A 5 me, i'll call you partnerships, radical
120 29 A 1 more powerful dialoges for our system and Internet in general Productive dialogues English
121 29 A 2 would be good (=rather low priority) low English
122 29 A 3 no no English
123 30 A 1 ala coffee clubs changed England & ushered in industrial revolution bunch of people with shared interests, building new using the shared knwoledge..... english
124 30 A 2 unless people meet & interact, things don't shape up... So, this is key english
125 30 A 3 none that I can tink english
126 30 A 5 maker, diy community english
127 32 A 1 For international community (like United Nations or Council of Europe) and developed nations to improve policy toward more democratic with full respect of rule of law and minorities' rights. Diversity. Minorities' rights English (as an international language like Latin or Esperanto)
128 32 A 2 This is because social inclusion of all, especially for the vulnerable and minorities is integral for democratic and better well-being of future generation. Disability rights. LGBT rights English (as an international language like Latin or Esperanto)
129 32 A 3 What I ask to do is to promote accessibility, equal opportunity and human rights defending, and not to limit linguistic diversity and blocking except vandalism. \human rights defending. Multilingualism English (as an international language like Latin or Esperanto)
130 32 A 4 Mutual cooperative with international organizations especially on human rights and humanitarian issues. Universal solidarity. Mutalist muvement English (as an international language like Latin or Esperanto)
131 32 A 5 Historically members of Council of Europe on human rights in general and ILGA Europe and Transgender Europe on LGBT rights work and I hope your cooperative with United Nations and NGOs on human rights defending. From Council of Europe to United Nations English (as an international language like Latin or Esperanto)
137 34 A 1 Inclusive Entanglement, considerate English
138 34 A 2 Pretty. It's important to consider as many perspectives as possible when evaluating truth. Truth, validity English
139 34 A 3 No. Focus English
140 34 A 4 Emphasize the importance of fact. Above all else, truth and objectively empirically true bits of information are of the utmost importance to a -pedia that aims to be the ultimate source of knowledge. Truth, objectivity English
141 34 A 5 Everyone, via the internet. Universality, networking English
142 36 A 1 Continue to do what we do now, new matters will also appear as the times changes. I sooner believe "one has to follow the time"
143 36 A 2 I began with this, sorry don't know about the others, yet
144 36 A 3 Don't believe so, generally
145 36 A 4 see "follow the times", don´t make plans 13 years ahead, look backwards instead. What and where has anything gone wrong. Learn from that.
146 36 A 5 No idea
147 37 A 1 While community is certainly important there are two risks to the strategy which should be controlled for. The largest is an explicit threat to individualism. In the end it is individual authors who make individual contributions. Surely guided by their own social experiences within and outside of wikipedia. While building communities is a great tool, and can achieve many important things, we need to specify clearly the individual rights, responsibilities and their protection from community pressure or even violation from community corruption. Surely we will have mechanisms in place to make communities inclusive, balanced and applying of the same criteria to everyone, but we should still implant protections for the individual contributor and their contributions (when within the established Wikipedia customs and guidelines. protection individual rights responsibilities English
148 37 A 2 It is most important as it can influence directly individual contributors, especially through ill defined mechanisms and expectations. And it already shows signs of this ill definition. Look at the use of the word "fun", it is ill defined, it is subject to a lot of interpretation and misinterpretation. This attitude especially when coupled with social pressure or even coercion in the form of communities can turn the best of intentions into a road to hell. Extreme caution, and possibly research into constitutions and other forms of organized well being of humans should be advised. There is one thing often quoted about law and government, it sometimes moves with glacial pace, for changes in human relations this is a good thing, not a bad thing. For changes of how wikipedia values individuals and their contributions in relations to groups of individuals (where politics and leadership often emerge) is of critical importance. As can be witnessed by wikipedia's own often turbulent history. key importance groups politics leaders English
149 37 A 3 We have become increasingly viewed as gatekeepers, especially in the social and human domains. It is very easy to add science articles to wikipedia, even those with little more than speculative research. It has become increasingly hard to add socially relevant entries to Wikipedia (as if we live in an era of scarcity where to store bits and bytes). Criteria such as notability have been interpreted by humans, rather than by algorithms. I.e. xyz might have lots of search engine searches associated with their name, yet are not take in because of a human induced notability factor. Why? Its not like we are running out of encyclopedia shelf space or we a running out of byte space?! We should reconsider this whole approach. I am very afraid that communities will only serve as more gate-keeping. And creating an artificial scarcity effect. The difference between a small contributor to humankind (say Tatjana Bezjak) and a huge contributor to human kind (say Pablo Picaso) should be in the body and quality of the text explaining their significance and contributions - and not in the fact whether they deserve or not a wikipedia entry (byte counting). The quality of the source is precisely in that it is Alexandria in a way and stores all of the known vetted information. gatekeeping artificial scarcity radical inclusiveness English
150 37 A 4 Note that communities can pop in and pop put of existence, and individual might be member from 0 to n communities. community transients English
151 37 A 5 Technology companies work and will continue working on the social aspects of human lives. It is important to note that membership in communities might need to be protected in the same way the checking out of books is protected from government intrusion. This might complicate the infrastructure around communities and wikipedia would be well advised to seek guidance from some of the experts in the industry. tech companies privacy English
153 39 A 1 Transparent and open knowledge accumulation. Instead of Facebook or Baiduk Baike free licenses, handeling reliability as continuum instead of black-white exclusivity theme English
154 39 A 2 Community is the core of everthing English
155 39 A 3 Overfocussing on policy compliance which is understood best by the existing editors which repells new authors. A growing WP should be again the main goal, like before 2006. English
156 39 A 4 less policy and bureaucratic talk & action. English
157 39 A 5 reddit? We should implement the reddit social feedback system for all edits and comments. "revert" and "thanks" is to less social feedbakc and control mechnisms English
158 40 A 1 This would be helpful to achieve this goal. helpful, good
159 40 A 2 Not as important as having accurate information not matter political leanings. accurate information paramount
160 40 A 3 Focus on quality of pages not quantity of pages. Review process should improve. improve review process
161 41 A 1 I think a community that is healthy can accept divergent points of view in a respectful, helpful way. Health communities are aware of bias and will not be as likely to allow bias to affect their decisions. acceptance, diversity, helpfulness English
162 41 A 2 Very important. Without a healthy community, other projects cannot reach their full potential. potential English
163 41 A 3 We would need to stop allowing wikilawyering to be used as a shield for protecting biased attitudes. wikilawyering English
164 41 A 4 Education about how to be a respectful and healthy community member is important. Recognizing and accepting differences is important. education, respect English
165 41 A 5 unsure English
166 42 A 1 Decreasing the toxicity of the Internet empathy, flexibility English
167 42 A 2 I would argue it's the ideological underpinning of three of them (all but augmented age) engagement, diversity English
168 42 A 3 It may help to focus in on Wikipedia vs. the numerous Wikimedia offshoots focus English
169 42 A 4 Emphasize the engagement and support of new users, especially those who are not the demographic norm on Wikipedia and out in society at large inclusion English
170 42 A 5 potentially partner with feminist, race-inclusive, open-source, LGBTQ, etc orgs to bring in more of these users diversity English
171 43 A 1 following this theme Would, to My mind, greatly assist in Creating a Community, all Communities, Global Communities, to appreciate, Respect, tolerate, inspire and build from the microcosm to the macrocosm, macroeconomic, social well being of our communities and diverse socities. It would hopefully create an awareness of small and larger communities' demographics. To encompass with understanding, mercy and compassion for All people. This would go a long way to include all people, regardless of race, colour, creed, physical or psychological needs. Helping to achieve forums, communitities who CARE about All people. To invite and include all who desire a harmonious and peaceful society and communities. Social, Inclusion English
172 43 A 2 I believe they all Co relate to one another. As our bodies are made of many parts, providing different functions, the parts together firm one body working closely and sensitively together. Unity, sharing English
173 43 A 3 Contaminating our communities, society and world by overuse of our finite resources, fragile socio economic climate. This includes a fragile eco system on which we all depend I.e. Be more aware of climate change, eco change, Fragile, communities English
174 43 A 4 To BELIEVE positive all inclusivs change is possible if we work together Together, harmony English
175 43 A 5 Public institutions, Governments, conglomerates, large and small. Partner with them by media, public relations, convincing argunment based on tangible evidence and statistics. Social networking. Public, relationships English
176 44 A 1 While I remain skeptical, if it were to occur, the result would be a more active volunteer crew and more impartial, useful results. active,useful English
177 44 A 2 This is perhaps the most important because without it, Wikipedia will stagnate. As it is right now, a large percentage of the population does not consider Wikipedia to be an objective source, given that its content has been dominated by a clique operating from a leftist political agenda. objective,impartial English
178 44 A 3 Yes. As it is, several areas or topics within Wikipedia are dominated by a clique that shared a political agenda that is not objective or inclusive. If you will not allow the general community to have a voice in the decision making, Wikipedia will continue to be considered largely propaganda, and only one segment of the population will find it worthwhile to participate. agenda,propaganda English
179 44 A 4 I am unsure as to answer this one, other than to suggest that you need to allow the Wikipedia community to have more of a voice in decision making. As long as contributors are repeatedly overruled by a clique, only those who agree with the clique's political agenda will find it productive to contribute to the project. I used to contribute far more to Wikipedia than I have lately because I am not going to waste my time working on things only to be overruled by what can only be described as a leftist clique. inclusive,productive English
180 44 A 5 Hopefully, anyone who feels that they can contribute will be working in this area, as with other areas. As it is, the power structure of Wikipedia is too heavily weighted. everyone,anyone English
181 45 A 1 Broaden people's thinking by including articles that cover a broader range of people holding different values, philosophies, and ways of expressing them. inclusion, diversity English
182 45 A 2 Number one. This is a global publication, but editors often become narrow in their focus and try to delete articles involving subjects they have disagreements with. Important, bias English
183 45 A 3 Less deletion battles. Articles already deemed to be notable continue to be targets of deletion efforts. If an article survives an AfD, notability should be presumed indefinitely and only extreme circumstances should justify a future deletion. Keep, articles English
184 45 A 4 Growing Growing English
185 45 A 5 World-Wide web consortium. www English
186 46 A 1 Most Wikimedia projects are a direct reflection of its users and volunteers. If we want to keep to the mission of the project to accumulate all of humanity's knowledge then we need to reflect that in our communities. We can't just be english speaking or only men or only abled people. We must include all visions of this world that we live in so that we can promote inclusivity not only in the Wikimedia projects, but so that it is also reflected in the world we live in. We should be able to promote absolutely no discrimination, obstacles for less abled people, etc. If we follow this theme, it will directly reflect on our world, when people hear that there's no division in gender, socioeconomic status, physical abilities, etc in the Wikimedia projects, it'll be easier for them to imagine a world where that is true as well. inclusivity, diversity English
187 46 A 2 I believe that all the other four themes will be enriched if we have a diverse community first. It's not about making Wikipedia easy for a specific demographic to use, for example, it's about including everyone so that they themselves will make those ideas possible. So, people who want something more interactive can make that a reality, people who want to include people from countries not included so far will also make that a reality, etc. accessibility, demographics English
188 46 A 3 Stop thinking about the obstacles that face certain demographics. For example, if we want wikipedia to be accessible for vision impaired people, don't worry about all that they will need. Go to them directly and they will tell you all the answers for this problem, they have the tools and they know how to do it. We just need to reach out to them and offer them the space so that these tools will be available for everyone else who might need them. obstacles, resources English
189 46 A 4 Let's just remember that the volunteers make the wikimedia projects possible. We just need to let everyone know that they are welcome and that they have knowledge that's vital for the projects. It's not about us helping them, it's about opening Wikimedia's doors to any and all who wish to enter. inclusivity, welcome English
190 46 A 5 The WikiSoCal group is working on including the Latino and the Blind communities, so that they can become volunteers for the Wikimedia projects. Here's the grant proposal that was submitted: volunteers, wikisocal English
191 47 A 1 An inclusive and healthy community would increase the number of editors collaborating on the project, expanding the userbase to the result of a larger amount of constructive content added. Expanding Userbase
192 47 A 2 A sizeable number of contributors will allow for more resources to be allocated towards each of the other themes, as a larger number of contributors allows for a larger amount working on specific topics Increasing Resource Capacity
193 47 A 3 The way I see it, no other programs would have to be sacrificed for the sake of this one. No Tradeoffs
194 47 A 4 Expanding the amount of users editing the project, allowing them to grow to become more adept at work on the project. Expanding Userbase
195 47 A 5 I have no answers to this question. I have no answers to this question.
196 48 A 1 We wll provide an excellent way of making people productive and happy. By people I mean all people who want to contribute, not just the nice sociable folk but also the ones who do not like to much (or any) interaction, people who are otherwise aggressive, people who in the real world as shunned as weird or even people who are considered unfit to do any work. Some of these people find their way in Wikimedia projects and it is up to us to keep them and help them be productive, as well as to be happy due to their creative work. In my experience, even some of the most productive editors are scolded and pushed to stop, even if they do one little, repeating, mistake or ommission. happiness, productive English
197 48 A 2 This is the most important, as there are clear trends for pushing out users, (unfortunately successful at times), making use of hostile and aggresive stands by people who represent the supposed "good and righteous" users (at least in their opinion). This trend would leave Wikimedia with a conforming 10% of its existing users, with all the negative effects of such one-sided group (not to mention the much smaller participation). Proof of that is the violent pushing out of at least five users of elwiki and continued attempts for another 3-4. Please note that the active users are about 40, so we are talking abourt two digit percentages of the active users. reduced participation, bullying English
198 48 A 3 Wikimedia Foundation need to stop funding people and organizations who take hostile stand against users. The Foundation must visibly do that and fund people and organizations who care for people and make them welcome. We need to lead in the creation of strong pillars within as many as existing policies possible which will specifically mention that all users are welcome, even if they make frequent mistakes, even if they can contribute in specific ways, even if they do not cite sources, even if they make small stub articles. funding, policies English
199 48 A 4 Work top to bottom and bottom up at the same time. Issue statements making clear that all and especially the not so "good" users are welcome. Urge users to add to existing policies tolerance in as many places are possible. A very small example in enwiki Verifiability: "Any material lacking a reliable source directly supporting it may be removed and should not be restored without an inline citation to a reliable source" It would be much better to add something like: "If and only if material is deemed to be false, then..." Otherwise, this important and reasonable policy is abused by a few people removing material just because it is not supported by inline citations and abusing other editors, wiping out their reasonable and useful contributions. top bottom, bottom up English
200 48 A 5 Within our wikis, you can easily spot the users who are taking care of other users and those who are pushing users out. At the border, half in / half out, you can find users and groups who are trying to bring people in. within our wikis English
201 49 A 1 Reliable, Neutral
202 49 A 4 Banning (at least temporarily) those who strongly/repeatedly violate policies. Block vandals
203 50 A 1 More domain specific and local content, unlimited in depth will make Wikipedia more useful and contributed to. more, inclusionism English
204 50 A 2 This is the most important theme. It's required to have any success in the other categories. To be the most respected source of knowledge requires many other types of editors. most important, editors English
205 50 A 3 Being too anal about rules and guidelines. Administrators and editors lost sight of the spirit of the rules. Misinterpretation of the rules. It has detrimental effects. Kick out editors with a negative influence. Those that are not assuming good faith and reverting. deletionism, rules English
206 50 A 4 Punish deletions when it's not a vandalism revert. Deletions can only happen after a net positive of contributions. Allow other sources for things from digital only origins. e.g. fan communities sources, fanpages English
207 50 A 5 Fan communities, academics, teachers,... ; Don't start with partnering, but make sure they actually want to contribute and get something back from it. ; Give them more rights to decide instead of the community for their area of expertise. undergo, fan English
208 51 A 1 Probably similar to now, there would just be a wider range of topics (not that it isn't wide now). Similar to now English
209 51 A 2 It is kind of obvious and a part of the other topics, so it's of lower importance. It's also very similar to "A truly global movement". Less, too obvious English
210 51 A 3 There are a lot of things that could block our way to inclusivity. It would require a lot less deletionism (a pretty bad thing now) and some reworking, but most of it is being done now. Delete less English
211 51 A 4 Specify it more and augment the concrete changes. Clarify the priority of the rule versus other rules or goals. Clarify English
212 52 A 1 Wikipedia is already used by so many as a resource, but with great power comes great responsibility. Biases that exist in Wikipedia propagate outward, infecting the world in myriad small ways. To reduce this bias is to reduct that propagation. It's a nudge, in the economic sense of the word - small things leading to big changes. Nudge, propagation English
213 52 A 2 Honestly I can't think of a more important theme than this one. Biased information is incomplete, or even wrong. Without members of the community able to recognise bias, Wikipedia just becomes an echo chamber, at best ignoring and at worst actively damaging minority groups and ideas. Echo chamber, English
214 52 A 3 Until the tools are up to the task of making non coders comfortable contributing, you run the risk of alienating a core group of users. better tools, English
215 52 A 4 I guess the technology needs to support inclusivity. Inclusive tech, English
216 52 A 5 There are so many non profits working with, e.g female coders, minority tech people, etc. Get them in early and let them guide the discussion. Accept that the current membership might need some new ideas. New blood, minority coders English
217 53 A 1 More and better content from a more diverse group of editors. English
218 53 A 2 Critical English
219 53 A 3 On English wikipedia, too much effort is spent on deleting content rather than improving or creating content. deletions, new pages English
220 53 A 4 When I started writing for English wikipedia two years ago, I did not feel welcome, so I stopped, and I know focus on the Swedish and Spanish wikipedias, which were much more welcoming. English wikipedia would improve if there was more focus on improving contributions and new pages created by newcomers rather than simply reversing contributions and deleting new pages that are not yet perfect. I think the English wikipedia would benefit if administrators have to be reelected at regular time intervals as is the requirement on Swedish wikipedia. re-elections English
221 53 A 5 English wikipedia could learn a lot from many of the smaller wikipedias. cross-wiki learning English
222 54 A 1 Massive, but I'll say that with all the other themes. I see them as different facets of the same goal. An healthy, inclusive community is a growing and adaptable community: if we reach that, we'll automatically gain diversity, expertise, quality, coverage, including communities of experts that right now are scared or ignorant of Wikipedia (at least, from the "inside"). Of course, a inclusive community with a 20-years old interface is crippled. But community is paramount, and we need to take care of that. diversity English
223 54 A 2 It's fundamental, because without community we are an empty shell. With a deranged community, we could be another 4chan or Reddit. Or, worse, a non-neutral encyclopedia that poses as neutral. As all online communities, we need to be careful, as we are dangerously vulnerable to trolling, harassment, vandalism, and burn out of our most vulnerable members. vulnerability, community English
224 54 A 3 Not sure. Less fundraising? ;-) fundraising English
225 54 A 4 Probably we should try to connect all the dots and understand if we have a single, crucial theme that is the gateway of all the others. Or, on the contrary, a bottleneck. Is "healthy, inclusive community" the ring to rule them all? Maybe it is. connecting themes English
226 54 A 5 WMF could easily set up regular meetings with platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and al. to understand all the low-hanging fruits, meaning software features that allow a more healthy, anti-harassment community. Also, psychological support and proactive campaigns by WMF and chapters could help the hardcore community of editors to hone their empathy skills ;-) See for example what WM Netherland is doing. software, psychological support English
227 55 A 1 This theme is essential and conditional for the impact of the other themes. The impact will be the product of the effectiveness of the program activities that will be executed in this theme and the number of people reached by this program. Activities in this program will reach veteran editors, other editors and numerous new comers in the coming decade. Prepare to measure 'sense of community' in each community every year. Prepare to master 'community management'. Have functionaries assume responsibility for community health. conditional theme, sense of community, community management English
228 55 A 2 This is number one priority - and please understand that technological solutions will not solve social conflict. Balance attention for newcomers with attention for veterans English
229 55 A 3 Radically reduce the size of central organization in favor of local organizations. Radical decentralization English
230 55 A 4 Wikipedia is NOT a technology firm. Do more to develop the people of flesh and blood who edit Wikipedia do less to develop software Prioritize people English
231 55 A 5 For each of the Wikimedia project websites those will be the individual editors, the individual functionaries, the user groups involved, and where those people live the local organization like chapters and thorgs. Make them responsible for community health. The community themselves, local organizations English
232 56 A 1 Wiki communities, like the rest of the internet, suffer from bad behavior and team bullying. Soft skills are important for the survival of people, as human has now strong bond to the global network via technology. Soft skills are or can be cultivated and grown inside Wiki communities. Healthy communities are more productive and survive, when the work product there is not based in the excellence of knowledge but in the excellence of cooperation. This emotional intelligence is rarely cultivated through standard education across the globe but Wikis live on this. Taking care of community health is not good only for wiki communities but also spreads to the planet. soft skills, education English
233 56 A 2 It is the only of the five that can break the movement to pieces and shrink it. Enforcement of power by cultivating a bullying culture on productive editors equals to editor and contribution loss. Our movement can naturally grow on technology, globalness, respect for its good content and participation in the knowledge network. But community health is not self sustainable if not specially taken care of. not self-sustainable English
234 56 A 3 Drop the hierarchy-power control tree model. power bigotry English
235 56 A 4 Wikipedia communities are workplaces. Moral harassment and mobbing is a strong part of Wiki communities culture. At work this behavior becomes legally unacceptable. moral harassment, mobbing English
236 56 A 5 Organizations that care for workplace health / online community health. Experts spotting disturbed personalities and disturbed group behaviors. Experts teaching emotional intelligence towards the benefit of overall public good. Experts reporting back. Builders of editor report tools on moral harassment. social experts English
237 57 A 1 Not allowing public conversation on data amongst celebs, it adds to online harassment and misuse of public/private information. positive, harmless
238 57 A 2 community incorporating all data before publication
239 57 A 3 public discussions on public persons threads. privacy/anti harassment act
240 57 A 4 following anti bullying campaign projects to align with wikimedia key word eliminations
241 58 A 3 centralized vetting of sources? english
242 58 A 4 Fewer bans/blocks? english
243 59 A 1 Peace and love Peace love En
244 59 A 2 The only important thing is to love and care about other people Love chill En
245 59 A 3 Stay safe Stay, safe En
246 59 A 4 Free knowledge a bed for free electricity Free, electricity En
247 59 A 5 Peace and love Peace, love En
248 60 A 1 As the world consumes Wiki content this would bring the world into the community of developing the content. content, community English
249 60 A 2 I'd say this is the third most important. Having a growth of Wikipedia into as much human knowledge as possible can only be done with great communities for each topic. third, growth English
250 60 A 3 I don't see any drawbacks by pursuing this one in relation to current or future needs. No, English
251 60 A 4 Just an additional note: Look to bringing on people with the time, such as the disabled, or beneficiaries of universal basic income programs. English
252 60 A 5 Community leaders, so history tour groups, churches/faiths, schools school, church, history English
253 61 C 1 The Foundation would not influence oppressive governments. Recently, Turkey blocked Wikipedia from the internet, and the petition to appeal the ban is ongoing. China is still wary about the information, such as the Tian'anmen Square massacre. Instead, the Foundation would impact just more open, developed countries.; This year, the Foundation lost its Hong Kong and Philippines chapters. ; Also, there have been cases of administration abuse occurring in smaller Wikipedia language sites. ; I don't think this theme would impact many countries except the Americas and Western Europe. oppression, global English
254 61 C 2 Not as important as "healthy and inclusive" but more important than "the augmented age". Being a global NGO isn't easy as it may not please oppressive regimes, like those in Africa and the Middle East and China. importance, NGO English
255 61 C 3 Stop supporting oppressive government. Boycott oppressive governments. Defund unneeded chapters and determine whether creating chapters around the world is necessary. chapters English
256 61 C 4 Fighting oppression and suppression of information. Also, activism and advocacy are needed. English
257 62 C 1 single universal reference universal, reference english
258 62 C 2 as important as the others equal, universal english
259 62 C 3 stop anonymous editing of non politiical/journalistic/activistic articles experienced editing, spammer english
260 62 C 5 translators to widen the scope of a "native-language" article language barrier, synthaxe and grammar english
261 63 C 1 A global movement would impact the projects, and these would impact the world. It's an indirect impact indirect English
262 63 C 2 A lot a, lot English
263 63 C 3 We would stop building luxury skyscrapers next to similar skyscrapers. We would stop changing out 8-month iPhones for new ones. skyscrapers, iPhone English
264 63 C 4 Having different social groups in the projects doesn't mean that there should be ghettos. A truly global movement should be integrated, not segregated. integrated, ghettos English
265 63 C 5 Underprivileged social groups. Poor, undereducated, rural, third world, disabled, LGBT. underprivileged English
266 64 C 1 People in underdeveloped are enabled to make the world better eneble English
267 64 C 2 high but not first high English
268 64 C 3 be harder on vandals and scooll scribbling stop vandal/scribblers English
269 64 C 4 local participation local participation English
275 66 C 1 It's impossible to know, as this "theme" is too general to have any definition. What, are, you, kidding?
276 66 C 1 It's impossible to know, as this "theme" is too general to have any definition. Wikipedia stay honest and stay true to its wiki roots, which entails recognizing that different cultures have different dominant practices about cultural expression. Wikipedia exists as a product of Western, pluralistic culture. It could not exist in cultures dominated by other values, whether they are statist or Islamist. It would be absurd to deny that such regimes pose an existential threat to Wikipedia.
277 66 C 2 What are the themes, other than "A truly global movement"? That's the only "theme" I see here. Stop killing people in the name of religion. Comma comma comma.
278 66 C 3 Yes, focusing on honestly would entail stopping pandering to Islamicism which means to enslave all humans to a particular subset of human's idea of God, and entails stopping calling racist any and every honest effort to understand Islam. Truth, Truth
279 66 C 4 What the hell is this, Linked In? Stop being Linked In.
280 66 C 5 This is the most absurd question I have ever seen. I thought you were asking about suggestions for Wikipedia. ; Are you asking for suggestions about whom Wikipedia should invest with? I'm sorry, I'm not a multibillionaire venture capitalist. Wall, Street
282 68 C 1 Correct systemic bias in Wikipedia, improve access access, bias
283 68 C 2 More important if Wikipedia wants to grow and diversify its editors diversity, growth
284 68 C 3 Wikipedia Education Foundation needs to stop limiting its support only to North America Wiki Edu, Bias
285 68 C 5 Hundreds of universities outside of North America Universities
286 69 C 1 Free shared knowledge is important for progress, especially from as many varied regions as possible. By making sure Wikipedia is equally accessible and usable among all people, we create a shared history that is representative of all people. Accessibility,representation English
287 69 C 2 Worldwide representation allows all people to test knowledge. More people discussing knowledge leads us closer to the truth. As Wikipedia's usage expands, its factuality increases. Increased factuality and representation leads to more users of all backgrounds excited to work towards an equally shared database of information. Access to information for all people allows everyone to share knowledge, but also gives us a first hand look at truth which allows people of all nations to understand and help each other. Worldwide,truth English
288 69 C 4 Preservation of all people's history is important for the most accurate information. Preservation English
289 70 C 1 We as a community would expand globally and get more more accurate translations on topics already created and would most likely gain some region specific information. expansion,translations english
290 70 C 2 this might be the most important theme in the short and maybe even long term inportant,short term english
291 70 C 3 I don't think we have to stop doing anything we are already doing just hold off on less important future projects less, future projects english
292 70 C 4 try to get more minorities in the world to use wikipedia so we can have as close to full cultural diversity as possible minorites,diversety english
293 71 C 1 I have a concern about this theme's impact on donations. donor impact, donor survey English
294 71 C 2 na English
295 71 C 4 My question is, are we in danger of getting ahead of donors on this issue? Do we have research into current donors' motivations? Do donors in the countries where we have the most financial backing understand that the are supporting efforts elsewhere? Most people I know who donate do so because they use the encyclopedia and want to improve it—primarily for themselves. They are unaware of our international efforts. I'm not saying donors in North America and Europe will object to transferring their dollars and Euros to other parts of the world. But there might be a point, a percentage of expenditures, beyond which they would object, and it seems like an issue we need to anticipate and take seriously. This could be an issue our critics might exploit, and we don't want our support base to feel like they've been the victims of a bait-and-switch. bait and switch, donor research, donor motivation English
296 72 C 1 Potentially very significant, but only if knowledge on these parts of the world is primarily generated by by people living in those areas who should not only be users of information which presently does not always reflect their values and understanding of their own past and potential. local content, alientation
297 72 C 2 Extremely important. Due to ease of access, in the developing world Wikipedia has potential to become a source of information that is far more influential than it is already elsewhere. accessibility
298 72 C 3 A difficult one, but if wikipedia is to b e truly relevant to user in presently under-represented regions it needs to discourage/disincentivise people from outside of a region from writing about it. Only in this way will Wikikpedia become truly useful and relevant in areas of present low penetration. Regionalism
299 72 C 4 It needs to encourage locals to generate local content that is relevant to their region and takes a local perspective. Local conent
300 72 C 5 My experience in South Africa is that there are NGOs are interested in raising funds for outreach and expansion of the Wikipedia contributor footprint. Have been involved in outreach projects by NGOs funded through national lottery, initiating young Africans into the workings of Wikipedia and short workshops on how to determine what is relevant content and how to generate it. Some of these operate in other parts of the continent as well and could extend such work to other countries using local 'trainers'. NGO, outreach, training
301 73 C 1 It would increase the usage of Wikimedia projects by those in Africa. It would change the woefully inaccurate perception that social media is all the internet has to offer. perception, Africa English
302 73 C 2 Most important. The future of a global and neutral internet is at stake, so we need to prove its value worldwide in order to preserve its worldly nature. global, neutral English
303 73 C 3 We need to re-prioritize what makes the front page in terms of news. Too often do I see elections being overshadowed by sports. news, elections English
304 73 C 4 We should also aim to work with Amerindian groups, especially in the Amazon. They have exclusive books about the local flora that would be prime WikiBooks material. Amerindian, WikiBooks English
305 73 C 5 Anthropologists work in this area, along with USAID (United States Agency for International Development). USAID, anthropologists English
306 74 C 1 More easier access to free and reliable knowledge, all at one place accessibility, reliability english
307 74 C 2 It is probably the most important, because there are many people out there that don't even know they can contribute, don't know how to do it, or simply find it too difficult. Loosen the ring of internal workings (the network of admins etc.) that now looks like a closed secret society, make the system more transparent to outsiders. Demistify the internal system, and make it harder for persons to gain too much power that they easily misuse, as they do right now destroying the efforts of the honest ones, and demotivate them. contribution, contributing, transparency, misuse english
308 74 C 3 This comment concerns mostly Wikimedia. Be more flexible as far as photography goes. People are willing to contribute photo material but some of them will ask for basic respect concerning rights. It is hard to make good photos and it is unacceptable for some to give them away just for others to make profit out of them, while the photographer (may) live in poverty. There is a need for just a little bit more space for basic copyright respect. Change and loosen a bit the copyright policy (don't treat to delete work that the uploader signed as copyrighted but willingly contributed for educational - and not for commercial - purpose) so that these users can contribute their professional work of art in a way that keeps it safe from misuse. It is hard to understand why would a free encyclopedia insist on commercial use of all its material. photo material, securing, misuse, change policy english
309 74 C 4 Please, do all that is possible to stop the internal misuse by people with bad intentions, such as anarchists, leftsist, faschists and other element destructive for society. Especially the topics history and geography are littered with personal unscientific views and "alternative" politics that do harm local communities. Even the discussions in such themes hurt many people. (In talk pages everybody is allowed to say what they believe is right but the rule by end is that who yells harder wins, or the issue remains unsettled and confusing.) Too much freedom is a curse. Develop more efficient ways to filter the destructive out, and limit their ability to alter healthy content with speculative one, with intention to cause divisions and internal conflicts, edit wars etc. There are many (of these from the dark side :) that reached admin level, just by being tricky and more clever than the ones that confront their destructive views. I believe there is a war raging inside Wikipedia between good and evil. The lines must be kept and clearly drawn. Wikipedia must describe evil, but also warn of consequences. It is unacceptable that this source become a channel of destructive views. misuse, destructive views, objectivity, indenpendence english
310 74 C 5 Museums. Schools. Faculties. Academic organisations. NGOs. Ministries of education. Official approach only. The Foundation to directly assist users in know-how. As a trusted representative of the Community if I am to come to an institution, I must have a legitimacy. Sometimes they say "Oh no, here are they from this Wikipedia thing!" Build the reputation of the encyclopedia and help users be legitimate. As simple as that :) legitimacy, reputation english
311 75 C 1 Immense. Huge English
312 75 C 2 This comes next to healthy community Very important English
313 75 C 3 Stop restricting the growth of the number of chapters, stop restricting the growth of chapters, reduce the size of the central organization Radical decentralization English
314 75 C 4 Work towards having a local organization in every country in the world, and in every State in the US, for example. Follow the lead by Amical: a local organization that actually organizes the majority of Catalan speaking editors. Don't do anything in SF what can be done by a local organization. Radical decentralization English
315 75 C 5 There are many partners locally in every country. For example GLAM, Education and locally living volunteer editors. Assemble partners locally to establish a local organization where there is none yet. Local networks of partners English
316 76 C 1 Wikimedia would become the go to encyclopedia for the world. go to, encyclopedia english
317 76 C 2 extremely important extremely english
318 76 C 3 i have no idea. unknown english
319 77 C 1 enhance knowledge access to monolanguage user accessibility english
320 77 C 2 relatively high importance, as knowledge accessibility is what Wikipedia is about high english
321 77 C 3 Stop merging communities of wikipedia even if they speak same language, as people living under different political environment might not actually understand the way how people on the other side describe the world. localization english
322 77 C 4 Increase the visibility of incubator. incubator, visibility english
323 77 C 5 every local wikimedia organization wikimedia english
324 78 D 1 This theme would make the Foundation a monopoly if outside sources are found not as reliable as the projects themselves. Not all projects are reliable, yet people trust and rely on Wikipedia too much. Wikinews is barely read, and some courses of Wikiversity need updates. Wikiversity has permitted original research, but information needs changing. Commons has a lot of photos but is severely backlogged; so is OTRS.; Wikiquote, Wiktionary, and other projects would not have much impact as other materials that collect quotes, dictionaries, etc. If they do, however, that would impact other competing materials.; Wikijournal is currently developing with just Journal of Medicine. If this becomes a full-fledged website, other academic journals would be impacted. NonFreeWiki, even when established per consensus, would be influenced by copyright laws.; In short, the theme is futile and pointless. futile, pointless English
325 78 D 2 Not very important. There have been efforts to make the projects more reliable and useful. However, information can change rapidly, especially Wikiversity. Articles from Wikinews can become old news and stale and less attractive. Wiktionary has been influenced by multiple dictionaries, and its information may also change. Wikipedia has gone through so many changes, yet it's the most reliable of all projects. reliability, information English
326 78 D 3 Stop suppressing inaccuracies. If inaccuracies are inserted, then someone else must replace the inaccuracies with more accuracies. Make everyone welcome to add any information, accurate or not. Inaccuracies can be fixed by either removal or replacement, or they can be left alone. accuracy, inaccuracy English
327 79 D 1 Wikipedia would allow anyone with an internet connection to access summaries of reliable sourced material and help them gain key understanding of things that have positive impacts on their life. This is key especially in areas such as medicine: free information about health sourced to quality academic sources can radically change someone's life.; Beyond the practical, it would help individuals researching at lower levels (secondary and beginning of undergrad) find quality sourcing for their education in a way that is more accessible than many academic databases. This should not strive to replace it, but to be a starting point for their research. Change lives English
328 79 D 2 This is the most important theme. If Wikipedia is not reliable and trusted it has lost its purpose. Who cares about any of the other themes if our information is junk or promotional? Most important English
329 79 D 3 We need better quality control of pages, which means restricting the ability of new users to create pages. Full stop. ACTRIAL as it has been called on the English Wikipedia is a necessary first step to achieving this theme: a look at the current new pages created by users shows spam, poorly written content, and even worse: copyright violations and defamation. ; We should find a way to encourage new users to use the draft name space, while also making sure published pages in the main space are up to snuff. This is absolutely essential to recruiting new users, but cannot be prioritized above maintaining the quality of the knowledge of Wikipedia. Restrict, ACTRIAL English
330 79 D 4 A focus on expanding the Wikipedia Library and access to quality academic sources for the volunteers is a must. For BLPs this is less of a concern, but for anything that is not a BLP, academic sourcing remains the most reliable and highest quality material, and is needed to help improve the quality of the articles. Academics, sourcing, library English
331 79 D 5 Academic libraries are key here. Try to find partnerships with them to help improve access to information and help people gain access to their information. Libraries English
332 81 D 1 Most authoritative source of knowledge in the sea of junk information. Lights in the world. Sea of junks English
333 81 D 2 Most important, junk knowledge requires lots of resources and time to filter out/to correct. Time resources English
334 81 D 3 Admins sometimes focus on forms more than the contents. Content is not everything, but it is perhaps the most important things. Content very important English
335 81 D 4 Automation of fact checking ? Automation English
336 81 D 5 Technology experts, content experts and organizations that share Wikimedia's values. Technology, content English
337 82 D 1 The impact would be the largest, most neutral internet-based source of information. Largest, internet-based English
338 82 D 2 Once people realize how "safe" (for lack of a better term) Wikipedia actually is, it will start attracting people to the website, who will help in the other four themes. Attraction, help English
339 82 D 3 Probably the slowing down of new articles. When we focus on trying to get people to understand our importance, that will start to slow down the creation of new, minor articles. Slow, articles English
340 82 D 4 Propaganda. We could do this in more peaceful ways, but it might not be effective. Practically anything to support our cause will be fine. Small posters across the website (or even the internet) that say things like "We will make a stronger Wikipedia" or "We will destroy the 'fascist' database" will surely help our cause...maybe... Propaganda, posters English
341 82 D 5 Anyone who knows a good portion of a certain subject that we have on the website could advocate for us. Anyone, knowledge English
342 83 D 1 Providing a respected source of neutral information on so many items will foster a sense of stability in the worldwide population, which may foster peace by reducing misunderstandings stability misunderstandings
343 83 D 2 Most important because when educators say "No Wikipedia sources" what people hear is that Wikipedia is not to be trusted. For the vast majority of articles, that is not the case. trust, source
344 83 D 3 Limit frequent edits of controversial pages; give controversial pages professional paid editors to filter content controversy, paid editors, filter
345 83 D 4 Publicize efforts and promote Wikipedia as a true encyclopedia and a trusted source, "Better than Brittania", "More Worldly than Worldbook" promotion, true encyclopedia
346 83 D 5 Special topic wikis special topic wikis
347 84 D 1 A lot a, lot English
348 84 D 2 A lot a, lot English
349 84 D 3 We would stop discussing page names, punctuation, American vs British spelling, and navitagtion template size. manual of style English
350 84 D 4 By definition, Wikipedia should be independent from sources, therefore paid editing should be completely forbidden. Also, Wikipedia should focus on facts. and the only completely verifiable fact is that someone said something. paid editing, verifiable facts English
351 84 D 5 Not sources. Being a partner and a source is a conflict of interest. sources, partners English
352 85 D 1 we will be a counterbalance to all fake news being spread correct data English
353 85 D 2 most important most important English
354 85 D 3 let everyone contribute, without a seriosity drivning license certify contributers English
355 85 D 4 All data in all versions should be available on all other datarepository (wikidata) English
356 85 D 5 universities, Glam sector universities, Glam sector English
357 86 D 1 great impact respected, trustworthy English
358 86 D 2 very important very important, essential English
359 86 D 4 seen as being reliable, reliable, dependable English
360 87 D 1 If Wikipedia became universally trusted, it would become the ultimate, universal source of knowledge. It would be easier for everyone to focus on one single project that is recognized as trusted. ultimate, universal English
361 87 D 2 In my opinion, it is the most important, because if we focus on making Wikipedia worthy of everyone's attention, other changes will be able to come more easily. worthy, most English
362 87 D 5 The scholarly society, various universities and science centres. Publish various papers. scholars, universities English
363 88 D 1 Help create a unified initial source for serious research, with further sources only being required for more in depth study. Reliability English
364 88 D 2 Possibly the most important theme. One of the key stumbling blocks for Wikimedia is a lack of general acceptance of the Wikimedia projects as trustworthy and consistent sources of information. Once Wikimedia is perceived as a viable source, the other 4 themes can be addressed as necessary. The theme "Engaging in the knowledge ecosystem" will be easier once organisations and institutions recognise more fully the increased value of Wikimedia at that time. Trustworthy English
365 88 D 4 A valuable asset would be the involvement of recognised professionals/academics in the creation of content. This of course in addition to the existing "unrecognised" editors/creators. Creation English
366 89 D 1 A universal multimedia encyclopedia. encyclopedia English
367 89 D 2 High-quality information is much more important than all the bells & whistles. information English
368 89 D 3 Less time for look & feel design, organizational events etc. cosmetics English
369 89 D 4 More good editors (contributors). More free sources. editors, sources English
370 89 D 5 Google Books, Internet Archive: share the processing of free books and other medias. media, archive English
371 90 D 1 Schools would not be restricted by a rudimentary block of using wikipedia for sources. School, Restriction English
372 91 D 1 Fake News and "Alternative Facts" are common words in the 21st century. Wikipedia can fight this and reveal the truth. The Wiki contributor community can continue to act as Data integrity checkers to make sure Wikipedia only contains real information. Alternative Facts, Integrity English
373 91 D 2 The most important. Without data integrity and reliability, Wikipedia will no longer be a valuable resource for humanity. integrity, important English
374 91 D 3 Edits from "anonymous" users or users with a "low trust score" would need to be vetted before going live to the internet. This means each contributor would have a "trust rating" associated with their user name. The Wiki community would need to decide how to grade a user's "trust rating". Accidental redundancy or broken links should be seen as day-to-day accidents. Trolling and "Wiki graffiti" should lower someone's trust rating. trust rating,community English
375 91 D 4 The academic's need to contribute more. Maybe building the capabilities for better collaboration among higher learning institutes is valuable? collaboration,academics English
376 91 D 5 Journalism and "some" government agencies are constantly fighting fake news and trolling online. These groups need to contribute as well. Journalists,Agencies English
377 92 D 1 The way research is done for k-12 Education as well as Higher Education, will change. While there will be resistance from those who have worked in K-12 and Higher Education for years, this will bring about a necessary change to how we view the accuracy, and relevancy of sources found here. K-12, Education, Higher Education, Research English
378 92 D 2 I see this as one of the most important of the 5 themes. If we are going to rely on this for global knowledge, we must be able to trust its accuracy, reliability, and relevancy. Knowledge is only as good as the truth that it bares. Trust English
379 92 D 3 I believe that this should come before global accessibility. Global Accessibility English
380 92 D 4 We need a way to run better query on the data that is provided. It would also be beneficial if there were a way to begin including published articles that can't be edited, but can still be accessed for easy, all in one location, research. Published Articles, Query English
381 92 D 5 If you can get Higher Education to begin accepting you as a credible resource for research, then partnering with colleges and universities will be able to grow this site exponentially. Currently, most professors tell their students to not trust your content. I am one of those professors. When students are told by 5 adults on almost a daily basis that your content cannot be trusted, you lose a great deal of trust and respect as a source of knowledge. I believe the key to becoming a respected source of knowledge can be found in a partnership with Higher Education. Higher Education, Professors English
382 93 D 1 Centralised virtual library, a go-to for self-education for everybody Centralisation English
383 93 D 2 This theme is equally as important as the other theme of the most importance- a truly global community, as together these themes ensure access to relevant, accurate, well-sourced information on all subjects for everybody who could possibly want it Access, moral importance English
384 93 D 4 A GLOBAL effort- subject specialists are needed from everywhere, according to different perspectives on a topic Global English
385 94 D 1 Probably arouse suspicion as having a monopoly on knowledge suspicion,monopoly English
386 94 D 2 It's the most important theme, but to be trusted, it needs quality control quality, control English
387 94 D 3 Stop including just any kind of article in the encyclopedias. Stop ignoring the importance of quality control. Stop spending money on needless research. Stop hiring paid staff whose skills are the wrong set for the positions they hold. quality, research English
388 94 D 4 Something that convinces the world that the WMF will really do it and that will instill confidence in the encyclopedias. convince, confidence English
389 94 D 5 Don't know. English
390 95 D 1 TRUTH in the ability of correct information to exist even if people wish to perform a cover up. JUSTICE in preventing untruths being used to deceive others for either harm or profit. ACCURACY in information so that people learning things will have Wikipedia not only as a summary of info but a bibliographic source to continue further researches. TIME SAVINGS results from having a practical "one stop shop" for the common person to look up information. This savings in time allows people to not waste time. Truth, Practicality English
391 95 D 2 Completeness of information is important. Very often, negative information is not available or even scrubbed in order to hide it from public scrutiny. Except for entertainment purposes, having untrue information opens the door to many other problems including cover ups, fraud, deception, misrepresentation, incorrect conclusions, and bad decisions created by use of incorrect information. Because many people make decisions based in part (or wholly) upon info contained in Wikipedia, it is important that Wikipedia not eliminate material that is negative in nature. Very often, it is the negative information that is the most important factor in decisions. Completeness, deception English
392 95 D 3 I'm not familiar with all the specific areas you are focusing upon, so if I said something, my answer could be wrong. English
393 95 D 4 Consistent effort in making sure information is complete by not having articles scrubbed or edited by reputation management firms. I am not just talking about biographical entries, but about geographical places with severe pollution, companies that have released products containing proven carcinogens, and scientific information which may have political opposition. Omission, deception English
394 95 D 5 Past editors that contributed information that was scrubbed or removed might not be aware that their info was removed. The editors that remove the info are familiar with how to avoid being detected by bots or other editors. Thus, info is removed in steps. editing, completeness English
395 95 D Other Wikipedia is clearly not neutral in its articles about people and certain places. This is due to public relations firms and "online reputation management" companies being hired to edit and re-edit articles to remove some or all negative information even though that info is proven, documented, and part of the established public record. This is discouraging to me and reduces my incentive to add info both positive or negative to articles because "Why Bother When Some PR or Reputation Company or Foreign Government (eg. China) Will Edit The Article?". English
396 96 D 1 massively wiki is just good I mean really concentrate IT there aways bad guy. If they fucking tech is to be level of god, they will fuck us-
397 96 D 2 Yes there are important too but not this one. bad guy, information technology
398 96 D 3 information exchange i mean this is just communication you have self-confidence and just go! never stop never, stop
399 96 D 4 humanity humanity, love of peace
400 96 D 5 application scale is so massive so.. i can't say anything sorry sorry
401 96 Other in my heart 위키를 배신하진 않겠소 i never betray wiki
402 97 D 1 Strong correlation with copyright issues, politics It's necessary to make efforts to provide more free content available for texts english
403 97 D 2 Free photos are important for building the wiki, other consideration rely on the question. Free content - availability - access - inventing virtual reality to wiki english
404 97 D 3 Copyright laws must be adjusted to a brave new world Free content, free use for wiki, permissions english
405 97 D 4 Kind of super mediation (forum) for heavy subjects to discuss english
406 97 D 5 Free lance lawyers specialising in copyright fields of law english
407 98 D 1 Knowledge for all - unlimited, yet it won't be easy - example of the Chinese "Wikipedia" unlimited, open source Eng
408 98 D 2 Several aspects contribute to success - all equally important circular process Eng
409 98 D 3 Organise more workshops/projects, involve governments, BUT oppose institutions' control projects Eng
415 100 D 1 we would have one source, easily accessible, just like google is the go-to place today source, easily accessible
416 100 D 2 I think it is the most important most important
417 100 D 3 not sure
418 100 D 4 not sure
419 100 D 5 there are other online sources often wikipedia knockoffs knockoffs
420 101 D 1 We will gain loyalty of the encyclopedia as a reliable source of information. Loyalty, Reliability.
421 101 D 2 Source of information is the pillar of an encyclopedia. Hence the theme emphasize on research compared to other themes. Sustainability, Research
422 101 D 3 No Creating, Innovating
423 101 D 4 Updated information Data, Information Management
424 101 D 5 Work group and prospective workers we can partner with them through online and offline marketing. Global workers environment, Marketing
429 103 D 1 life simple easily, available
430 103 D 2 its looking unique in comparison to others good, decission
431 103 D 3 Communication will increase contacts, others
432 103 D 4 Fine readable Fine, readable
433 103 D 5 society society, persion
434 104 D 1 Wikipedia would become a reliable source, one that people would consider to be objective and useful. reliable,objective English
435 104 D 2 Although the first theme overlaps this one, I believe this is perhaps the most important. However, there are steps that need to be taken in order for Wikipedia to be trusted. important,steps English
436 104 D 3 As it is right now, decision making at Wikipedia is heavily dominated by people with a decidedly leftist political agenda. They may truly believe that anything to the right of their far left agenda is not objective or reasonable, but they are deluding themselves. As a result, Wikipedia is viewed as leftist propaganda, to a large extent. Whatever the current power structure is, Wikipedia will have to begin letting its content contributors have a voice, rather than having someone at the top overruling anything to the right of Karl Marx. objectivity,inclusiveness English
437 104 D 4 Wikipedia needs to include people who represent different or diverse world views, and content contributors need to be made to feel as if their time and effort is valued. diversity,valued English
438 104 D 5 If content contributors were made to believe that their time and effort was valued, several other people might be working in this area. I no longer wish to waste my time putting together an article only to have it rejected by a clique. together,clique English
439 105 D 1 Help freedom and human rights! Free access to facts-based, verified and as much as possible unbiased information is fundamental to help people defend themselves from any form of manipulation based on false information. Free access to all the knowledge accumulated by humanity across history should be a fundamental human right. freedom,human rights English
440 105 D 2 The most important. It should be the ultimate goal to make all the human knowledge freely available to everyone. top priority,most important English
441 105 D 3 Being this goal so broad I don't think we're doing things against it. The hard part will be to decide what exactly we want to do to go in this direction, and there will be tradeoffs. English
442 105 D 4 Make efforts to increase the participation of experts that will improve the quality of the information. quality,experts English
443 105 D 5 Encyclopedia, national libraries and such primarily. In some way also web search engines like Google are working to make the information easily available, but focusing on different aspect of it. encyclopedia,libraries English
444 106 D 1 Further expansion of the free knowledge base already available online. free, knowledge English
445 106 D 2 The purpose of an encyclopedia is to store and distribute knowledge. Without that, the other themes become irrelevant. Expanding into areas of the world under served by Wikipedia will not matter if the content on Wikipedia is not accurate, trustworthy, unbiased, and free. Any other goals are secondary to the primary purpose of Wikipedia, which is to spread knowledge. accurate, knowledge English
446 106 D 3 I encourage Wikipedia to take an "inclusionist" stance to prevent loyal contributors from giving up on Wikipedia. Deleting articles because they cater to a specific interest group decreases the knowledge base, and that knowledge base is the primary purpose that Wikipedia exists. Do not destroy Wikipedia by trying to make it better, by deleting good articles, often not available nowhere else. inclusionist, loyalty English
447 106 D 4 Improving the Wikipedia search engine, and improve editing on the mobile app. Search, mobile English
448 106 D 5 Other online wikis. online, wikis English
449 107 D 1 We would have more people using this website if it the "most reliable" we have to make sure the website doesn't crash and we have to have reliable resources used. reliable,crash English
450 107 D 2 If wikipedia is the most trusted we should have an encyclopedia entry on all of the other themes. trusted,other English
451 107 D 3 Letting little kids make accounts and messing around with this website. letting,messing English
452 107 D 4 Get a gargantuan amount of information to get people across the world to trust us. information,trust English
453 107 D 5 Some websites we should recomend is National Geographic, Science for Kids, and ductsters. websites,recomend English
454 108 D 1 Become a more trustworthy source Truthfully, reliable
455 108 D 2 This one would expand Wikipedia by being known as one of the more trustworthy sites on the internet. Expand, trustworthy
456 108 D 3 I don't believe so. No
457 108 D 4 Fact checkers. Check facts
458 108 D 5, Facebook Big companies
459 109 D 1 The fact that Wikipedias cease to be not entirely trustworthy sources and become the most reliable ones will impact on alternative corporations of knowledge, such as scholars and academicians. Other sources like official outlets of information --e.g. national or supranational organisations in charge of regulatory policies-- will also resent a freer, more inclusive and independent knowledge aggregator on controversial issues, which might include climate tendencies, historical revisionism, social and religious understanding, investigative journalism, etc. Nevertheless, attaining such a status implies not only clear policies on contents aggregation but also fair use and distribuition of such contents. Therefore, there is an intrinsic issue to solve if we are to follow. ; The most critical of those challenges faced to become trusted, is the divide between theory and practise. Take Wikipedia, for instance, where despite current efforts, the freedom to contribute is often met with a rigid paradigm which includes counterproductive practices (e.g. edit wars). Should the word 'free' need some restrictions derived from expectable behaviour? Should referencing tools not be treated as a priority given how dependent on verification the project is? Is Wikimedia research effectively oriented? What is the nature of leadership (unintendedly) fostered in the Wikipedia environment and is it compatible with 'the most trusted source of knowledge'? Conflict, intrinsic
460 109 D 2 Becoming the most trusted source of knowledge necessarity includes all other four. Otherwise, trust will not be acheived in a world increasingly placing value on inclusion, participation and technology-oriented development at a global level.; The future will define reliability on all those four basis. Essential
461 109 D 3 Leaving referencing or attribution to editors' will alone. New tools must be developed from already available analytic tools. Analytics
462 109 D 4 Research, research and research. Research
463 109 D 5 Partnership with freemium web analytics providers, and shareware, plugins, addons and gaming developers should be sought in order to achieve the development of referencing tools. Expertise
464 110 D 1 Half a billion or more people who consult Wikipedia every month for leisure, study or work. Done that English
465 110 D 2 Continue what we are doing. This has been accomplished. Wikipedia is now quite academic. There is a lot of vocational knowledge absent. Continue English
466 110 D 3 Get away with delitionists. Get away with the whole 'Articles for Deletion' system. Focus on Wikipedia, Commons, and Wikidata. Migrate the other projects to wikifarms outside Wikimedia. Focus on inclusivity English
467 110 D 4 Have a Wikipedia Education Program in each country. Involve not only universities but also colleges and places for vocational training Education English
468 110 D 5 Universities, colleges and schools. And GLAM institutions. Educational institutions, GLAM institutions English
474 112 D 1 It would be possible to resolve the negative aspects of copyright manipulations that are in play today for the profit or enrichment of a few. The need to protect knowledge as an asset is harmful when investments in book, academic and historical archive collections all stand in the way of improving published works becoming outdated. Too often new material is lost or hidden away. Honest publishing English
475 112 D 2 All four are needed for our global future. A Wikipedia that we can trust to guide our learning based on technologies is going to inspire our desire to learn and raise our endurance for contributing. Trusting the knowledge contained inside the systems is the most difficult goal to achieve. Defining a trustable knowledge has not even been accomplished yet but I see a future for trustable knowledge here with Wikipedia because global paper archives are opening up to Wikipedia now and that invisible knowledge is going to get added to what we already have to learn from. We will have more empathy for mistakes our historical figures made from knowing how they were challenged or controlled much faster than today. Knowledge is power. Knowledge, power English
476 112 D 3 We would surely have to stop using Wikipedia as a personal image management and competition reducing system. There can be no more users with special access to advanced University, charity and private publishing to bully and edit competitors of their side businesses. If someone in beverage, vehicle sales or publishing would like to avoid revealing identity then the user should never engage in altering a winery or a new model of a rival brand car. If newspaper articles that are true to history and news exist and get posted no anaonymous usuers, IPs from govt or arts and business financing societies should be removed or edited Simply because they embarrassed. Newspapers and news broadcasts have their limitations in audience reach but there is also a trust deficit that we face with our mainstream media to deliver accurate and trusted knowledge. Editor, Conflict, Disclosure English
477 112 D 4 Race and economic inequality affects the access to education and knowledge for too many of us. Wikipedia's accessibility for almost all users has made the world taken notice. This accessibility needs to keep widening and the results from the knowledge retrieved needs to be very rewarding on the most individually motivating way. Knowledge, delivery English
478 112 D 5 Facebook is fantastic and I allow for my profile and pages to be available for new tests. Google reflects good innovation and a lot of the fundamental inequalities of copyright exploitation and combined with YouTube I think it's unconscionable how many artists and musicians are not being paid for their work while some sub par accounts at YouTube earn income for both users and the platform. Working to make the YouTube and Alphabet harmonious with Wikipedia, Facebook and good development at Google would be a step in the right direction. Combining my social and educational searching with my life habits has been so good for my learning process. I hope to see a complete package. Sharing, actions English
479 113 D 1 Quite a lot, including possibly getting major institutions to accept Wikipedia as a reliable source. Reliable, institutions English
480 113 D 2 I'm not sure not, sure English
481 113 D 3 Editor behavior may be less focused on, instead disputes may become large scale behavior, disputes English
482 113 D 4 Sources, lots of sources sources English
483 113 D 5 Smaller, more specific encyclopedias may be able to contribute information to Wikipedia. encyclopedias English
484 114 D 1 If the current idea that Wiki-anything is unreliable, then it does not matter what content is actually available, true or otherwise. I think that this is perhaps the most important initiative because without basic trust in the verity of the content, no one will want to visit Wikipedia in the first place. One major effect would be use in schools which is currently intentionally prohibited. Wikipedia could become a powerhouse home of educational content, which is at least at the current moment presented well, and leads deeper throughout different articles, until the reader has learned however much they want to learn. Trust, education English
485 114 D 2 I think that this theme is the most important, because without trust there are no visitors. Trust English
486 114 D 3 The CSS currently in use looks fine to me, so perhaps just ignoring it unless it somehow stops working. CSS English
487 114 D 4 Gaining some core group of editors to go through articles flagged with problems. Editors, problems English
488 115 E 1 Hard to say. Diversity of topics is hard to achieve. Wikipedia has strict notability rules. Wikinews is not as competitive as its media competitors. Wiktionary is already diverse with a bunch of definitions. Wikiquote still has copyright issues. Wikiversity is struggling to catch up. Wikijournal, if established as a website, would invite diverse range of topics, though it would be written by mostly academics. Overall, the theme is just a theme, ain't it? If it's more than that, the theme would not impact the world much. Rather the theme is influenced by sources used to cite information. diversity, topics English
489 115 E 2 For now, "healthy and inclusive" is the most important theme. The "knowledge ecosystem", however, does not reach that level but is more important than the "Augmented Age". Still not important because various communities control and limit the information. community, limitation English
490 115 E 3 Stop suppressing creativity and stop endorsing bureaucracy. creativity, bureaucracy English
491 115 E 4 Not only information, welcoming everyone from different cultures is important to strengthen the theme. welcoming, inviting English
492 116 E 1 Providing free knowledge and information for all English
493 116 E 2 The most important English
494 116 E 4 The modern knowledge ecosystem seems to be moving more and more to online accreditation's, Wikipedia would be ahead of its time if it were to start providing accreditation's for users that learn from Wikipedia, tracking the articles that they read, assessing their knowledge base. Accreditation is a huge barrier for those seeking employment, many people may be knowledgeable but lack the accreditation for their knowledge, by providing accreditation you will alleviate unemployment and barriers to employment. English
495 116 E 5 Khan Academy has already started trying to do this, as well as Alison and some others sites, but none are as large and successful as WIkipedia. English
496 117 E 1 a bigger knowledge base giving people mor opportunities bigger knowledge base English
497 117 E 2 very wanted but not top wanted English
498 117 E 3 mass courses to teach how to enter in Wikipedia less cources English
499 117 E 4 a common aim for this broader scope Aim English
504 119 E 1 Many people have financial crisis giving free access to a pull of knowledge along with trusted sources providing free knowledge is a plus. Free Knowledge. Certified Knowledge English
505 119 E 2 It deals with a theme that concerns all and everyone associated will gain something. knowledge,population English
506 119 E 3 I don't think so free knowledge English
507 119 E 4 Certifications of what people learn certificates English
508 119 E 5 Organisations like udemy, redwhy, lynda. We need to make them realize the platform we are offering will help their business also. redwhy, udemy English
509 120 E 1 This theme would have a global impact. It could help everyone to access any type of knowledge wherever a person or user wants. It would be like the the largest library in the world library, global english
510 120 E 2 it is important than other theme as it help many people and gives access any kind of knowledge which they require english
511 120 E 4 try to involve small institutes and enraging people who have the knowledge and are eager to share that knowledge with others english
512 120 E 5 Mostly partner institutes or organizations that provide knowledge for free, and also the organizations that provide long distance education english
513 121 E 1 We could be a leading organisation of the knowledge ecosystem and make free knowledge the default way of sharing information. leading, free knowledge by default English
514 121 E 2 Wikimedia has been focusing a lot of its energy inwards, which not only doesn't contribute to social change, but also generated conflicts. Important for both our mission and internal peace. island mentality, mission English
515 121 E 3 Stop fighting each other internally. WikiNews. WikiNews English
516 121 E 4 We need a refined mission. mission English
517 121 E 5 Amnesty International, Transparency International, Creative Commons, OKFN, OpenStreet Map Foundation, FSF. We need to play a lead role in bringing to conversations/communities together. join communities English
518 122 E 1 Quality work quality English
519 122 E 2 This theme increases confidence of the encyclopedia environment. Confidance, Environment English
520 122 E 3 No N/A English
521 122 E 4 Increased online and offline interaction. Online, semminars, free entry and free exit. English
522 122 E 5 Global environment environment English
528 124 E 1 It would mean knowledge has a position different from the position it has had earlier. To get knowledge people have to enroll with institutions, when Wiki is in the picture people will be able to learn and know depending on the limitations they may face. knowledge,position,limitations English
529 124 E 2 The theme is key on the other themes esp the first one, Since it awards an opportunity to diverse personalities to engage in an activity of growth and upliftment. awards,engage English
530 124 E 3 Perhaps offering or providing an orthodox web based platform. orthodox English
531 124 E 4 Establishing trust with high profile education institutions. e.g. universities trust English
532 124 E 5 Various web site knowledge portals which offer knowledge on particular topics.They can be partnered with through linkbacks and support portal which would create information media. website,linkback,information media English
538 126 E 1 Wikipedia will continue to be self sustaining, embedded in the local infrastructure of knowledge, with minimal support of a central global organization. The way Wikipedia works will gradually transform the way other organizations work. Eventually hunger will be eradicated and peace will prevail on earth. Networking with partners is the final phase in the Greiner growth curve. Sustainability English
539 126 E 2 Necessary for growth, comes after healthy community and global movement The next step English
540 126 E 3 This is the strength of local organization like chapters. The WMF should stop restricting the growth of the number of chapters. Chapters English
541 126 E 4 Have a chapter in each country Chapters English
542 126 E 5 Their are global associations of Libraries, Archives and Musuems. The WMF could partner with them to spread the word that chapters do effectively collaborate with GLAM which might help increase the number of chapters by starting with GLAM partners. Don't forget Educational institutions. Think about CC, OSM, OKNF GLAM, Education, CC, OSM, OKNF English
543 130 A 2 Besides "Augmented Age" and the "Knowledge Ecosystem(KE)", its the most important. Even if computers might do most of the work, we still need communication. Someone to tell someone else about the KE, someone to learn from and someone to help accuratly. Teaching, Help English
544 130 A 4 Better communication, making sozialising easier. Maybe an App and a Chat/Forum Forum, App English
545 128 A 4 Decision-making processes and structures. A community needs to have rules, guidelines, processes, standards, and expectations for it to work well, and I think we need to state this out loud. Decisionmaking, Processes English
546 127 A 1 Encouraging and helping nurture newcomers and veterans with respectful engagement and incentivizing participation with gamification. encouragement, engagement English
547 128 A 5 Governments, to NGOs, to even entertainment (cultural production). I think we have a lot to learn from institutions that have been around for decades. Similarly, they might learn from us in how we get things done virtually. Governments, NGOs English
548 135 E 4 Have a chapter in each country Chapters English
549 134 D 2 I feel that this is the most important theme in the long run, but the other themes are also good. in_the_long_run English
550 130 A 3 I think English, will fuse with other languages, creating some sort of worldwide spocken language. Therefore translations and smaller wikias(compared to the english one), will lose importance and become instint, within approx. 70 years. Translation, Non-English English
551 128 A 3 I think that technology is something that the Foundation or even Chapters shouldn't be doing alone. If we increase including other communities, we don't need to be creating software and products on our own. We have a huge deficit and can't do it alone. Technology, Product English
552 134 D 3 Make sure ideological groups are kept in check. They must prevented from forcing their ideologies on the project. This is especially true of ideologies that are currently popular or trendy, many of whose precepts seem to have been incorporated into some Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia and Wikinews come to mind). ideology English
553 133 D 4 Making it globally inclusive Inclusive, Global English
554 127 A 4 Maybe Healthy, [Productive], and inclusive communities. Because if the key is to generate high quality content, and a lot of it, then maybe the goal should be incentivization/rewarding to encourage that. productive, incentivization English
555 130 A 5 Me, and I might partner with you.^^ But I need everyone to accept, that not every opinion is worth the same! Like Sokrates i have more trust in a Pilot than a Janitor, when it comes to Flying... Not-Equal, Change English
556 130 A 1 Mentoring/Monitoring is necessary. Capacity is for sure, capability has to be learned. Mentoring, Capability English
557 127 A 2 Most important, it's key to the success of the others. In order to make the other advancements, you need the workforce to achieve it. English
558 135 E 2 Necessary for growth, comes after healthy community and global movement The next step English
559 133 D 5 No idea idk English
560 127 A 3 not that i know of English
561 133 D 3 Perhaps not publish changes right away, increase in pending changes use. Closed, Unopen English
562 127 A 5 social media, other online communities, gaming social networks, gaming English
563 134 D 4 The "engaging the knowledge ecosystem" theme would have great synergy with this theme. Use the ecosystem to make more source material available to Wikimedians, which in turn helps improve the content. synergy English
564 128 A 2 The other themes wouldn't happen without this one. primary English
565 135 E 5 Their are global associations of Libraries, Archives and Musuems. The WMF could partner with them to spread the word that chapters do effectively collaborate with GLAM which might help increase the number of chapters by starting with GLAM partners. Don't forget Educational institutions. Think about CC, OSM, OKNF GLAM, Education, CC, OSM, OKNF English
566 135 E 3 This is the strength of local organization like chapters. The WMF should stop restricting the growth of the number of chapters. Chapters English
567 131 C 2 This theme seems to be more important to me because it seems much engaging to the people who will be greatly helped. Engaging, People English
568 131 C 1 This would be a great initiative to enhance the unaware and unprivileged people with the touch of knowledge to the greater truth of their existence, life and the world. Illumination, Truth English
569 131 C 4 To convey people about the presence of itself through different media and et cetera Convey people English
570 133 D 2 Very important. Without Wikipedia being seen as reliable or trustworthy why would it be used? Reliable, Trust English
571 128 A 1 We would be known as a friendly yet rigorous community around the world. We would be able to incorporate knowledge from various communities around the world into Wikimedia. We would have the right infrastructure and processes in place for inviting new voices into our communities. We would have created social traditions and structures that are globally recognized as being an inclusive, international, global environment. This includes social structures to allow for collaboration in technology. social, structure English
572 134 D 1 Wikimedia projects will forever be regarded as unscientific unless a greater effort is made to ensure the correctness of the content. unscientific English
573 135 E 1 Wikipedia will continue to be self sustaining, embedded in the local infrastructure of knowledge, with minimal support of a central global organization. The way Wikipedia works will gradually transform the way other organizations work. Eventually hunger will be eradicated and peace will prevail on earth. Networking with partners is the final phase in the Greiner growth curve. Sustainability English
574 133 D 1 Wikipedia would be the go-to for research questions Research, Trusted English
575 131 C 3 Yes..that's proper knowledge without the false claims false claims English
576 131 C 5 You can partner with different mobile operator and with the free learning organizations like Troubleshooters in Bangladesh and 10 minute school Organizations, operators English
577 156 E 1 Following this direction would serve to connect multiple existing knowledge institutions with a global audience and a community oriented toward open access to all forms of human knowledge, while making Wikipedia content richer and more accurate. shared knowledge English
578 156 E 2 It's the 1st or 2nd most important theme, in part because it enables Wikipedia to become the most trusted source of knowledge. Enables trust English
579 156 E 4 There need to be clear strategies to engage both students and researchers in a global knowledge ecosystem that is open access. This includes deepening Wikipedia-based education programs and linking Wikipedia to other open-access efforts among academic disciplines and the humanities. deepen integration English
580 156 E 5 Wikipedia-based education programs are adding valuable content to Wikipedia on an ongoing basis, and greater infrastructure for deepening that process should be a priority. The entire field of digital humanities enables greater online sharing of knowledge. Medical researchers and research funding bodies (NIH, NSF) increasingly require researchers to publicly disseminate knowledge. education, digitization English
581 154 E 5 I'd say we should make sure that we do as much as possible to foster startup activity in house, but with a focus to off load it as soon as possible. The WikiEdu model seems very important to me. learn, participation English
582 154 E 4 I think we focus too much on ourselves here. Just fostering this relationship, and organisations that build it (like Wiki Edu) seems more important to me. foster English
583 154 E 3 Maybe we need to let go of some of our chapter focus if we want to do this. The thematic usergroups might become more important instead. English
584 154 E 2 Much like technology, I see this as a tool to reach other goals honestly. tool English
585 154 E 1 This will allow us to spread the roots of our system into more elements of society. Goals like global reach would be much easier to reach with this. building block English
586 153 E 5 Cultural institutions, NGOs, transnational organisations like UNESCO... GLAM English
587 153 E 2 For me this theme is the most important one. We need partners to be able to fill the major content gaps we currently have. content gaps English
588 153 E 4 We need to listen to, and address, partners' needs and not just push our own perspectives and wishes upon others. address partners' needs English
589 153 E 3 We would need to stop always putting our communities of (individual) volunteers first. They have laid the foundation for our work until now, but a volunteer community will always be limited in covering knowledge gaps. more balance between volunteers and professionals/par English
590 153 E 1 Wikimedia would not only pursue its own goals, but also make the strategically excellent and smart choice to help other organisations fulfill theirs. We can't do this alone - we'll never manage to fill our knowledge gaps if we don't embrace, respect and work with partners. strategic, respect, reinforce others English
591 152 D 2 Critical. It's the thing that currently set us apart from so many other venues. We need to capitalise on that unique selling point. If we are able to exploit this unique trait, then many of our other themes will almost certainly fall into place. unique, English
592 152 D 4 I'd focus a bit on making it possible for anyone to participate in quality, trust, expertise (what it is, building it etc). It's a little bit in there in the form of "public understanding", but we should emphasise that everyone can and should have the possibility of learning about and participating in this process learn, participation English
593 152 D 1 This will enable people to learn how to interpret information on their own, free from commercial incentive or insular viewpoints. If we do this right, it's not us telling people how it is, but people understanding our processes and respecting those processes because we keep delivering every single time, and they keep coming back for more. earned, learned English
594 151 D 1 Provide a single source for information for many different fields information, fields English
595 151 D 2 This is the most important, as Wikipedia's primary aim is making knowledge free important, knowledge English
600 149 C 3 Build emotional intelligence / soft skills of new area contributors, before editing skills. soft skills first English
601 149 C 1 Provide reach to knowlegde where it had been difficult to reach. Save cultures, using their primary language and wording. Spread the wiki way of healthy online collaboration, the prerequisite that allows growth of projects, in places where online culture is not properly cultivated. reach, verbalization, online culture English
602 149 C 4 Satellites or other ways to achieve internet reach over large underpopulated areas satellites English
603 149 C 2 Sustainability of the movement is maintained by small projects, when the primary big projects (like english Wikipedia) are saturated in content and search for new ways to stay productive balance saturation English
604 149 C 5 Work together with missions who already have good work there. Train them first and make them feel everything is for the human, not wiki metrics, they can be our ambassadors missions English
605 148 C 3 I don't think that none English
606 148 C 2 information is most important and requirement in 21st century people... people do not want to remember they want to search for everything. information need to be filter to get Knowledge English
607 148 C 1 The theme of global knowledge has been truly amazing to those people who actually want to know about various things like... what happened in the past, present and future. wiki will lead the whole world in sharing knowledge and becoming equal as google search. the knowledge that share by wiki will helpful to providing information about many things. Wiki shares Information not Knowledge English
608 147 C 1 A more global representation creates a better insight to knowledge. Our species' differences and commonalities. We will all be better for it. English
609 147 C 5 I think it would be interesting to cooperate with UN bodies and organisations that are allied with those bodies. UN English
610 147 C 4 I'm missing accessibility in this picture. It's about people of skill, ability, capability AND location. accessibility English
611 147 C 2 This is part of the ultimate goal, but directly working on it is likely inefficient. In my point of view all other themes can work as a catalyst for this goal. So we should stimulate this theme with smaller projects, to test the bigger projects of the other themes. If we do the rest correctly, and keep measuring and evaluating them based on this theme, then we will get there. inefficient, longterm English
612 146 C 4 * Add that this will not be to the detriment of other areas. It is very important that we don't want to see other areas lose chances they have now.; * Ideally one can also integrate other diversities that are not yet covered, especially language diversity not to the detriment, language English
613 146 C 5 Governments, telecom companies and We can work with the first two to ensure better coverage but we probably should not work with the latter governments,telcos English
614 146 C 2 Probably in the top-3 but ont the first one (Health for me). It is important enough so that we cannot live without it (or at least we will not be that successful) but the wording is too hard to put it higher. top-3, hard wording English
615 146 C 3 Supporting initiatives in Global North (basically Europe, US, Canada, Oceania)? I would prefer not to see this happen. These regions are still far from being fully covered, and some European countries require significant attention. Global North, Europe English
616 146 C 1 Very mixed feelings about this. There are basically three parts of impact: 1) scientific knowledge in these regions (e.g. universities in Asia). Those are areas that have tons of knowledge that are not used or integrated to our movement, they probably know how an encyclopaedia works but probably don't know Wikipedia, thus if we have enough resources we will probably make a significant impact by getting and sharing with the entire world a deeper information on these areas.; 2) traditional knowledge in these regions (e.g. tribal knowledge in Africa). We will have huge troubles working with these communities and integrating their knowledge. If we succeed we will make an impact by successfully integrating "Northern" encyclopaedia with "Southern" traditional knowledge. If we fail our major impact will just be another news item about ambitious white people who wasted a lot of efforts and money in Africa.; 3) scientific knowledge outside these regions (e.g. Eastern Europe). It will probably suffer a lot. Our main impact will be probably a sort of white hole there: these regions are not fully mature yet to advance without our support but they are not immature to get full support either. integration, traditional knowledge, outside these regions English
617 145 C 2 All of these themes are about education and learning. Themes, Learning English
618 145 C 4 N/a N/a English
619 145 C 5 We may need to work with humanitarian groups in areas that we are trying to make Wikipedia a thing in. Humanitarian English
620 145 C 1 Wikipedia spreads knowledge and is a great educator. I truly believe that I am really smart because of Wikipedia. If we spread Wikipedia globally, it will educate the world, a very important cause. Education English
621 145 C 3 Yes. I was banned from editing Wikipedia for 4 months, and it was awful. While Wikipedia is great, this was outrageous. Stop banning users from editing unless you have a legitimate reason please. Awful, Improvement English
622 144 C 4 increase support for wikipedia pages in different languages to be interlinked cross-lingual English
623 144 C 2 more important, the power of wikipedia comes from allowing random volunteers to be productive English
624 144 C 5 no idea, just try to avoid accidentally standing in their way. English
625 144 C 3 not really English
626 144 C 1 you would harness a power no-one has ever harnessed before eventual consistency English
627 143 C 3 Editing without feedback More,communication English
628 143 C 1 Inclusion Coverage,knowledge English
629 143 C 2 It is the spread of wiki along with implementation World,coverage English
630 143 C 4 More communication Feedback English
631 143 C 5 New wikipedians English
632 142 B 2 * We cannot afford to become the MySpace or Geocities.. It is imperative we stay close enough to the forefront that we remain relevant. Anything extra is a bonus and might be used to achieve any of the other themes.; * We are recognising here that technology is important part of our DNA, that it created us and will continue to nurture us in the future. keeping-up English
633 142 B 1 * We will need this in order to be able to continue to compete with the larger organisations as google and Facebook (who otherwise might out engineer us and take our consumers away from our platform).; * At the same time, it will allow us to bring more people into the mix, create better cross pollination between otherwise isolated communities etc. cross-pollination, competition English
634 142 B 5 We already have strong connections in Open Source, but sometimes we don't seem to interact with the rest of the Open Source movement too efficiently. It might be wise to see if we can have a bigger role as a leader of open source development (Firefox/Mozilla is doing a lot of this [not always successfully]). opensource, partners English
635 141 B 4 * Wiki is not a site for programmers. It easily can be. We should focus on that.; * Mathematical equations are just low quality images, we can fix that and make them interactive. I would be glad to help with the latter. Programming, Equations English
636 141 B 1 *With better translation algorithms, we can focus on improving the quality of the main articles and impact more people around the world. Often, translated pages are shorter and biases have been introduced. By focusing on machine translation, we will solve these issues and invite researches to develop more reliable translation technology.; *We can implement interactive graphs which would give enable the users to understand the data faster, easier, in a customized fashion. We can implement statistical data visualization similar to; *We can also integrate softwares such as Mathematica and Python to accomplish this goal. Plus, the capability of these languages (through the power of Manipulate for Mathematica and Interactive Plots for Python) can help science users to learn difficult concepts, visualize multi-variable plots, and learn how to communicate their own data by learning from examples on Wikipedia. Machine Learning, Interactive Data Visualization English
637 141 B 3 This is a very important theme, however, we must never compromise our principles, free knowledge for all! No ads, no biases! Never! If we focus on the infrastructure and recruiting volunteers and educating them how to contribute, this would not require a focus trade off. Free Knowledge for all English
638 141 B 2 Very Important, because we need to keep the quality of our knowledge on its edge or we will loose interest and our users might get scattered. What made Wikipedia what it is today, was using the technology of the day, the internet; now, we must stay up to date. Quality English
639 141 B 5 Wolfram Research company Mathematica English
640 140 A 3 Focus less on prevention of vandalism, as with a greater community comes more potential admins who can do that on their own time. community English
641 140 A 4 Greater work to assist new users, so they don't inadvertently do the wrong things Assist English
642 140 A 1 The community would be greatly enhanced as more people would be involved in one of the greatest undertakings in history. Community English
643 140 A 2 Very important Important English
644 139 A 1 A healthy, inclusive community would attract people from all walks of life: from all geographic locations, all races, all genders, all ages. Bringing in more people means more resources, more thoughts, and more interest in Wikimedia's movement. diversity, inclusion English
645 139 A 2 Having a healthy, inclusive community is the top priority. Wikimedia, being a community-driven movement, requires a healthy and inclusive community to be successful. Without a healthy community, none of the other themes will be successful. Harassment, a lack of support for newcomers, and a lack of motivation for long-term contributors is detrimental to sustainability. On the flipside, a healthy, inclusive community will bring and retain people to help make the other themes a reality. vital, priority English
646 139 A 3 Wikimedia (alongside a lot of other online communities) has a toxic environment in some areas; we need to stop having these environments, and ridding of these should be a top goal. environment, harassment English
652 137 A 2 A healthy community is important, because without a community there is nothing left to do for any of us. There is probably least amount of space to compromise on this point. startingpoint English
653 137 A 3 I think that something like Wikipedia Zero is less important than this in the long run. But tradeoffs are often hard to do. instead I would say spend dedicated and recurring blocks on a focus topic. Lets have a 2-3 month sprint every year or two years and have EVERYONE working on it. recurring, sprint English
654 137 A 4 It's a bit unachievable really (Beauty contest level world peace). So maybe we should recognise that ? Create a notion that we will protect, if needed by excluding some people ? Or how we can create spaces for those being excluded? unachievable, exclude English
655 137 A 1 Its my opinion that this is necessary to have an impact at all. We need to be an movement with a strong base, if we want to be able to take in as much knowledge as we aspire to take in. Similarly we need to be open to a large group of the world, if we want to actually find that knowledge and present it. survive, thrive English
656 137 A 5 We are seeing Twitter, Facebook and Youtube also dealing with a requirement of overarching inclusiveness, bubbles etc.. We need to make sure we take lessons from these other global giants learn, facebook English
657 136 A 4 Just probably add that newcomers may refuse to be mentored, and both newcomers and experienced users may refuse to be a part of any group if they don't want to. Not sure this will make it way stronger, but probably it will make it a bit more inclusive. right to refuse English
658 136 A 5 Not law enforcement, I hope. Instead I hope we will work with scientists in areas like psychology or sociology so that they help us choose solutions that work with online communities. There is a rather limited research on these topics as of know, it should probably grow by 2030 and we can partner by supporting such research and implementing the best ideas on our projects. scientists English
659 136 A 2 They are all important, but this one to me is the most crucial one for our inside organisation. We would probably not achieve any outstanding impact on other themes if we fail on this one. inside, crucial English
660 136 A 1 This will have a strong impact by promoting our movement as an example of a healthy organisation of a movement that people want to join. Or, closer to practice, we would just increase the impact on the world we would otherwise have by increasing number of people and their resources they use on making this impact. example, more people English
661 136 A 3 Trolling? Harassment? Edit wars? Personal attacks? Outing? Discrimination? Yes, probably we will have to stop all of these. But our projects will probably become a much better place if we focus on stopping all of these. trolling, harrassment, better place English

If you need more lines, you can copy them from Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Lines.

In need of translation edit

Line ID Theme (refer to key) Question (refer to key) Summary Statement Keywords Language
26 7 B 1 Můžeme obstát jako zdroj infomrací i v rozšířené realitě. úspěch, Czech
Translation: We can persist as a source of information even in augmented reality. success
27 7 B 2 Méně, zatím nevíme, kterým směrem se bude rozšířená realita vyvíjet. méně významné téma, Czech
Translation: [To lesser extend,] so far we do not know, in which direction augmented reality will develop. less important topic,
28 7 B 4 Otázka je, jak si vstup do rozšířené reality představují zástupci WMF. Pro mě osobně, zatím není moc co plánovat. Snad jen umožnění vkládat na Commons 3D objekty, které se pak dají vnořit do projektů WMF a třeba pohybem myši si je obracet. To by umožnilo nový, pro mnohé jistě zajímavý a zjedodušující model studia. Například v článku barokní sochařství si budete moci různé sochy otáčet a natáčet podle potřeby a pochopit tak tuto oblast. otočné 3D objekty, Czech
Translation: Question is, how the access/path to augmented reality is imagined by WMF representatives. To me personally, so far there is not much to plan. Perhaps just allow the Commons 3D objects to be ~embedded into WMF projects, and you can use the mouse to rotate them. This would allow for a new, for many certainly interesting model studies. For example, in articles about Baroque sculptures you will be able to turn and shoot/film various statues to understand the field. rotating 3D objects,
29 7 B 5 Např. 123D Catch vytváří efektivní nástroj na vytváření 3D objektů, které lze vytvořit z mobilních fotek. Zde by se mohla navázat spolupráce, ve smyslu začlenění jejích výstupů do projektů Wikimedia. Pokud bude potřeba nastavit nový formát 3D objektu jendat i s patřičnou organizací, nebo komisí (jako třeba komise pro HTML apod.). 123D Catch, standardy Czech
152 38 A 4 Jedna věc je zdravá komunita. To souvisí se snížením počtu osobních útoků, ale i neúcty k práci jednotlivých editorů. Zatím se tato problematika nechávala na komunitách, ty ale zatím nedokázaly tato negativní jevy odstranit. Proto by se mělo pracovat na jejich odstranění. Druhá věc je inkluzivní komunita, která zahrnuje dvě složky: technologickou a společenskou. Je potřeba tvrdě pracovat a konečně dokončit zejdnodušení editovanání (např. na Wikimedia Commons). Kdyby nebylo přispívání do Commons tak časově náročné, je možné, že by přispívalo daleko více lidí, kteří již pracují. Kdyby byla dostupná online literatura (a dnes již existují fulltextové knihovnice), třeba by přispívalo více lidí, kteří již pracují a nemají tolik času, jako když studovali. Dále se dá pracovat s komunitama, aby byly tolerantnější k lidem, kteří si rádi povídají, vzdělávají se, nebo dělají kariéru. Měla by se najít rovnováha mezi množstvím přidaného obsahu z jejich strany a naplnění jejich potřeb. S tím může pomoci WMF. technologická jednoduchost, dostupnost tištěných zdrojů, Czech
270 65 C 1 Intelligente Menschen lassen sich nicht so leicht unterdrücken. Manchen politischen Bewegungen und Strömen (Türkei) könnte entgegengewirkt werden. Redefreiheit Deutsch
Translation: Intelligent people are not that easy to suppress. We could counteract some political movements (Turkey). Freedom of speech English
271 65 C 2 Gleichwertig Gleichwertig Deutsch
Translation: About the same About the same English
272 65 C 3 Wenn mehr Menschen auf Wikipedia Zugriff bekommen, werden auch mehr Menschen finanzielle Unterstützung leisten. Daher wird es nicht notwendig werden, irgendetwas zurückschrauben Finanzen Deutsch
Translation: When more people will have access to Wikipedia more people will suport it financially. Because of that it is not necessary to scale back anything at all. finance English
273 65 C 4 Es sollte etwas wie "Ausbildungskurse" geben, um sich an staatlicher Zensur (China, Türkei) vorbei schummeln zu können Ausbildungskurse, Zensur Deutsch
Translation: There should be something like training courses to learn to circumvent government censorhip (China, Turkey) training courses, censorship English
274 65 C 5 Vielleicht ein paar gute Netzwerktechniker, die staatliche Zensur umgehen könnten Zensur, Netzwerktechniker Deutsch
Translation: Maybe some good network engineers that know how to circumvent government censorship censorship, network engineers English
500 118 E 1 Einfachere Wissensbeschaffung, leichteres Leben für Schüler Wissensbeschaffung Deutsch
Translation: Easier acquisition of knowledge, easier life for pupils acquisition of knowledge German
501 118 E 2 Gleichwertig Gleichwertig Deutsch
Translation: About the same About the same English
502 118 E 4 Gute Zusammenarbeit mit Google (Knowledge Graph) Google, Knowledge Graph Deutsch
Translation: Good collaboration with Google (Knowledge Graph) Google, Knowledge Graph English
503 118 E 5 Google: Die Wikipedia-Seiten (und deren Inhalte) sollten für Maschinen (Knowledge Graph) einfacher zugänglich sein, um machine learning zu beschleunigen Google Deutsch
Translation: Google. Wikipedia pages and content should be more easy to access for machines (Knowledge Graph) to accelerate machine learning Google English
523 123 E 1 In given four Sub-Themes (Education, Institutions, Educators, Existing programs) of above Knowledge Ecosystem Theme includes all section of knowledge ecosystem. These Sub-Themes can have impact on the world mainly young generation and people who love to gain and upgrade knowledge. Subtheme, Education, Institutions, Educators, Existing programs, Knowledge Ecosystem Hindi
524 123 E 2 This is an Ecosystem of Knowledge and In all other theme in which promoting worldwide volunteer contribution (Healthy, inclusive communities, include), The augmented age (Advancing with technology) through machine learning, this ecosystem provide platform to world wide knowledge sharing and expert of sub-themes can contributors and experts of all over the world give effort to make knowledge trustful Knowledge Ecosystem Hindi
525 123 E 3 Nothing Hindi
526 123 E 4 Involvement of maximum of volunteer from all over world of every field Hindi
527 123 E 5 Education, Institutions, Educators, Existing programs Hindi
533 125 E 1 zmieni liczbę kreatorów, edytorów na dodatni, rozwinie mnie i ludzi w moim otoczeniu, świat pozna nową sztukę Muzyka,Rap Polish
Translation: change in plus the number of contributors, editors, develop me and people in my sounding, the world will discover a new art Music, Rap
534 125 E 2 moją ideą jest tworzenie muzyki elektronicznej w której mogę wyrazic swoje uczucia przy czym wzbudzić uczucia odbiorców MUZYKA,uczucia Polish
Translation: my idea is to create electronic music in which I can express my own feelings and impose these feelings in the audience Music, feelings
535 125 E 3 to co robicie jest zajebiste, jestem zadowolony że mogę tej wiedzy doświadczać i korzystać z niej w celu rozwijania siebie. wiedza,doświadczenie Polish
Translation: the thing you do is awesome, I am happy, I can benefit and use this knowledge in order to develop myself knowledge, experience
536 125 E 4 jak do tej pory zauważyłem małą liczbę użytkowników korzystających z tej wiedzy użytkownik,przekaz Polish
Translation: as far as now I observed small number of people using this knowledge user, transfer
537 125 E 5 Tomek i przyjaciele nie oporni na wiedze, możemy współpracować Tomek,współpraca Polish
Translation: Tom and friends not immune to the knowledge, we can cooperate Tom, cooperation
469 111 D 1 Una mejor fuente de informacion donde cualquiera podria tener acceso sin preocuparse de la veracidad de este, tendria un impacto positivo en mi opinion. Information, global. Spanish
Translation: A better source of information where anybody could have access without concerning about its truthfulness would have a positive impact in my opinion. Information, global
470 111 D 2 Todos los temas son importantes, pero el conocimiento es algo que merece su atencion, el conocimiento es lo que ha hecho que la humanidad haya llegado hasta aqui, por lo que hay que mejorar el acceso a este y su veracidad. Conocimiento, poder Spanish
Translation: All themes are important but knowledge is something that deserves attention -- Knowledge is what has made humanity come so far, so we have to improve its access and truthfulness. Knowledge, power
471 111 D 3 No, me gusta el sistema que manejan, pero aun hay gente que desconfia de Wikipedia, por lo que hay que mostrarles que no es asi mejorando la veracidad de la pagina. Veracidad Spanish
Translation: No, I like the system you manage but there are still people who distrust Wikipedia, so you have to show them that it is not improving the page veracity. Veracity
472 111 D 4 Mejorar la monitorizacion de las ediciones de los articulos o las personas quienes lo hacen. Monitorizacion Spanish
Translation: Improve the monitoring of articles editions or the people who make these. Monitoring
473 111 D 5 Supongo que con especialistas sobre un tema en particular, para mejorar articulos, actualizarlos, corregirlos y brindarles a los demas una informacion mas precisa. Especialistas Spanish
Translation: I suppose with specialists who improve, update and correct articles on a particular topic, and giving other articles more accurate information. Specialists
425 102 D 1 Herkese açık, tartışmaya açık, bedava ve özgür bilgi bugün olduğu gibi 2030'da da zamanın ruhuna hizmet edecektir. güvenilir, test edilebilir Turkish
Translation: Free knowledge which is open to discussion and available to everyone would serve the spirit of time in 2030 as well as today. reliable, triable
426 102 D 2 Wikimedia'nın hayatta kalıp daha çok insana hizmet edebilmesinin ön koşulu güvenilirliğidir. Turkish
Translation: Reliability is the precondition of Wikimedia survive and serve even more people.
427 102 D 3 Eğer iş bölümü gönüllüler ile doğru ve eğlenceli şekilde paylaşılabilirse gerek kalmayabilir. iş bölümü Turkish
Translation: It may not be necessary (?) if work could be divided between the volunters accurately and in an entertaining way division of work
428 102 D 5 Tartışmalı konularda tartışmanın iki yanını da temsil edebilecek güvenilir, uluslararası kuruluşlar bulmak önemli. güvenilir, uluslararası Turkish
Translation: It's important to find reliable international organizations(?) for representing both sides of the controversary in controversial subjects. Reliabla, international
410 99 D 1 graddau gwell ysgolion,gwybodaeth Welsh
Translation: better marks school, information English
411 99 D 2 iawn da, wych Welsh
Translation: good good, great English
412 99 D 3 mwy o ddewisiadau iaith mwy,pobl Welsh
Translation: more language options more, people English
413 99 D 4 ddim yn gwybod ddim,gwybod Welsh
Translation: don't know not, know English
414 99 D 5 llywodraeth Cymru llywodraeth,Cymru Welsh
Translation: Welsh Government government, Welsh English
596 150 C 5 * Evoluaj organizoj, ĥaritoj: Tiuj organizoj helpas provizi strukturon kaj eduki homojn kiel ĝin uzi. Ili povas uzi ekzemploj de vikimediaj projektoj por instrui homojn. Por provizi scion ili povas disdoni Kiwix aparatojnkaj OLPC.; * Subtenantoj de lingva kaj kultura diverseco, do ofte pri / en minoritata lingvo / kulturo: Tiuj organizoj ŝatas vaste distribui materialojn en / pri sia lingvo / kulturo. Eblas ili subteni por instigi siajn aktivulojn al uzado de vikimediaj projektoj por tia distribuado. evoluo, minoritatoj Esperanto
Translation: Development organizations, the charities: These organizations help to provide structure and to educate people how to use it. They can use examples of Wikimedia projects to teach people. In order to provide knowledge they can distribute Kiwix devices and OLPC.
  • Supporters of linguistic and cultural diversity, so often about / in minority language / culture: Those organizations like to widely distribute materials in / on their language / culture. Not them to support to encourage their activists to usage of Wikimedia projects by such distribution.
development, minorities
597 150 C 2 * Tiu ĉi temo havas grandan potencialon por multobligi atingon de nia misio por disvastigi kvalitan liberan scion al ĉiuj homoj.; * Ni povas imagi la atingo de nia scio per 2-dimensia matrico: je la akso X estas kvalito (inklude de kvalito de komunumo, teĥnologio, respekto por niaj informoj kaj engaĝiĝo kun eduka ekosistemo) kaj je la akso Y kvanto de homoj al kiuj servas nia scio. Ni povas multe peni por pligrandigi kvaliton kaj plibonigos atingojn de dekoj da elcentoj; sed ni povas (multe) peni por plibonigi tutmondecon de nia movado kaj ni pligrandigos atingojn kelkoble.; *Ankaŭ grave, fokusiĝante al komunumoj kiuj ĝis nun ne multe utiligas nian scion, ni helpos demokratigi distribuon de scion, dum fokusiĝo al aliaj temoj pligrandigos la abismon inter modernaj komunumoj kaj tiuj evoluiĝantaj. efikeco, demokratiigo Esperanto
Translation: This theme has great potential for multiply achievement of our mission to spread quality free knowledge to everyone.
  • We can imagine the reach of our knowledge by a 2-dimensional matrix, on the axis X is quality (including quality of community, technology, respect for our information and engagement with educational ecosystem) and at the axis Y number of people to whom serves our knowledge. We can much try to extend quality and improve profits by tens of per cent; but we can (much) strive to improve globalness of our movement, and we will expand profits several times.
  • Also importantly, making focus to communities that until now not much use our knowledge, we will help democratize distribution of knowledge, while making focus to other subjects will increase the gap between modern communities and those developing.
effectivenes, democratization
598 150 C 4 Mi aldonos mian personan sperton: Mi laboras (aŭ almenaŭ estas en kontakto) en vikimedia movado en kelkaj lingvoj. Ĉiam kiam mi provas kuraĝigi homojn al partopreno en internacia movado mi ricevas respondon, ke tio estas "tiu anlgalingva komunumo" kaj homoj bezonas transiri la baron de la fremda lingvo. Specife forta tio estas rilate al internaciaj / regionaj renkontiĝoj. Pluraj homoj diris al mi, ke ili pripensus veni al konferenco, se ĝi estus en lingvo pli facila por ili ol estas la angla. Mi mem, kvankam kapablas paroli en la angla, sentas min ne komforta parolante tiun lingvon kaj mi jam evitis laboron en iu strukturoj, ekz. la Lingva Komisiono, ankaŭ pro tiu kialo. facileco, engaĝiĝo Esperanto
Translation: I will add my personal experience: I work (or at least are in contact) in Wikimedia movement in a number of languages. Always when I try to encourage people to participation in an international movement I get a response that it is "that English language community" and people need to cross the barrier of the foreign language. Specifically strong it is in relation to international / regional meetings. Several people told me that they would consider to come to a conference, if it would be in a language easier for them than it is English. I myself, although able to speak in English, feel not comfortable speaking that language and I have avoided a work in some structures, eg. the Language Commiittee, also because of this reason. easyniess, engagement
599 150 C 1 Ni ege helpos al demokratiigo de scio kaj eduko. Parte pre tio, ke ni helpos al homoj de tuta mondo ricevi informojn al kiuj ili antaŭe tute ne havis aliron. Tamen, parte pro tio, ke ni disponigos la scion kaj edukon en lingvo, kiun tiuj homoj sensas "sia propra" - kiel diris Nelson Mandela: "Se vi parolas al homo en lingvo kiun li komprenas, tio iras al lia kapo. Se vi parolas al li en lia lingvo, tio iras al lia koro." Tio estas forta afero pri edukado, ĉar faciligas al homo integri la novan scion per raciaj kaj ankaŭ emocia inteligenteco. Tia, pli vasta, kompreno de la informo helpos al homo memorigi la informon kaj sekve transformi sian pensmanieron. Ĝis nun ni koncentriĝis pri provizado de eduko per la okcidenta maniero kun fokuso al okcidentaj lingvoj; nun kiam fokuso pli iras al novaj komunumoj, ni devas utiligi plian manierojn por plifaciligi akcepton de la scio. Se ni, kiel movado, provizas sociajn strukturojn por tutmonda socia ŝanĝo, ni adaptu la enhavon kaj ankaŭ la formon al tute mondo. Tio devas inkludi ankaŭ strukturojn por tutmonda partopreno en la organizita vikimedia movado por homoj, kiu denaske ne parolas okcidentan lingvon. akcepto, lingvo Esperanto
Translation: We greatly help the democratization of knowledge and education. Partially because that we will help the people of all the world to receive information to which they previously had no access. However, in part because to the fact that we will provide the knowledge and education in a language which these people perceive "their own" - as said Nelson Mandela: "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you speak to him in his language, that goes to his heart." This is a strong thing about education, because makes it easy for a man to integrate the new knowledge through rational and emotional intelligence. So, more extensive, understanding of the information will help people to remember the information, and therefore to transform his way of thinking. So far we have concentrated on provision of education by the Western way with a focus to western languages; now that focus go more to new communities, we have to take advantage of additional ways to make it easier acceptance of the knowledge. If we, as a movement, provides social structures for global social change, we adapt the content and the form to a whole world. This must also include structures for global participation in the organized Wikimedia movement for people who natively speak not Western language. acceptance, language
647 138 A 2 Ecología, Cambio Climatico, civilización Sustentable, Prevenir enfermedades con Salud, organización de los desechos, Temperatura corporal saludable, Spanish
Translation: Ecology, climate change, sustainable civilization, prevent diseases with health (sic) Organization of waste, Healthy body temperature (sic)
648 138 A 4 la organización correcta de los deshechos para evitar basura mi propia organización en videos y canciones Spanish
Translation: The correct organization of waste to avoid garbage (sic) my own organization in videos and songs (sic)
649 138 A 1 Mi tema es Ecología y Medicina Natural Preventiva importante en el mundo actual. Ecología, Medicina Natural Preventiva, Spanish
Translation: My theme is ecology and natural preventive medicine which is important in the current world (sic) Ecology, natural preventive medicine (sic)
650 138 A 5 no entiendo bien la pregunta en inglés. soy partner certificada en youtube soy autora de libros, canciones, poemas, Spanish
Translation: I don't understand the question in English. I'm certified partner on YouToube (sic) I'm author of books, songs, poems (sic)
651 138 A 3 yo comencé el año 1974, y en youtube en 2009 mi trabajo es musical educativo, videos Spanish
Translation: I started in 1974 and I'm on youtube since 2009 (sic) My work is educational music and videos (sic)

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