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Berlin Strategy Workshop German language Wikipedia community
The conference room of Wikimedia Deutschland The Workshop - The Findings
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) in-person discussion
# of participants in this discussion 13 community members


On Saturday, the 8th of April 2017, a workshop was held at the offices of Wikimedia Deutschland in Berlin. 13 members of the German language community discussed from 10:00 am 3:30 pm about the strategy process. They had travelled to Berlin from all parts of Germany, one attendant even came to the workshop from the Netherlands. First we collected ideas with the following questions in mind:

  • What do we want to build or achieve together over the next 15 years?
  • What do we have to do to achieve our goals within the next 15 years?
  • Which impact should our projects have on society and politics within the next 15 years?

Dozens of ideas were collected. From these we voted for four ideas that were discussed in more detail.

What do we want to build or achieve together over the next 15 years?Edit

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
1 Targeted services such as Klexikon or encyclopaedias especially for the elderly, teenagers or experts. Targeted encyclopaedias
2 The emancipatory of sharing knowledge. Wikipedia represents openness for new generations. sharing knowledge, openness
3 I am against this question robot that someone once wanted. Wikipedia is more than just answers, it leads to knowledge. knowledge
4 What is important is legal certainty, because the internet is more commercialized than it used to be, as we can see from waves of cease-and-desist letters, cease-and-desist letters because of missing legal notices of websites. There should still be freedom of panorama in 15 years, in the whole of Europe and beyond. We should do more lobbying, for example in parliaments. legal certainty, freedom of panorama, lobbying
5 Bigger coalitions for photography releases, a legal framework, for example for GLAM cooperations. legal framework
6 Gender justice in Wikipedia and its sister projects and structures, in general. The question of gender inclusion. Gender justice
7 Specific tools for helping Wikipedians teach media competence in their surroundings, for example the Attribution Generator. tools, media competence, Attribution Generator
8 Badge, honorary benefit cards for Wikipedians. Free access to museums. honorary benefit cards, free access to museums
9 We should have different skins for our Wikis, for example for read-only. Skins

What do we have to do to achieve our goals within the next 15 years?Edit

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
10 We have to think about what Wikipedians can do that would like to stay out of the Wikimedia institutions and what those can do that want to get involved with the Wikimedia institutions. Engagement
11 In 15 years: we can achieve more if we still have volunteers, active members that don't necessarily have to have a Wiki background, that transport our indeas into society. Without this our core of active participants stays small and limited. volunteers
12 We should have a magazine for donors. Greenpeace has something like that. magazine
13 The Fellow program should have been organized differently. The community got informed too late. There was no way to participate before the cooperation started. In my opinion we should have more open acess, but done together (chapter and community). Fellow program, informing
14 To terminate the school project was a big mistake. school project
15 Transparency is not a goal in itself. Responsibility comes with decision and accomplishment. transparency
16 The Culture of Failure. Failing should be allowed. Some people are reluctant because they are afraid of criticism. The projects of volunteers should be allowed to fail, as well as the projects of chapters. culture of failure
17 Examples of best practices. best practices
18 Chapter and user groups only have a small amount of members. But what about the parts of the community that are not members? How are they represented? We need a culture that take this into account. representation
19 Allow gray zones of grants/support for let's say 20 percent of the grants. gray zones of grants

Which impact should our projects have on society and politics within the next 15 years?Edit

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
20 Our projects should be models for more Wikimedia Wikis. model
21 Wikimedia Wikis should be appreaciated hubs in the network of the transfer of knowledge, not as a unique feature, but as a part of the whole. appreaciated hubs
22 As of now we almost have a monopoly by many. Wikipedia should be seen as port of call, but they should have awareness that they have to look further for information. monopoly, looking further
23 To enable more people to use Wikipedia on a high level as recipients. recipients
24 It would be great if Wikipedia would still extist in 2030 as it is today. And preferrably with a focus on text, not as multimedia or structured data. Past examples of multimedia in encyclopaedias have shown not to be successfull. Our strength is text. text, not multimedia
25 Awareness of the traditional strenghts of encyclopaedia as a text type. text
26 Wikipedia as the first point of call (we already reached that). first point of call
27 The quality of Wikipedia should have a wider distribution. Too many are still sceptical about it. better reputation
28 Free knowledge should be interconnected. We should have a pool of networks of free knowledge. free knowledge

29 Solidarity with other language versionsEdit

Why is this important?Edit

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
30 This is important for a complete presentation of the entire knowledge. knowledge, presentation
31 Language itself does not only contain information but contains knowledge of its own. knowledge, language
32 You can reach people much better in their own language. language, reachability
33 People are much better in contributing and sharing their knowledge in their own language. language, contributing

How do we reach this goal?Edit

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
34 Obstacles: generally a lack of knowledge about Wikimedia projects and their possibilities, lack of technology and access to the internet, traditional knowledge transfer is yet not taken into account sufficiently, no sufficient technical support by WMF in entering non latin script. lack of technology, knowledge transfer
35 Steps: PR campaigns about the sense of free knowledge, workshops such as Train the Trainer to ensure quality for example through deman-oriented capacity and community building. To cooperate with external global partners and affiliates for strengthen affordable access to education and the internet, not only to the Wikimedia projects, because they are only starting points, but to Wikipedia Zero and beyond. Technical support by software development by WMF and affiliates on-site. PR campaigns, free knowledge, workshops, cooperation, software development


Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
36 By 2030, the Wikimedia Foundation and its affiliates and the Wikimedia communities, together with local partners, simplify the access to education and internet, and spread the advantages of free knowledge around the globe. They support in particular the needs of emerging communities to share content on a high quality level, based on the available sources, e.g. through technical support, capacity or community building. emerging communities, simplifiying access

37 Community and Chapter, more transparency, culture of communication, gender-sensitive language, diversityEdit

Why is this important?Edit

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
38 Many sponsoring members have never edited, that is a potential. And we should think about the relaunching of the newspaper/magazine. sponsoring members, magazine
39 Donations come from readers, but how much is spent for buerocracy? buerocracy
40 The difference between donations for Wikipedia and membership fees of supporting members. donations, membership feels
41 Because the donations are generated by the work of the community the community should have a say in how this money is spent. That is important for the motivation of the community. have a say in spending donations

How do we reach this goal?Edit

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
42 Obstacles: The community is made up of many people with diverse opinions; working for the chapters and user groups is time consuming; members of the community are not always interested in the chapter or user groups, being part of a user group (Verein) costs money; (allegedly) no tradition of community participation. One may pose the question, if the "Community" exists at all in a sense, that it can be asked questions. Asking questions
43 Meinungsbilder (opinions asked, a formal procedure for rule making or changing in de.wp) within the community (direct democracy); community elects members as representatives for the chapters and user groups (representative democracy); opinons are asked ad hoc. Asking for opinion through a Meinungsbild about a change in the distribution of grants. grants, asking for opinions


Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
44 By 2030 all members of the communtiy will have an appropriate impression on how money is distributed distribution of money

45 Lobbyism, legal certaintyEdit

Why is this important?Edit

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
46 already today we make essential contributions to news coverage (text as well as pictures), but we only have limited possibilities news coverage
47 press credentials as door opener. No entry without press credentials, for example at German soccer clubs or Austrain Music events. press credentials

How do we reach this goal?Edit

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
48 political representation of interests (lobbying), networking also on lower levels lobbying, networking


Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
49 Wikipedians are legally recognized as equals of journalists recognition

50 Appreaciated hub in the network of the transfer of knowledgeEdit

Wyh is this important?Edit

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
51 because Wikipedia is one of the most important access points for many people access point
52 because working with texts is one of the most important cultural techniques text

Italic text

How do we reach this goal?Edit

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
53 texts will be maintained and if need be further options are added text maintanance
54 Wikipedia as natural element of the planning processes in institutions that provide knowledge (part of normal workflow) Wikipedia in planning processes
55 part of job education (museum education, teacher's training) museum eductation, training teachers
56 this means, that we as volunteers, but also Wikimedia-entities address suitable multipliers on our own (with assistance) suitable multipliers


Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
57 Wikimedia-Wikis should be sustainable partners in a multipolar landscape of knowledge. This conviction hast to be translated into concrete action on all working-levels (operative, tactical and strategic) Mulitpolar, multilevel, sustainablility
58 fostering of competence in dealing with information within the opportunities of digital times fostering competence
59 No cannibalization of other knowledge providers, WP is not a danger to other providers No rivalry