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  • Discussion on Bengali community's skype/hangout groups



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Summary for the discussion:

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
1 To survive and thrive in next 15 years, we should plan both long-term and short-term. Short term plan should include article contest, cross communications, workshops etc. And long term plan should include annual programs by determining the annual target. planning, program
2 Each year, there should be at least one big regional Wiki conference for long term planning, discussions and analyzing the previous works. conference
3 Besides Wikipedia, we should emphasis on promoting other projects. promotion, wikimedia
4 To maintain the tradition and consensus based system in next 15 years, experienced editors should encourage newbies to engage more in policy making process. policy, discussion
5 To run and operate Wikimedia projects smoothly in future, we should also emphasis on developing a strong collaborations method between devs and content contributors. technical, volunteer
6 Currently most people use Wikipedia as a primary information gathering sites. In next 15 years, I'd like to see it as a full reference website for scholars. reference website, scholar
7 In next 15 years, I'd like to see major Universities include Wikipedia in their text books. University, education
8 Would like to see more neutral content and need to more trusting environment within the communities. community, content
9 In the next 15 years, Filling the gander gap in the content should be the priority. Education, equality
10 One user pointed out that, in South Asian region there is no other way but to promote and create awareness about Wikipedia projects. awareness, promotion
11 Wikidata should be the priority in our future plan. Besides that, collaboration among the contributors in a community is important. Wikidata, editors
12 We should work to find a way to reach every student in our local area. student, education
13 We should focus on awareness and organize events such as Wikicamp often. We should also emphasize on the area rather than the capital city. awareness, Wikicamp
14 We should emphasis on the environment of Wikimedia projects and create it more human friendly. Wikimedia projects are created by driving force of enthusiasm and relentless efforts of volunteers, we can't be a corporate organization. environment, org
15 WMF was created to support the communities and it should focus more on that. Organization
16 We should emphasis on increasing the content quality in all Wikimedia projects. To survive and thrive in future we need content which will be rich, unbiased and reliable. content, unbiased
17 We should improve Mobile editing by giving user better software and interface support. Editing, Wikipedia Mobile
18 Though one participant think that we should terminate Wikipedia Zero program because of net neutrality but others emphasis on spending more resources on Wikipedia zero program. Wikipedia zero
19 We should also focus on addressing the problem caused by some zero rated users such as, video piracy in Wikimedia projects. Wikipedia zero, piracy, Vandalism
20 We should emphasis on working with other online communities more closely and we should also analyze our experience we gathered in the past. collaboration, online
21 Students have more free time to contribute so we should focus on collaborating with educational institute and create awareness among students. collaboration, education
22 In future, we should emphasis on contributing to the society and the world by initiating different creative projects such as WLM and WLE. projects
23 We should encourage new editors by inviting them to in person meet up so that they feel connected to the movement. empowerment, communication

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