Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Outreach/Turkish wiki


Who is the community that you are creating this page for? A community may be a project (for example, the French Wikiversity), or a language (for example, all Arabic-language wikis), or a set of languages (for example, all languages spoken in France).

  • Turkish wikipedia

Communication channelsEdit

What are the communication channels that you are planning to use for the discussions? There may be several channels, for example a wiki page and a wiki meetup and a mailing list.

  • Hangout Group
  • Email group
  • Village Pump
  • Personal e-mails


Where will you advertise the discussions and invite participants? You may use several methods, including messages on a "village pump", a site or watchlist notice, a blog post, personal emails and word-of-mouth, etc.

  • Village pumb message
  • Invitation on Hangout group
  • Personnal emails sent to active members

Coordination with other tracksEdit

Are there any affiliates (chapters, user groups) active with that community? If so, you will need to talk with them to coordinate your efforts.