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Superpes15 edit

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  • Personal info: (English)
    Hello everyone! I'm Superpes15, an itwiki sysop, and recently also a metawiki sysop. My activity in WMF projects mainly concerns areas of global interest. I'm indeed also a global renamer and a global sysop/rollbacker. Currently my activity is focused on fighting cross-wiki vandalism/LTA and spammers/spambots, but also assisting with service pages and with renaming. To be honest I don't like to show my flags like badges or to collect them, because I know they're only tools to be used and not certificates of merit, and I place them in this application only to make my experience known to the users who have never met me on wiki.

    Two years ago, in 2021, I had the honour of being part of the Ombuds Commission, a role I tried to carry out with the utmost seriousness and professionalism, and I hope that the users who have been part of it with me have had the same impression. We evaluated the applications of the CU/OS/Privacy/ANPD policies and this has given me experience with policies and CheckUser/Oversight tools. As a member of the OC I worked together with the rest of the team on several cases which also led, in some situations, to WMF actions. We have also resolved some internal issues and ensured that the 2022 commission could start working with few issues. What is publicly seen is only a small part of the work and I have personally dealt with several reports but obviously I cannot provide details of what has been done by a private commission. Unfortunately, during the second part of the term, some important and sudden commitments in RL slowed me down and didn't allow me to be at my best in that part of the year. On meta-wiki I have often translated into Italian, this has allowed me to learn about various policies over the years (including the Stewards policy), and to be able to apply them better and better. I'm also active on IRC in the various Wikimedia channels and you can find me on Discord too (which I only use to read and rarely to write).

    I also use VRTS since I've been a renamer (and currently also for Italian requests and permissions) and I really like answering tickets, because I believe that feeling human support, both in private and delicate matters, is the main thing for those who have a problem. Many requests come from inexperienced users and it's always nice to help those who are beginners. I like to always be transparent and clear diplomatically and politely, and I believe that this can often resolve many disputes, even if unfortunately it’s not always enough in some situations.

    So, in the end, I ask for the opportunity to join the steward team. I think the beauty of this role is that you can work both in a team and privately, discussions with others are very important, and knowing you can count on the opinion and help of other colleagues is essential. As a steward, I would mainly deal with all the areas I have already mentioned, cross-wiki vandalism and LTAs, spambots and open proxies and miscellaneous spam, fulfilling requests on SRG and continuing to do cross-wiki patrolling via IRC and SWViewer. I'd also be active on the meta-wiki request pages (SR(G)P, SRM, etc.) and I’d continue to rename and help small wikis that need it as I've done so far. I'd also help the team processing requests on the steward queue on VRTS. I'd be active for any urgent requests on IRC. In controversial issues, I’d intervene with my opinion, but, obviously, I’d never take a decision against the will of the community or contrary to policies and being a steward wouldn't make me express a more relevant or otherwise different opinion than what I would have as a non-steward user. I think that having served in the OC would make my job, when concerning CU/OS tools and privacy issues, easier. I also believe that being a steward requires flexibility and wisdom that I hope to acquire more and more in my life, also thanks to this experience, if the community will allow me to do it. The choice to apply was not easy at all, I thought about it carefully, and I feel the responsibility of the role, but I'm still ready to do my best. I’m always ready to ask for help, because I know everyone can learn more from others, and I believe that every person we meet leaves us something to learn from, so if I’m elected I'll ask other stewards for help when I have some doubts without acting hastily. My goal is not to have high numbers in statistics as soon as possible, but simply to help the community in my small way, with my work which I always try to do with consciousness and quality although, of course, I'm not perfect, I'll try to limit mistakes as much as possible.

    I’m always available for any questions, and I thank anyone who took 2 minutes of their time to read my (somewhat long) application. Best :)
    Superpes15 (talk) 13:22, 15 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
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