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  • Languages: en, he-2, es-2, zh-2
  • Personal info: (English)
    Hi. I'm DannyS712. I spend a lot of my time dealing with spambots and LTAs, both as a global sysop and as a local sysop on a number of wikis. If you want to know which wikis I have advanced rights on, see my user page here on meta, or my global account info (Special:CentralAuth/DannyS712). Xtools says I have over 2400 edits to Steward requests/Global, where I frequently report accounts and IPs for stewards to lock/globally block.

    I know that stewards often have to deal with sensitive information; I have experience dealing with sensitive information as an OTRS agent, an Oversighter on Wikidata (though I've only been an OS there since December 2020), and as a member of the account creation team on enwiki.

    When I'm online, I can usually be reached on IRC, and #wikimedia-stewards is one of the channels I idle in. I have noticed times when there is an ongoing cross-wiki vandal and no stewards are available, and while this is perfectly understandable (stewards are volunteers) I think it would be beneficial to expand the steward ranks.

    I am a volunteer MediaWiki developer with +2 rights, and if I become a steward I can look for places where stewards' workflow can be improved either via user scripts or improvements to the relevant MediaWiki core/extension code.

    I'm happy to answer questions.
  • Questions: See Stewards/Elections 2021/Questions#DannyS712