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Charitwo edit

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    Hello everyone, I am Charitwo and I've been a contributor for a little over 14 years. I started out in the very beginning with random edits and anti-vandalism work on Wikipedia, where lately I've found myself getting involved with improving bird related articles as needed as I have been a bird owner for a couple years now and it's nice to be involved with content again!

    I've also spent time contributing to various parts of the project including as a local administrator at for the last 7 years and spent a year as freenode staff (directly assisting projects including ours) and then a year as a WMF group contact on IRC under the nickname c where I am still very active helping with channel moderation and access mod duties across several channels including #wikimedia-stewardsconnect and #wikimedia-gsconnect and as a global op maintaining the project wide ban list along with making the current group contacts workload a little easier!

    With the advent of a global pandemic I began working from home in March and found myself with more free time to focus on another aspect of volunteering on-wiki due to the added availability and flexibility of working from home. So I'd like to put my experience back into the community as a steward.

    While my cross-wiki activity on WMF has been sporadic, I do already have extensive experience dealing with cross-wiki spam, vandalism, and long term abuse as a Volunteer Spam Task Force (VSTF) (which is now called SOAP[!?]) member for Wikia/Fandom accumulating over 100K+ global edits on 300K+ wikis over two years with performing an innumerous number of blocks, checkusers, deletions, and oversights. Their policies regarding usage and privacy are not unlike the policies here.

    If elected, my focus will be on teaming up with the existing Stewards in keeping the queues much more manageable. The various queues under Steward requests get backlogged and we can make a bigger impact this year by having a strong, dedicated team. Like others I am available on IRC at the aforementioned channels for any issues that may require immediate attention.

    I hope my longevity with the project, the number of areas of contributed to during that time and my experience with cross-wiki cleanup in general should be sufficient for election in addition to my meeting the all the requirements for candidacy. I look forward to providing the same dedication I've put in other areas of our community into stewardship.
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