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  • Languages: en, es-2
  • Personal info: Hi! I'm Rschen7754, and I began editing the English Wikipedia in March 2005. I became an administrator on the English Wikipedia in December 2005, and am a content contributor, sockpuppet investigations clerk for the CheckUser team, and an Arbitration Committee clerk. I am a part of OTRS, and an administrator and oversighter on Wikidata, and an administrator on the English Wikivoyage. I have played a role in the development of core policies on Wikidata and the English Wikivoyage, promoting both due process and sensible solutions to problems. As my work spanned over more projects, I took an interest in crosswiki affairs, and became an administrator here on Meta as well as a global sysop. My passion is helping people discover the joys of editing multiple projects, as well as improving relations between projects and the greater Wikimedia environment. If elected, I will focus on access management and countervandalism, though I have experience in many other steward areas, such as oversight requests. I can offer high availability in the hours where stewards are currently not very active. I have some understanding of the Spanish language, and am experienced in fighting vandalism and spam in languages that I do not understand through my work on the Small Wiki Monitoring Team. Finally, I believe in communication, collaboration, and transparency between stewards, CheckUsers and oversighters on other wikis, and the community at large, as we all must work together to remain effective in carrying out the mission of Wikimedia, as well as to maintain accountability for our actions. I agree to abide by the relevant policies, and am familiar with them through my work as a SPI clerk and oversighter, as well as making requests to stewards, oversighters, and CheckUsers across Wikimedia.

Questions: See Stewards/Elections 2014/Questions#Rschen7754

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