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Cekli829 (Tərxan Paşazadə) edit

This candidate provided a proof of identity to the Wikimedia Foundation.
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  • Languages: az-N, tr-N, cek-N, kjj-3, crh-3, gag-3, ru-2, en-2, kk-1, tt-1, tk-1 and etc.
  • Personal info: Greetings all. I am Tarkhan Pashazade jachly, from Azerbaijan and origin from Jack village. I’m living in Sumgait city. First time I registered in Wikipedia on 21 December, 2006 as Tərxan Paşazadə. But currently it’s inactive. Afterwards I registered on February 8, 2009 at Azerbaijani Wikipedia in the username of Cekli829. Since March 27, 2009 I have remained an active on wiki projects. My account is active in about 821 sites of project - almost in all of the sites. Generally, I have more than 191 000 editing on the project. Currently I'm a member of at least 14 local groups (sysop/rollbacker/test-admin/reviewer/patroller/rollbacker/editor/etc...) in the wiki-project. I made more than 20 000 sysop actions only on Azerbaijani Wikipedia. I participated to the translation project as well. Especially if you notice, the Turkish Wikipedia Collaborations project, where I was an active participant in this project in 2011, 2012 and I became the winner of the year. I'm also a member of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team. I have a great practice in global struggling against vandalism. I’m initiator and participant of Azerbaijani Wikinews, Khinalig Wikipedia projects in Incubator. One of my biggest contribution from the projects was the Commons project; also Wikidata. Wikiness is my lifestyle. I am busy on wiki projects from 6 to 10 hours in a day. I think wiki projects are the great common human worth. I want to be more helpful in this sphere. That is why I would like to serve as a Wikimedia steward. This is already the fifth time of my candidacy. Actually to be a candidatefor the previous 4 elections was a great experience for me. Thus, further the elections has an important role in the improvement of my activity, forming as a professional wiki... Please support with your voteall ofcandidates who you like! I wish only the useful result. Doubtless if wikisociety will support me, I am ready to assume the responsibility. I hope wikisociety will support and will give me this honorableresponsibility. Because I’m truly and hard working user. You can trust me. Thank you for your consideration!
    Special note: I'm opposed to english domination on WP.
    Additional user pages: Azerbaijani WikipediaTurkish WikipediaCommons
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