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Ajraddatz (Adrian Raddatz) edit

This candidate provided a proof of identity to the Wikimedia Foundation.
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  • Languages: en-ca-N, fr-1
  • Personal info: Hello, I'm Adrian Raddatz. I've been editing Wikimedia since 2009 on the account Adragon111 (made when I was rather young), and more recently on Ajraddatz since 2010. I am active primarily with counter-vandalism at a global level and contributing to Wikidata, where I'm an administrator. I like to volunteer my time in areas where I perceive need. To this end, the majority of my use of the steward tools would be around global anti-spam and counter-vandalism. This includes reverting and globally (b)locking accounts and IPs, and running checkusers as needed on accounts whose pattern of behaviour have indicated that they are in a group of spambots. I've already been active in this area for over three years, including two and a half as a Global Sysop. I would also respond to requests on the steward request pages here on meta; I check meta quite often, so it would be easy for me to address requests of any kind (except requests for the bot flags) as they arise. I fully understand the privacy policy and the policies on CU/OS, and have applied my knowledge in roles as an oversighter on Wikidata, an OTRS volunteer and a former member of enwiki's ACC team. I don't have much local admin experience on Wikimedia, because I started off on Wikia, and moved here after serving as a local admin on a couple of Wikia's larger projects. I've never found a "niche" in the form of a specific wiki to work on until Wikidata was founded in October 2012, and since I've been consistently active there. It should be noted that my lack of local wiki admin experience is more than made up for in my practical experience in steward areas. I've been working with stewards for the last three years, am fully aware of the policies surrounding the use of steward rights, and have seen what those policies look like in action. I am also very good at reading French, though I'm still working on my ability to write and speak in it effectively. In real life I'm a full-time student studying political science in the third year of my undergrad, as well as a reserve officer in the Royal Canadian Navy. As such, my time can sometimes be quite limited, but I'm still active enough to be able to work effectively as a steward. I edit from MST (UTC - 7), and there are often no stewards on when I do the bulk of my editing (2300 - 0400 UTC). Thanks for your consideration, and please, ask lots of questions! Ajraddatz (Talk) 05:45, 21 January 2014 (UTC)[reply]

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