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Stability is a mantra of the Wikimedia Foundation top management: the WMF board demands not to change and the WMF staff asks for the WMF/chapters board members it has to work with to be stable.

Arguments for stability by those in power are only a biological feature of natural preservation and can be safely discounted. When coupled with a disaffection of the electorate,[1] it's just a sign of weakness from a body in desperate lack of legitimacy.

In the case of the Wikimedia Foundation, however, the call for stability also shows a double standard, in that the same persons at the same time denounce the conservatism of the Wikimedia projects community. This blatant contradiction shows that both requests boil down to "We are right and everyone else is wrong, so we must be the same forever and the others must radically change".

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  1. A turnout at WMF board elections decreasing by 50 % from one round to the next. About 99.5 % esteemed abstention.[1]