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Cunningham's Law

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The concept is named after {{w|Ward Cunningham}}, father of the {{w|wiki}}. According to {{w|Steven McGeady}},<tvar|ref-nytimes><ref name="nytimes" /></> the law's author, {{w|Wikipedia}} may be the most well-known demonstration of this law.</translate><tvar|ref-nancy><ref name="nancyfriedman" /></>
Cunningham's Law can be considered the Internet equivalent of the French saying "prêcher le faux pour savoir le vrai" (preach the falsehood to know the truth). In "Duty Calls," {{w|xkcd}} references a similar concept.</translate><ref name="xkcd">{{cite web|url= |title=Duty Calls |publisher=xkcd |date=2008-02-20 |accessdate=2014-03-08}}</ref>
== References == <!--T:4-->
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