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Content Analysis by User:LankiveilEdit

The Somali Wikipedia has had a good start to date, there are decent articles on important Somali people like so:Maxamed Siyaad Barre, and oddly enough, a rather comprehensive looking article on so:Finland. The quality is not consistent though, with what appear to be spam-blighted pages: so:Puntland, and so:Cabdullaahi Yuusuf Axmed. There are also many pages like so:List of international rugby union teams which are basic copy/paste jobs from the English Wikipedia.

Overall, a good start, but more support required to keep spam and inappropriate content out.


First test made by Toira on 25/02/07Edit

Using alt-shift-x (to display a random page) 20 times I got:

  • 07 articles with decent content. [35%]
  • 02 two-line articles. [10%]
  • 06 one-line artices. [30%]
  • 05 with no content (images, titles, or nothing).[25%]