Software management tools

Wikimedia volunteers and other contributors may need some software management tools. This page is a stub trying to summarize a bit, using metrics of interest to volunteers. Every contribution is welcome.

Comparison of software management tools Edit

Here a comparison of software management tools available to Wikimedia volunteers:

Public Tasks[1] Private Tasks[2] Kanban board Useful for non-developers[3] Code hosting FLOSS Provided by WMF
Wikimedia Phabricator Yes Yes[4] Yes Yes Yes[5] Yes Yes
GitLab[6] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No[6]
Wikimedia GitLab No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wikimedia Gerrit No No No No[7] Yes Yes Yes
Kanboard No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No[8]
GitHub Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No[9] No[9]
Trello Yes Yes Yes Yes No No[9] No[9]

Note Edit

  1. Possibility to publish Tasks to users not already registered.
  2. Possibility to create private Tasks (e.g. requesting a private space for your own organization or project).
  3. Some platforms have dedicated tools for non-developers (e.g. for bug reporting or commenting on mockups). Others are definitely geared exclusively towards developers.
  4. mw:Phabricator/Spaces
  5. Repositories are integrated in Wikimedia Phabricator. But note that Wikimedia Foundation uses Phabricator just for code mirroring.
  6. a b This row is about both, and GitLab community-edition self-hosted, but not Wikimedia GitLab.
  7. Gerrit is a code-review platform and it's normal that it's mainly participated by software developers. People who are not interested in the code usually do not visit this platform.
  8. This tool is not provided by Wikimedia Foundation but is adopted in at least one other Wikimedia chapter.
  9. a b c d This service cannot be replicated on your own server using using Free/Libre and Open Source software, nor on Wikimedia Foundation's servers. Moreover visiting this service requires the execution of proprietary JavaScript code on your client-side.