Smart-Servier Edit-a-thon

Smart Servier Edit-a-thon is an edit-a-thon for bringing Smart Servier illustrations to Wikimedia projects. Smart Servier has around 3000 images related to healthcare and medicine shared under CC-BY 2.0 license and hence compatible with Wikimedia projects. These images will be uploaded in batches to Wikimedia Commons.

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Please add structured data to Smart-Servier images using ISA tool.

Where to use these images?Edit

On WikipediaEdit

  • In articles related to medicine, where images are not present
  • As a replacement for existing images in articles where the existing images are low quality, ambiguous or otherwise not representative of the subject
  • In the gallery section, where no similar image exists already
  • Labelled versions of the image can be used for highlighting a particular body structure
  • Images that depict a process can be used in the page related to the process

Simple English WikipediaEdit

Smart-Servier has simple images that depict structures, objects and processes. These images might be suitable for Simple English Wikipedia where simple, easy to understand illustrations are needed.


Smart-Servier collection has representative images of structures, objects and processes which can be of use on Wiktionary for explaining the meanings of words.


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