Shesaid 2023 in the Igbo Community

The SheSaid initiative is driven by Wiki In Africa, Which is a part of the Wiki Loves Women (WLW) project. The #shesaid campaign aims to celebrate and recognize inspirational women throughout Africa by focusing on generating, translating, and improving their presence on Igbo Wikiquote. Through this effort, the WLW initiative advocates for the enrichment and creation of Wikiquote content. The Igbo community actively encourages its members to participate by making contributions to Igbo Wikiquote during the campaign's duration. The SheSaid initiative stands as a noteworthy project that not only celebrates and recognizes women but also actively works towards enriching digital content and promoting diversity and inclusion within the Wikimedia ecosystem.

Shesaid 2023 in the Igbo Community
Join us in Giving Her a Voice!
start-date14 October 2023
end-date18 November 2023
created on03:14, 22 May 2024 (UTC)

The 2022 Igbo community's #Shesaid drive, which was for two weeks, engaged both new and existing participants. After the contest, contributors successfully created a total of 472 new Igbo Wikiquote entries. Looking ahead, the hope is that the 2023 edition will attract and train even more editors, fostering continued growth and participation in this impactful initiative.


Shesaid in the Igbo community is an online event that includes a project launch, and an edit-a-thon which will run from 14th October - 18th November 2023. See details of the project launch below

  • Online launch:Zoom
  • Time: 05:00pm WAT
  • Date: 14th October, 2023

Postcard and Social Media Visuals edit

More about communication can be found here

10 steps to facilitate smooth translation on Igbo Wikiquote

Note: Remember to publish changes to save edits

  1. Click on the name you wish to translate from the provided list.
  2. Verify that the entry is not already available in Igbo, either by checking the 'language tab' or searching on Igbo Wikiquote to confirm its absence.
  3. If the entry is non-existent, click on the red name. Add the {{databox}} template in the provided text box.
  4. Copy the description or lead from the English entry, translate it, and then edit and paste it into the Igbo Wikiquote text box.
  5. Link the name in the description to the Igbo Wikipedia article.
  6. Introduce a heading (Okwu okwuru) and proceed to add quotes in a bulleted list.
  7. Place references under the quotes in an indented format.
  8. After translating and adding all quotes, include a heading (Njikọ mpụga). Under this heading, add templates: {{wikipedia}}, {{commonscat}}, {{DEFAULTSORT: surname, other names}} and the category [[Category:Ụmụ nwanyị]]. (see recording/video for proper guidance)
  9. From the English Wikiquotes entry, click on "add languages," then select 'edit interlanguage links,' and add the sitelink on Wikidata under Wikiquote. (see recording/video). If you are using the Vector legacy skin, click on the languages at the left panel, add igwikiquote as the language, then the page name, then link
  10. Lastly, review the Wikiquote translation to ensure readability and correctness, correcting any errors as needed.

Remember to save your edits by publishing changes.


Prizes edit

Upon the conclusion of the contest, accolades await participants in the form of prizes for top 5 editors, along with consolation prizes for 5 editors. See the Scoresheet for a summary of the Shesaid contest results.

username/ xtool result link number of articles created position notes
Mercyjamb123 411 1st databox and sitelinks required in a few pages
Adimora chidinma 376 2nd some pages need databox, site links and clean up
Ezeone10 145 3rd minor clean up required
Lebron jay 97 4th
Sayvhior 79 5th
Adakaibe 75 6th pages created have not been linked to Wikidata. categories were spelt wrongly ( right spelling is Ụmụ nwanyị
Goodymeraj 60 7th category clean up and adding few databox and sitelinks template
Akwugo 23 8th
Mmesoma18 18 9th
Love4sure 10 10th databox and sitelinks required
Bibisuccess 8 no databox, sitelinks and minor clean up required in some pages
Chrysella 6 minor clean up
Obojoyuko 5 sitelinks and databox required in some pages
Timzy D'Great 4
Viva33 2 category editing and clean up required
Iwuala Lucy 1
Total 1320