Selet Wiki-School - IT Biler forum 2019/Report/Reda Kerbouche

Event Name edit

Selet school IT Biler forum 2019

My Input edit

At the session the 1st day

I was the first speaker at the forum, I did an introductory course on Wikipedia with a bit of history, followed by a game called WikiLinks. Where each team has an article of departure, on which it is necessary to click to arrive on another article determined by me.

After my session, I am invited to make a brief interview about the event. I took pictures of the place that I will put on commons.

Participant Connections edit

Because I have participated in several conferences, I did know the majority of participants and met them before. I made, however, a number of new connections that were very interesting and useful.

  • Abdullah Khamidulin - An active Tatar language user, who speaks the Arabic language. a potential speaker during future Wiki Arabia
  • Farhad Fatkullin - We talked about a possible creation of a thematic affiliation in Tatarstan. and about minority languages in north Africa and in Russia federation.
  • Stas Kozlovsky - We talked about a possible creation Moscow and Saint-Petersburg user groups.
  • Vladimir Medeyko - We talked About my future participation in the Russian conferences and about a cooperation between our team and all the affiliations in Russian Federation. And about the Wikimedia strategy movement.
  • Amir Aharoni - We talked about the starting and the future of the Wiktionary in Tacawit who is still in the Wikimedia Incubator.

Outcome edit

  • Sharing my experience with Timerkhan Shaikhutdinov about the conference programme.
  • Creating 3 new articles in my session in Russian by kids.
  • Choosing with Vladimir Medeyko & Stas Kozlovsky a Cover for the book that they created from a contest that they organized

Photos edit