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For free participation in the Olympiad you need:

To get acquainted with this Regulation of the Olympiad and choose ONE nomination for participation (clause 5.5 of the Provision). Perform olympiad tasks to choose from:

- on individually or as part of a team (using studios, remixes and backpacks),

- on a personal computer for individual participants.

Perform the olympiad task in the best possible way within the framework of the chosen nomination, focusing on one's own design and assessment criteria (p.8)

The submission of applications and the download of the Olympiad works on the site. The reactor will be launched separately with the following dates:

The current schedule of the Olympiad with a probability of 99% is as follows - January-February - loading of works of a regional tour (if there are regions that will come out for such a tour), March-April is an international tour with separate start as last year. April - May - review of works and announcement of winners

Timing and deadlines (start of work loading - deadline - announcement of winners)

Primary school (grades 1-4, Nomination "World" and "Visiting the writer and poet") 04.03 - 08.04 - 13.05

Primary School (grades 5-9, Nomination "Knowledge", "Games") 11.03 - 15.04 - 20.05

High school, students and teachers (Nominations "STREAM-project", "Career Guidance Project", "Pedagogical Project") 18.03 - 22.04 - 27.05

  A webinar will be held for the participants of the Olympiad in November 2018, where you can get answers to questions related to the evaluation of the Olympiad works. Register for the webinar

You can follow the news of the Olympiad in our group of ROOBO Academy in WhatsApp messenger

You can ask questions to the organizing committee in our group Questions ScratchOlimp in the messenger WhatsApp. Frequently asked questions will be posted on the Olympiad page.