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  • Is this the same app install ID used for other actions or is it meant to be unique to the saved pages funnel? Does it make a difference to analytics? Is it meant to be a session token or a persistent per-install token?
  • What do 'editattempt', 'editrefresh', 'editafterrefresh' mean exactly?
  • Do 'update' and 'import' represent single user actions or per-page progress in a potentially large data set?

Android code has some comments in it, tracking them down:

// This means the user explicitly chose to save a new saved pages
no comments but placement indicates it's used after pushing refresh button on an individual page view of a page that is saved
no comments but placement indicates it's used once for each individual item during the import process.
on individual deletion
seems to .... trigger when hitting the edit pencil on a page that was _last loaded_ from saved pages, but not if it's a saved page loaded through other means. Is this correct?
I don't really understand this. There seems to be some warning dialog about needing to refresh? What's this mean exactly?
.... seems to indicate we continued through past the refresh warning? Huh?

--brion (talk) 21:03, 17 July 2014 (UTC)

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