Sahya Digital Conservation Foundation

The Sahya Digital Conservation Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of open-data initiatives related to the whole of India and its geographical territories. The foundation is committed to utilizing technology and community engagement to foster transparency, accountability, and efficiency in government and various institutions.

One of its central initiatives is the Open Data Kerala (ODK), which aims to curate and publish data related to Kerala and Malayalam under the Open Data Licenses and promoting freedom to information for one and all.



The primary mission of the Sahya Digital Conservation Foundation is to create a sustainable future for all by leveraging technology and open data. The foundation envisions a society where access to information empowers individuals, improves governance, and drives positive social and economic change.

Open Data Kerala (ODK) Project


This initiative is dedicated to advancing open-data projects in Kerala. Through collaboration with the community and various stakeholders, the ODK Project seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Open Data Initiatives: The ODK Project actively collects, organizes, and disseminates open data related to Kerala's socio-economic, cultural, and environmental aspects. By making this data publicly accessible, the community aims to facilitate research, informed decision-making, and innovative applications.
  • Community Engagement: Recognizing the power of collective effort, the ODK Project encourages active participation from the community, including researchers, developers, policymakers, and citizens. This engagement fosters the creation of localized solutions and encourages a sense of ownership over the data and its applications.


  • Map Kerala Portal - A open Geospatial Map Data of Kerala by the community by making use of data from Wikidata, Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap. [1]

Kerala Biodiversity Monitoring Network


KBMN is Open Initiative by SDCF as a Collective of Peoples and Communities For #Biodiversity Monitoring and #CitizenScience. Generating, Standardizing and Maintain the Biodiversity Informatics of Westernghats and Kerala as Open Access/Public Domain for Research, Conservation and Education in Society[2] more Wikimedia Related things are at Kerala Biodiversity Monitoring Network

Impact and Recognition


The Sahya Digital Conservation Foundation's Open Data Kerala Project has gained significant recognition and support for its pioneering efforts. By providing data-driven insights and tools, the project has contributed to evidence-based policy formulation, improved public services, and a more transparent administration.

Achieving Transparency, Accountability, and Efficiency


The Sahya Digital Conservation Foundation firmly believes that open data has the potential to revolutionize governance and institutional effectiveness. By advocating for transparency, fostering accountability, and enhancing efficiency through data-driven insights, the foundation aspires to drive positive change and contribute to a more prosperous and equitable society.

Through its multifaceted initiatives and commitment to technological innovation, the Sahya Digital Conservation Foundation exemplifies the transformative power of open data and community collaboration in the digital age.


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