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Responses to How to Build Wikipedia
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Make Big Plans on Wikipedia edit

If a mailing list is to be used, it should be better incorporated with the Wikipedia interface. This can be technological or cultural; for example, there could be Wikipedia pages which summarize (for current interest and for posterity) mailing list discussions.

The latter suggestion requires work to put into effect. If you want to do that work, what results might perhaps be useful to some people who can't be bothered to join Wikipedia-l.
Beyond that, I'm not sure what else needs to be done. Maybe more links to Wikipedia-l on relevant pages; yes? If so, feel free to add 'em!
With power comes responsibility. I can't afford to do a lot of work on a project whose outcome I can't really trust. For example, I know that my work on Wikipedia pages is protected by the GFDL--if Wikipedia gets corrupted (in my opinion) then the work will still be safe. I can't know the same is true about the Wikipedia system, in the parts that can't really be (or aren't) GPL'ed. --TheCunctator
We (and Richard Stallman) disagree with you that the license can't be used to impose this requirement. Please see Wikipedia-L :-), where this has been discussed and can be discussed further. Archives are here. --LMS
What requirement? Are you talking about the HTML table link? Where did Stallman weigh in? --TheCunctator