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Wednesday, January 22ndEdit

Today, I'm replicating my funnel analysis for English Wikipedia. The goal here is to get a sense for the scale of users who make it to various parts of the funnel and how that have been changing over time.

Article creation funnel (enwiki). The relative proportion of new editors is plotted by where they land in the draft article creation funnel.

Check out the dip in the proportion of page creators who create article pages that occurs in 2011. This is about the time that AfC started to pick up steam. I wonder if that could explain the change.

It could be that AFC is just filtering out all of the crap before it makes it to the main namespace. Do we see a similar dip if I look only at articles that "survive"?

Surviving article per new page creator. The number of surviving articles per newcomer page creator is plotted with loess fits before and after AfC's era began in Feb. 2011.

Indeed we do. It appears that newcomer page creators are getting fewer good article published after 2011. It would be nice if I could show the growing use of AfC on the same timescale.

AfC drafts created per month. The monthly count of AfC drafts created by newcomers (<= 1 month since registration) is plotted for the English Wikipedia.

There we go. The trend looks pretty clear now. --Halfak (WMF) (talk) 00:12, 23 January 2014 (UTC)

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