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Monday, May 30, 2016Edit

Wikilabels down time post-mortemEdit

Wikilabels was unable to do these following issues in the past ten days (from commit e42885d812b2b30002534257dde63230c6933405 until 6ca744ccc2007f7ec94aa0a27eabc810b4d935ba)

  • For people who were using the Wikilabels js from meta (and not using the loader from the server). It wasn't possible to do any write actions. I didn't have access to copy-paste the new wikilabels to Aaron's subpage thus I skipped this step. Won't happen again.
  • Authentication wasn't possible at all. In other words, requests to wasn't being accepted due to lack of cookies. It got solved in 08aadf590d79ba1d2b9455d24ddfe64355a1ae0b
  • Assigning tasks wasn't possible. It got solved in [1]
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