Research talk:Hovercards

Metrics edit

Jared: knew from day 1 that this feature will decrease pageviews (similar to MediaViewer)
look at engagement metric instead of pv metric
see whether increase in engagement offsets decrease in pvs
Lila: how do we measure?
Jared: how often opening hovercard, clicking links, accidental hovercard views, opt-outs
Damon: noting trace of hovercards is going to be really important for understanding reader behavior/information needs
Jared: decrease in pvs will mean less displays of FR banners
Lila: are we measuring time spent on site?
Jared: looking into that, but not yet
Erik: note that Hovercards are a desktop only experiment so far

(from Wikimedia_Foundation_metrics_and_activities_meetings/Quarterly_reviews/Analytics,_UX,_Team_Practices_and_Product_Management,_April_2015)
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