Research Committee/Meetings/Meeting 2011-06-30

Date: Thursday 30 June 2011, 12pm-1.30pm (PDT) (check your timezone)
Notes and minutes etherpad:RCom201106


  • Dario (DT), hosting
  • Steven Walling at work (SW)
  • Goran Milovanović (GM) I have joined the RCom a few weeks ago, so I will be attending the meeting for the first time. I see the forthcoming meeting as an opportunity to familiarize better with the way we are expected to contribute here.
  • Millosh (MR)
  • EpochFail (AH)
  • Diederik (DvL)
  • denny (DV)
  • Dana (DI)
  • John Riedl (JR)

75% sure:

  • Mayo Fuster (MF): On the 30th I will be attending the Open Knowledge Conference at Berlin ( I plan to attend the Rcom meeting, but needs to check hotel provides me a phone where to be called. I have an Spanish mobile phone, but it would be very expensive to recieve calls being outside Spain. I will have Internet access. In any case, I am trying to find a solution with Dana. --Lilaroja 11:27, 26 June 2011 (UTC)
  • I may have to be called in - currently away from home and my mobile broadband is getting a poor signal where I am.


Research IndexEdit

Data sharing policyEdit

Summary of current discussion on access/publication of data from Wikimedia projects including:

Data publication plans for WMF projects

Use of CentralNotice for subject recruitmentEdit

Triggered by this request:

  • Implications for the future
  • Alternative: omnibus survey

Handling of support requestsEdit

Possibility of using OTRS to handle WMF support requests