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Wikistats Metrics | EditorsEdit

The count of editors with one or more edits, including on redirect pages. The metric can be split and filtered by Editor Type, Page Type, and Activity Level[1]. Splitting by Activity Level measures the number of editors grouped by how many edits they made in a given month. (Note that this includes IP addresses.) Wikistats referred to Active Editors, for example, as people who made 5 or more edits per month. To get this number, you can look at all activity levels except the 1..2 level. For Very Active Editors, which was the term used for people making 10 or more edits, you can look only at the 10.. activity level.

Editors from Russia are explicitly removed from the statistics.

Deletion DriftEdit

The original Wikistats did not count edits if the page they were made on was deleted. We are doing the same thing in Wikistats 1 as of April 2020[2], which means you may see metric totals shifting over time (as pages are deleted). We're working on a way to optionally include activity on deleted pages with a filter, which would keep the totals the same but the split between deleted/active revisions shifting over time. This would apply to edits, editors, activity levels, etc. Stay tuned as we work on adding this functionality.

  1. Common Terms
  2. Before April 2020, most metrics were not counting deleted revisions, but the Editors one did.


Date Change
April 2020 Don't take into account deleted revisions in Editors metric computation (100% drop for identified users)