Research:Wikipedia clickstream top referrers

This page documents a research project in progress.
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Research question edit

Based on the January 2015 clickstream dataset collected by User:Ewulczyn_(WMF) and User:DarTar, who are the top referrers to articles?

Findings edit

Graph edit


Data edit

referrer referrer type pages referred
google non-Wikipedia 1,583,259,420
no referrer / direct non-Wikipedia 1,039,046,444
other referrers non-Wikipedia 83,229,300
bing non-Wikipedia 64,541,790
yahoo non-Wikipedia 49,076,867
twitter non-Wikipedia 22,542,335
facebook non-Wikipedia 2,600,140
other Wikimedia sites non-Wikipedia 224,330
total non-Wikipedia 2,844,520,626
non-English Wikipedias & enwiki talk pages Wikipedia 99,615,154
Main Page Wikipedia 25,077,576
other English wikipedia articles Wikipedia 1,074,479,259
total Wikipedia 1,199,171,989
total all referrers 4,043,692,615