Research:Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia Editor Survey 2013

Indonesian Wikipedia / Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia (WBI) Editor Survey 2013 is a survey held in 2013 by Wiki-ID community. The questionnaire was distributed primarily through WBI's site notice and WBI's Facebook fanpage between 13 August 2013 and 30 September 2013. Several insights that were gathered will be used as a basis to promote Wikipedia and its community of volunteers.

Survey methodEdit

Link to the questionnaire was distributed through WBI's site notice and WBI's Facebook fanpage, starting from 13 August 2013 to 30 September 2013. The respondents were divided into two groups: those who have an account in Wikipedia and those who don't. A total of 468 responses were collected and then filtered by removing duplicates and invalid responses, reducing the number to 439 responses.

Purposes and resultsEdit

This new survey will answer two key questions:

  1. What is the demographic profile of contributors? (age, gender, education, employment, and basic readership information)
  2. Why they contribute to Wikipedia? And why they don't?

From this survey, several insights are gathered:

  1. 90% of WBI contributors are male
  2. Most of them are under 21 years old
  3. Most of them live in the island of Java
  4. Indonesian Wikipedians made their account because they are interested to do voluntary activity
  5. Most of readers don't know that Wikipedia is a voluntary project
  6. Indonesian Wikipedians access the website at night from their dwellings
  7. Location is the main factor that discourage new users to attend Wikipedia events
  8. Most of them want to donate fund to Wikipedia
  9. Most of them feel that WBI's administrator is friendly and that the quality of the articles in WBI is good

Profile of Indonesian WikipediansEdit

90% of WBI contributors are male

There is a great gender disparity in the Indonesian Wikipedia: 83% visitors of WBI are male. This disparity is even greater in registered user data: 90% registered users are male, while only 7% are female.

Sex Registered users
Male 366 83% 90%
Female 64 15% 7%
Choose not to disclose 9 2% 3%

Most Indonesian Wikipedians are students, 21 years old, and have a high-school diploma

40% of Indonesian Wikipedians stated high-school diploma as their highest level of education attained. 63% of them is students and 17% private employees. More than 50% Wikipedians are 21 years old. About 38% is under 18, and 24% is 18 to 21 years old.

Age Registered users
<18 years old 146 33% 38%
18-21 years old 106 24% 24%
22-34 years old 124 28% 25%
35-50 years old 106 12% 12%
>50 years old 10 2% 2%
Highest education level attained Registered users
Elementary school 23 5% 12%
Junior high-school 65 15% 14%
Senior high-school 194 44% 40%
Bachelor's degree 133 30% 29%
Master's degree 17 4% 4%
Doctoral degree 7 2% 2%
Job Registered user
Students 258 59% 63%
Private employee 84 19% 17%
Public servant 27 6% 7%
Entrepreneur 46 10% 9%
Other 24 5% 4%
Most live in Java

More than 60% of respondent live in Java -- 33% of all respondents live in Java megapolitan area (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tanggerang, and Bekasi). Only 1% live in the eastern part of Indonesia (Maluku and Irian Islands).

Behavior of Indonesian WikipediansEdit

Respondents are motivated to register an account because they want to do a voluntary activity

From the survey, we know that "to do a voluntary activity" is the main reason that motivated the respondent to sign up and contribute for Wikipedia. The result is consistent with the global survey that was held by Wikimedia Foundation in 2011. The difference is that Indonesian Wikipedian does not sign up because they want to share their knowledge or skill, but simply because they like the subject and they want to write about it. In other words, Indonesian Wikipedians don't write based on expertise, but rather based on interest.

Reason for starting to contribute Indonesia Global (2011)
Percentage Percentage Ranking
Like the idea of volunteering to share knowledge 18% 69% 1
Wanted to demonstrate my knowledge to wider audience 13% 28% 5
Saw an error and wanted to fix it 13% 29% 4
Wanted to learn new skill 11% 64% 2
Wanted to see whether anyone could edit 11% 12% 7
Wanted to participate in a discussion on Wikipedia 10% 10% 8
Know a lot about a subject that was poorly covered 9% 27% 6
Saw red link/noticed article was missing 9% 50% 3
Friends, family, or colleagues contribute to Wikipedia 2% 4% 9
Assigned to edit for school or work 2% 2% 10

Most don't know that Wikipedia is written by volunteers

The survey indicates 53% of the respondents don't know that Wikipedia is written by volunteers. 51% of the respondents even don't know if Wikipedia can be written and changed by everyone. Based on follow up interview sessions, visitors of WBI think that Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia is written by paid employees.

When they were asked "Why don't you make an account in Wikipedia?", 21% of the respondents said that the main reason is because they don't know if Wikipedia can be edited by everyone, 25% said that they just don't know how to sign up. Based on follow up interview sessions, visitors can't see the word "sign up" at the top of the page.

Indonesian Wikipedian like to contribute from their home computer, at night

The survey shows that Wikipedians visit Wikipedia for more than 30 minutes when they are home from 17pm to 22pm. It's possible that they usually visit Wikipedia after they have finished all of their daily activities, which is supported by the fact that they use their home computer to edit.

Location and time schedule become two main reasons why Indonesian Wikipedians don't come to Wikipedia training/workshop

The survey shows that 40% of the respondents don't come to Wikipedia training/workshop because of location factor. The fact that most of id:WP:KOPDAR meet-up is held in Java might be the reason for this. Users from other islands such as Sumatera and Kalimantan find it difficult to take a long travel only to visit one Wikipedia meet-up.

For Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tanggerang, Bekasi (JABODETABEK) megapolitan area, the main reason why they don't come to Wikipedia training/workshop is time factor (42%).

Factor All respondents Jabodetabek
Cost 83 26% 24 24%
Location 128 40% 33 33%
Time 106 33% 42 42%
317 99

Most respondents want to donate to Wikipedia

67% of the respondents said that they want to donate funds to Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia. 33% said that they are ready to donate more than Rp.50.000 (approx. $4.5). When we ask the reason why, 26% said that they are willing to do it because they want to join the mission of spreading free knowledge through Wikipedia.

Respondents said that administrators and users of Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia is friendly, and the quality of the articles is good

About 50% of the respondents stated that administrators and users of Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia is friendly. This can be a positive indicator that the atmosphere in Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia is still in a good condition. In terms of article quality, more than 80% of the respondents said that the quality is either good or very good.


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