Research:WikiWomen's Collaborative/Survey

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These results are from an ongoing survey of participants in the WikiWomen's Collaborative.

These results were last updated on January 8, 2012. The total responses as of reporting were 24.

This survey was promoted via social media and Wikimedia project talk pages.

General overviewEdit

  • Majority of respondents are regular contributors (were contributing before Collaborative)
  • Majority work in English projects.
  • Only 5 respondents said they participated/utilized the meta page.
  • Majority read or like content, rather than choosing to participate through discussion on both Twitter and Facebook.
  • About half of the participants answered calls to action.
  • Majority of participants read the blog
  • Majority of respondents felt that the Collaborative makes them feel more connected to the community, more connected to women in the community, makes them more likely to edit, and more aware on how they can help close the gender gap.
  • 13 respondents provided their usernames. The Collaborative launched in September. These respondents edited Wikipedia more than they ever had before, starting in September and continuing now.


How did you find out about the WikiWomen's Collaborative?Edit

Other responses touched on word of mouth or via the gender gap mailing list.

Where do you follow or participate with the WikiWomen's Collaborative?Edit

How do you interact with the @WikiWomen Twitter account?Edit

How do you interact with the WikiWomen's Collaborative Facebook page?Edit

The Collaborative sometimes posts "calls to action" (things to do) via Facebook and Twitter, asking fans to edit or improve Wikipedia pages. Have you ever edited Wikipedia after seeing one of these calls to action?Edit

Can you tells us a bit about the call(s) to action you responded to, and what made you want to get involved there? (If you'd like to provide links that would be great)Edit

We had three responses. Two respondents participated in Ada Lovelace Day events and an additional participant already edits and has responded to science focused calls to action.

Did you know there is a WikiWomen's Blog?Edit

How often do you read the blog?Edit

Does participating in the WikiWomen's Collaborative make you feel:Edit

What Wikimedia project do you contribute to the most?Edit

Participants were given a multiple choice question displaying ever sister project.

95% of respondents participate in Wikipedia. 5% participate in Commons.

What language do you contribute in the most?Edit

  • 15 respondents participate in English
  • 1 participant participates in German
  • 1 participant participates in Italian
  • 1 participant participates in Swedish
  • 1 participant participates in Greek
  • 1 participant participates in Malayalam

What gender do you identify as?Edit

Majority of the respondents are women.

Are these women editing more?Edit

Thirteen respondents provided their usernames. Based on this data, we learned that these women edited Wikipedia more than ever after the Collaborative launched.


  • "We need to take a good, hard look at how the framework for Wikipedia itself limits how women are able to be represented, otherwise the collective will only get so far."
  • "I am actually interested in volunteering but I am not interested in any of the options you provide. I thought the issue is the gender gap, and I don't believe social networks and blogs are the only possible option."
  • "I think this is a great idea, and I am excited to be involved!"
  • "keep up the good work!"