Research:WikiWomen's Collaborative/Phase 1

This phase of the project is now complete! The report for phase one can be found here.


WWC aims to explore how Wikipedia can tap into where women are - social media spaces like Facebook and Twitter - and bring them into the fold of editing Wikipedia.

Phase one of WWC will focus on engaging women in social media spaces through social interaction, support, and calls to action. Our end goal is to have new women (and transwomen) editing Wikipedia with the following goals in mind:

  • Get women to "like" and engage in WWC Facebook page
  • Get women to edit Wikipedia via Facebook calls to action
  • Get experienced women who already edit to share updates about their projects on Facebook and the blog.


  • Build community on Facebook to 700 fans
  • Build Twitter followers to 500
  • Have two active conversations on Facebook and Twitter each day (at least 50% volunteer initiated)
  • Publish two blog posts per week (at least 50% volunteer initiated)
  • 50 new women editing Wikipedia articles per month (collected via calls to action to share their user page or articles, and via phase one end survey)


  • September 10: Finalize Phase 1 page   Done
  • September 12: Request image use for CC BY SA images to be used as CC BY by authors   Done
  • September 13: Create non-public Facebook page   Done
  • September 13: Launch public campaign   Done
  • September 14: First blog post released   Done
  • September 18: Have additional blog posts prepped   Done

Project ComponentsEdit

  1. Facebook page - WikiWomen’s Collaborative
  2. WMF blog - new posts to be tagged with category Women
  3. Twitter - @WikimediaWomen
  4. Meta wiki is used as a hub for project planning
  5. We may update the gendergap page on meta wiki as a hub to collate gender gap resources, research, etc

Growth channelsEdit

In order to encourage "fandom" for our Facebook page, promoting the page through various channels will be necessary. Channels include, but are not limited to:

  • Wikipedia Facebook
  • Wikipedia Women Facebook and other women's related Facebook pages
  • Facebook contests (i.e. essays on why you love/edit Wikipedia which is then blogged, giveaways))
  • Twitter
  • Wikimedia Chapters
  • Women's organizations and geek groups


This section is still being expanded.

  • Number of Facebook fans
  • Tracking click through's via Facebook metrics (we're talking to legal about this)
  • Asking fans to share their contributions and tracking their user names manually
  • Final survey


  • September 1-14: Preparation   Done
  • September 14: Launch   Done
  • September 14-October 12: Iterate and grow   Done
  • October 12-26: Measure and report   Done


The report for phase one can be found here.