Research:Understanding Content Review Practices of Wikipedia Editors

15:40, 26 October 2018 (UTC)
Rachel Greenstadt
Stephanie Bankes
Joseph Zhang
Duration:  2018-November – 2019-June
quality, think aloud, interview, vandalism

This page is an incomplete draft of a research project.
Information is incomplete and is likely to change substantially before the project starts.

We are interested in gaining a better understanding of the heuristics Wikipedians use for identifying potentially problematic edits. By identifying common procedures Wikipedia reviewers use to view edits, we aim to inform the development of tools that can support these processes as well as further research on how quality judgements are made in online environments like Wikipedia.



We will use interview and think-aloud protocols to observe how Wikipedia editors use interface features (watchlist, recent edits) as well as any additional tools they might use to detect potentially problematic edits. We aim to recruit 10-20 local Wikipedia editors in Philadelphia, very likely from Drexel University and/or University of Pennsylvania. We will primarily use flyers and word of mouth and will contact organizers of local meetups to ask if we can recruit through them.



Nov-Dec 2018 Interviews and Think Alouds, Jan-March 2019 analysis and tool development, April-June paper/report writing

Policy, Ethics and Human Subjects Research


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