Research:Two factor authentication uptake on the English Wikipedia

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Duration:  2017-February – ??
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This page is an incomplete draft of a research project.
Information is incomplete and is likely to change substantially before the project starts.

The Wikimedia Foundation introduced two-factor authentication in November 2016 for administrators and other high-risk user groups - this research hopes to identify overall uptake of the feature and address some of the reasons preventing editors from enabling it.

Methods edit

During this research I hope to survey a number of administrators and run database queries to find the percentage of administrators who have enabled and use two-factor authentication, and identify possible issues and concerns which are preventing more from using it.

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Policy, Ethics and Human Subjects Research edit

As I will be requesting volunteers to fill out the two-factor authentication survey this will not dramatically affect the project. I will be contacting administrators by their talk page.

Signing up to research edit

Interested editors are welcome to sign up to take part in ongoing research here

Results edit

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