Research:Survey of user in Ireland 2020

Rebecca Maung
Duration:  2019-October – 2020-June

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This survey is to follow up on the first such survey of Wikimedians in Ireland in 2016. Wikimedia Community Ireland wishes to further assess the work that we do, and insure that our programming is in line with the expectations and interests of active Wikimedians in Ireland. This survey also acts as a method of alerting more editors to the existence of an affiliate in Ireland, should they wish to work with us in the future.


Using a Central Notice banner, the Wikimedia-IE mailing list for users, and social media, users based in Ireland will be recruited to take part in an online survey through Qualtrics. The survey is a repeat of that conducted in 2016, should take 10 to 20 minutes to complete, will capture basic information on the editing behaviours of Wikimedians in Ireland, as well as some demographic information. It will also ask the participants about their awareness and interest in Wikimedia Community Ireland, and what (if any) support or activities they wish to see the user group foster. The survey will be featured as a banner on both English and Irish language Wikipedias, with the survey also provided in both languages.


  • October 2019 to March 2019 - Planning, development and creation of survey.
  • April to May 2020 - Survey live and banner active for user in Ireland on Wikipedia and Vicipéid (GA).
  • May 2020 - Analysis and interpretation of resulting data.
  • June 2020 - Publication of data, with the possibility of some visualisations.

Policy, Ethics and Human Subjects ResearchEdit

The survey looks to recruit active editors that wish to engage in submitting data for the improvement of the Irish community. As with all banners on Wikipedia, it can be dismissed, and thus provides little disruption for uninterested editors.


Survey ResultsEdit