Research:Student use of free online information resources/Related work

Research:FOIR survey/Related work

Studies of Wikipedia readersEdit

  1. 2007 PEW Internet Wikipedia reader survey (overview, full report)
  2. 2008 UNU-MERIT reader and contributor survey (description, overview of findings)
  3. 2011 PEW Internet Wikipedia reader survey (overview, full report)
  4. 2011 WMF reader survey (Description, Results, Blog posts)
  5. 2011 WMF mobile reader survey (summary of findings, full report)
  6. 2012 WMF Bangla Wikipedia reader and editor survey (description and findings)
  7. 2014 Wikimedia Pakistan reader survey (blog post)
  8. 2014 WMF Global south reader and editor survey (Description, report, video presentation)
  9. 2014 Wikipedia in the eyes of its beholders: A systematic review of scholarly research on Wikipedia readers and readership (full report)
  10. 2014 WMF Mobile reading and editing trends (full report)
  11. 2015 WMF Fundraising reader survey (report) - 1000 respondents from the US; focused on fundraising, but covers other aspects as well
  12. 2015 WMF Research reader micro-survey (description and findings)

Studies of student use of WikipediaEdit

  1. 2010 Project Information Literacy college student reader survey (full report)
  2. 2011 Embracing Wikipedia as a research tool for law: to Wikipedia or not to Wikipedia? (summary, abstract)
  3. 2012 Wikipedia and the University, a case study (summary, abstract)
  4. 2012 PEW Internet survey - How teens do research in the digital world (summary, overview)
  5. 2012 "You just type in what you are looking for": Undergraduates' use of library resources vs. Wikipedia (summary, abstract)
  6. 2015 "You get what you need” : A study of students’ attitudes towards using Wikipedia when doing school assignments. (summary, abstract)
  7. 2015 Wikipedia and undergraduate research trajectories (summary, abstract)
  8. 2015 Wikipedia use in research: Perceptions in secondary schools (summary, abstract)

Surveys of student use of mobile devicesEdit

  1. 2013 exploring students' mobile learning practices in higher education
  2. 2015 Students' typical usage of mobile devices in learning activities
  3. 2015 Undergraduate Ownership of Small Mobile Devices: Engagement and Use in an Academic Environment

Surveys of student use of other FOIRsEdit

  1. Formal learners' use of Open educational resources
  2. Informal learners' use of Open educational resources
  3. 2007 Web 2.0 technologies for postgraduate and undergraduate medical education (full report)
  4. 2012 Youtube: an emerging tool in anatomy education (abstract)
  5. 2012 Can “YouTube” help students in learning surface anatomy? (abstract)
  6. 2014 SRI Khan academy school use survey (research brief, full report)
  7. 2015 College students share their experiences with Khan Academy (blog post)
  8. 2015 Understanding the self-directed online learning preferences, goals, achievements, and challenges of MIT OpenCourseWare subscribers (abstract & PDF link)
  9. 2015 OpenCourseWare Observatory – Does the Quality of OpenCourseWare Live up to its Promise? (PDF)

Other resources related to student use of FOIRsEdit

Essays, non-survey research studies, etc.

  • 2013 Mobile computing devices in higher education: Student perspectives on learning with cellphones, smartphones, and social media (PDF)
  • 2012 Social media in higher education (PDF)
  • 2013 Information Communication Technologies and the Contemporary Language Educator (PDF)
  • 2013 The pedagogical foundations of massive open online courses (HTML)
  • 2013 Open educational resources and mobile technology to narrow the learning divide (HTML)

FOIR sites and listsEdit