Research:Reader crowdsourced quality evaluations

This page is an incomplete draft of a research project.
Information is incomplete and is likely to change substantially before the project starts.

User:Ke4roh proposed[1]:

I think the very best thing will be when we can tap more of the reader base for crowdsourcing checking edits. If we could do something like Google Translate does - to show you two versions (native and translated) when you hover on the translated text - we would present the edit with, say, a dotted box around the change. Hover, then the user sees the other text. And the user is then presented with a choice of which way is better. Present that to enough people, and we'll get some good feedback.

While most vandalism in Wikipedia could likely be identified by readers, it's not clear how we could most effectively tap this pool of potential contributors to support Wikipedia's current quality control practices. In this project, we'll explore mechanisms to extract quality evaluations of edits via reader input.

See the talk page for proposal of how we might do that.