Research:Quality dynamics of English Wikipedia

This page documents a completed research project.

How has Wikipedia changed in quality over time, and how have these quality dynamics changed by topic? In this study, we'll use the Monthly Wikipedia article quality predictions dataset[1] and measures of importance to explore the quality dynamics of Wikipedia.

Methods edit

Measures of quality edit

Wikipedia 1.0 assessments (WP10)
Predicted WP10

Measures of importance edit

  • WikiProject importance assessments
  • Page views
  • Link graph
    • Within-project

Categorizing content edit

Main en:Wikipedia:WikiProject_Council/Directory

"Women's topics"

"Academic topics"

"Pop culture"

Results edit

Overall edit

Breakdowns edit

Culture and the arts
History and society
Science, technology and engineering
Women's topics
Academic topics
Pop culture

Discussion edit

References edit

  1. Halfaker, Aaron (2016): Monthly Wikipedia article quality predictions. figshare. Retrieved: 17 03, Nov 19, 2016 (GMT)