You're about to create a new project pageEdit

You can use this form to create a page documenting a new research project. Please make sure you fill in all relevant information.

Getting help with subject recruitmentEdit

If your project involves recruiting participants (for a survey, interviews etc.) please include the following information in the project page:

  • a description of the sample of subjects needed for your research as well as the proposed recruitment method
  • the motivation for your request
  • a short description of your research project (including pointers if applicable)
  • the name, affiliation and contact details of the applicant team
  • the expected duration and timeline of the project

See this example. Once the page is created, please send the link to: Dario Taraborelli ( and Aaron Halfaker ( so your request can be reviewed by the RCom. Requests submitted to the RCom usually take 1-2 weeks to be reviewed.