You're about to create a new project pageEdit

You can use this form to create a page documenting a new research project. Please make sure you fill in all relevant information.

Requesting a letter of support from WMFEdit

If you are requesting an endorsement for your research from the Wikimedia Foundation, please include the following information in this page:

  1. the specific kind of endorsement you need
  2. the motivation for your request and the potential benefits of your project to the Wikimedia community
  3. a short description of your research project (including external links if applicable)
  4. the name, affiliation, and contact details of the main applicant
  5. the expected duration of the project
  6. the funding body, if applicable

Once the page is created, please send the link to Dario Taraborelli ( so your request can be reviewed by the RCom. Requests submitted to the RCom usually take 1-2 weeks to be reviewed.