Research:Peer mentorship and snuggle/Consent

This page documents exactly what is being consented to for participants in the demo, interview study performed by Aaron Halfaker (EpochFail). This purpose of this study is to gain insights into the way that editors of Wikipedia who engage in mentoring/socializing activities view their activities and the needs of the community in the context of Snuggle, a tool designed to support the activities of mentors. Participants will be asked to demo the software system and then answer a series of semi-structured interview questions.

The entire process is designed to take less than 30 minutes (15 minute demo & 15 minute interview), but may run over if the participant (you) is interested in continuing the discussion.


Participation in this study is entirely at will. A participant may discontinue the study at any time for any reason.

Recording & PrivacyEdit

In order to review the discussions, the researchers involved will make a recording of the discussions during the demo and interview session. These recordings will be stored on password protected computers at the University of Minnesota and will not be released publicly. Any quotations present in any subsequent publication will be anonymized, except at the request of the participant.

Potential risksEdit

Participants will be asked to use a piece of software in their browser and discuss their (publicly logged) socialization/mentorship activities on Wikipedia. Subjects will not be shown anything other than content already available on Wikipedia. Therefore, we do not see any potential risks for participants.

Contact infoEdit

See Aaron Halfaker (EpochFail) for more information.

Out-of-study contactEdit

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the study and would like to talk to someone other than the researchers, you are encouraged to contact the Fairview Research Helpline at telephone number 612-672-7692 or toll free at 866-508-6961. You may also contact this office in writing or in person at Fairview Research Administration, 2344 Energy Park Drive, St. Paul 55108.