Research:Mobile editor engagement/Mobile active editor

In order to measure how many total active editors per month the Mobile web is contributing, we need to consider two possible dimensions:

  • where did the user register
  • where is the user contributing
5+ ns0 mobile edits 5+ ns0 desktop edits 5+ ns0 edits combined
Mobile accounts A B C
Desktop accounts D E F
All accounts G H I

Definitions edit

Mobile active editors
When referring to mobile active editors, unless otherwise stated, we refer to users in category C: users registered on a mobile device reaching the 5+ ns0 threshold in a given month, wherever they edit. We drop restrictions on countable pages and content namespaces.
Mobile editors (benchmark)
We will consider users in categories A and G as secondary benchmark categories to measure mobile editor engagement.
Active editors
Users in category I represent the canonical definition of active editors (barring restrictions on bots, countable pages and content namespaces).

Notes edit

  • Unless otherwise stated, editing activity is measured on a per-project basis, not globally.
  • We drop the restrictions for countable pages and content namespaces used in the reportcard and just focus on main-namespace edits.
  • We don't expect to see bots registered on mobile or their number to significantly affect the number of mobile active editors.
  • We count revisions from recentchanges and the revision tables and we do not include data from deleted pages stored in the archive table. Note that if we rely on data from EventLogging, this will include all edits collected at runtime, regardless of whether the page survives or is deleted.