Research:Mobile editor engagement/Apps

This page in a nutshell: This page hosts information and research reports on the usage of apps developed by the Wikimedia Mobile team

Research questionsEdit

A preliminary list of research questions related to the usage of mobile apps.

  1. Editing: How effective is editing on the apps? How do conversion rates from reader to editor compare to web? How do conversion rates from 0-1+ edits and 0-5+ edits compare to web? How is productivity? Where do users drop in the cycle? Do people click into edit and click out (specifically does anyone click on the lead section edit button click out and then click into a section editing link)?
  2. Logging in/creating accounts: Account creations vs. traffic comparison. Where do logins occur (edit workflow vs. leftnav)? Where do accounts get created (edit workflow vs. leftnav)? Do people drop their edits after creating an account? Do people drop their edits when asked to login? How popular is anonymous editing? Are there drop out points in the login/account creation workflow?
  3. Article navigation: Frequency of search and browse. When people arrive at a page what feature brought them there? How far to people typically browse on a page? Do people use the table of contents? (suggestion to track app sessions and session engagement patterns)
  4. Saved pages: How often do people revisit saved pages after saving them?
  5. Table of contents: Do people interact with the table of contents regularly? Does it make it more likely that people visit pages after the lead section?
  6. Swipe gestures: Do people often use the back behavior more than once in a row? Do people often use the random page feature more than once in a row?
  7. Browsing history: How often do people revisit pages in their browsing history? How often do users visit their browsing history and browse around?


The following are draft schemas the team is planning to use for the instrumentation of Mobile Apps: