Research:Measuring mission success

This page documents a proposed research project.
Information may be incomplete and may change before the project starts.

In the August 20 2014 Signpost Op-Ed, a metric based on the success with regards to WMF Wikimedia's mission was suggested. On this page we will organize the creation and discussion of such a metric. You are welcome to join!

Tree view


Mission success (widely distributed, high value knowledge content; Jimmy Wales' version "the sum of all human knowledge available to all in their own language"; related to WMF mission)

  • Value of content
    • Importance
      • [view rates], [inlinks/page rank], [human assessed]
    • Production
      • Contribution
        • [edits], [bytes added], [images uploaded], [statements sourced]
      • Quality
        • persistence (implied review, given enough eyeballs, i.e. pageviews that can perform easy actions)
          • content persistence
          • reverts
          • article survival
          • project quality assessments like featured or good articles, and others
      • Content coverage
        • [language with article]
        • ???
  • Distribution of content
    • Consumption
      • Consumption rates
        • [view], [redist. views], ???
      • Consumers
        • [unique viewers]
    • Availability
      • Cost of access
        • [internet/median income], [distribution of Wikipedia Zero]
    • Language
      • Available language/language speaker