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<Ironholds> you'd think POSIX would be the be-all and end-all, but it doesn't like %Y%m without a day.
<computermacgyver> notconfusing / average: I didn't catch the whole discussion on network graphs, but I would look at writing out the graph structure to a file with python (possibly igraph package although just a simple list of edge connections would also work).
<computermacgyver> It seemed to be a small number of nodes; so I think Gephi would visualize this well with more control
<computermacgyver> Otherwise igraph does have layout / visualization algorithms as well
<Haitham> J-Mo, DarTar : all set here. let me know which hangout to join (if I'm not on the right one)
<computermacgyver> Gephi has a plugin (disclaimer I wrote it) to export HTML5 network visualizations that are interactive
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<chip_> I'm wondering where the backend code for Wikipedia stored at currently? Is it some version control software like github?
<chip_> I am interested to contribute
<Ironholds> MediaWiki? We have a git instance that's replicated on github
<andrewbogott> chip_:  Backend code is mostly this:
<Ironholds> See
<J-Mo> hey Haitham! just a sec...
<chip_> Thanks <Ironholds> and Andrew!
<notconfusing> computermacgyver, average, im going to take 20 minutes to prep my data for you, brb
<danilo> i wrote now about Portuguese Wikipedia experience in researches about abuse filters in
<computermacgyver> notconfusing --- cool. Sounds great
<DarTar> Ironholds: stuck in San Leandro?
<Ironholds> DarTar, something like that.
<Ironholds> I was hacking away last night and realised that I didn't have anything worth collaboratively hacking on - I still need to wrangle things like time formats into working
<Ironholds> so today is "hack on the research project, in solitude, so I have things I can actually show to people at the next hackathon" ;P
<Ironholds> (although I'm happy to answer any questions thrown my way on IRC, obviously)
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<DarTar> hey Fuzheado
<Fuzheado> Hey DarTar
<DarTar> Haitham is showcasing of community graph viz
<Dave-R> thanks for giving me access!
<DarTar> follow the youtube stream or group hangout (links in the IRC topic)
<Fuzheado> I only found out that today was research hackathon day... as I'm sitting in an IRL meetup in DC
<DarTar> yeah shame we don't have anyone in DC
<awight> if anyone wants to chat about fundraising, don't hesitate to ping me
<Fuzheado> Nice thanks. The hangout link on this page says the hangout is over
<Fuzheado> may want to update
<Fuzheado> Actually we have 30 ppl here
<Fuzheado> but not hackathon related
<giftpflanze> can someone give the link to the user graph thingy?
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<computermacgyver> most recent hangout at
* Now talking on #wikimedia-labs2
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<DarTar> Haitham: do you think we could publish raw graph dumps?
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<DarTar> like snapshots of the adjacency lists for all projects?
<notconfusing> any digraph in gephi
<computermacgyver> Yes, I wrote plugin
<notconfusing> and the views that are available for digraph
<DarTar> can you guys hear from SF?
<computermacgyver> DarTar: I'd be happy to work further on the plugin to make changes if helpful for your work. I wrote it with another PhD student here in Oxford
<DarTar> Haitham is the one working on this, but it's great to have direct access to the author of the plugin ;)
<computermacgyver> DarTar: Cool. Yeah, please pass my email to Haitham ( I'm going to log off for a bit because it's going on 20:30 here in Oxford (going to relocate to home) but I'm very happy to continue discussing later. Cheers
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<DarTar> will do
<computermacgyver> thanks. later
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<DarTar> ciao
* halfak claps for Haitham.  Excellent work, sir. 
<Haitham> yes, some of the data files are on github which DarTar just posted
<Haitham> oh, Thank you! ^^;
<halfak> Haitham: I have a social network graph related idea to pitch to you at some point.  I'll get it up on meta first though. 
<tos> Haitham, also, please remove the ping from the IRC chat. It's not pleasing to the ear.
<tos> Also, great work :)
<Haitham> Thanks! sorry, i rarely use IRC :(
<tos> Haitham
<tos> ^ Yes it works :)
<Haitham> it's gone! yay!
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<tos> Haitham, Btw i did not get what you said in answer to my question about seeing the graphs for the different language wikis. Can we get a url for the graphs, if available?
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<Haitham> yes, DarTar has already published it. but we still need to add some privacy disclaimer before opening it publicly.
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<DarTar> oops
<DarTar> ok, I won't be retweeting it :p
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<tos> Gotcha. Also, you might want to remove screensharing now. I might as well read your screenshare, which I was, in fact :P
<Haitham> oops!!
<tos> Saves me 5 seconds worth of reading what you'll post next
<andrewbogott> 10 minute warning -- I'm about to punch out of the hackathon and head home.  Anyone else having access problems?
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<andrewbogott> OK, I'm heading out.  If new problems crop up, page me or Coren in #wikimedia-labs; one of us may appear now and then over the next few hours.
<halfak> Thanks Haitham!
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<tos> Haitham, Either the software or our communities are designed in such a way that every single one of them was circled around someone
<tos> I'm really curious to know which one is it.
<tos> Like the entire community in one big circle or a number of sub-circles covering it all
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<Haitham> Thanks everyone. I really hoped to join you for the whole day, but sadly some other duties called today! tos, and everyone else, please feel free to shoot me an email any time at, and I'll be happy to share whatever knowledge I have :)
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<chip_> Designed a new logo for Parsoid during #wikiresearch hackathon today. Flat design for tshirt printing -
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<chip_> Bug report:
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<joffemd> PDF Liberation Hackathon sponsored by the Sunlight Foundation in DC, SF and remotely, January 17-19, 2004:
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<Veertje> me = Vera btw
<Veertje> on the livestream and all
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<tos> hi vera :)
<Veertje> I have no idea where you are on the schedule
<Veertje> people seem to be introducing themselves
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<tos> Veertje, As far as the hangout is concerned, people are mainly hacking by themselves now. I've no idea whether we'll have more conversations
<Veertje> I'm hearing people introducing themselves
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<tos> Veertje, Is that on the hangout? I believe everyone's mike is muted
<Veertje> yeah, on the hangout
<Veertje> oh, dam
<Veertje> I had a livestream from YT up
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<Veertje> which is from 4 hours ago
<tos> Veertje, Yes. I believe you were watching the livestream :P
<Veertje> I was doing both
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<tos> Ah
<Veertje> I had the hangout open and on some different tab was the recording from hours ago
<Veertje> which was confusing
<tos> We'd probably continue the hangout if others are interested in discussing any more things
<Veertje> I did the whole clapping-like-a-deaf-person when I heard somebody introducing themselves as having just graduated
<Veertje> that must have looked weird
<Veertje> well, nobody seems to pay too much attention to the hangout
<mcnabber091> did you guys have any advice on the Global Economic Map?
<halfak> Veertje:
<tos> mcnabber091, Where are you collecting the data from? Because sources could differ, no?
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<notconfusing> halfak all the work is done, we did it all
<DarTar> halfak: people in SF are hacking in various spots in the office (in fact we just started after lunch)
<mcnabber091> The sources are froma variety of government sources such as the world bank, imf and other publications
<Veertje> stuff I've been working on I've listed on my Meta userpage:
<halfak> notconfusing: :P all the science is complete.  we know the wikis.  
<tos> mcnabber091, And these are collected manually?
<Veertje> it has to do with coordinates and Wiki Loves Monuments
<Veertje> I made an app for adding coordinates to lists of municipal monuments using the Google Maps API
<mcnabber091> so far I have manually updated all the articles in the project. The goal right now is to create software that can automatically update the data into Wikidata
<tos> Veertje, That was one of the things we discussed in the beginning :) Fun stuff.
<Veertje> but there is no English documentation for it yet
<Veertje> did you discuss my project, or the hassel that is adding coordinates to monuments?
<tos> mcnabber091, Unless all the data for the other countries is also supposed to collected manually, like you did; I suggest a semi-automated or a purely automated process to collect the data from the various sources, and tabulate
<tos> Veertje, We mainly discussed about Wiki Loves monuments and how it has been trying to fill in the photographs et al of the monuments by using maps.
<tos> And there was also a particular Netherlands map that we saw which showed how much it was already complete
<tos> Would have been fun if the map's history was in a gif form though :)
<tos> So I suppose that's related to your project Veertje
<Veertje> oh, that map shows the indexing of municipal monuments
<Veertje> which says nothing about the number of pictures
<Veertje> and municipal monuments are just one kind of monument
<tos> Hm...
<Veertje> we also have Rijksmonumenten ('federal') and provincial monuments
<Veertje> < this map, yes?
<tos> You should have been there while we were discussing this, so you would be able to explain it further
<mcnabber091> how should I go about creating a program to automatically put data into Wikidata. What software would work best and who could possibly help out?
<tos> Yes, that's the one
<Veertje> that's pretty mutch this table visualized:
* tos points mcnabber091 to halfak
<tos> halfak, You'd be able to answer that
<Veertje> I should make one showing the proportion of lists I made out of the lists that have been created
<halfak> Hmm.. I don't work with wikiData sadly.  
<computermacgyver> code for wiki love monuments is open source on git
<halfak> I know we have some people in this room who do though. 
<halfak> DarTar: Who gave the preso on wikidata imports?
<tos> halfak, I meant point him to people who would know.
* halfak is initiating the point chain. 
<tos> Veertje, Is there any place where we can read a summary of what has been done, and what you plan to do with your project?
<Veertje> I made at least 87 lists of municipal monuments
<Veertje> w00t
<DarTar> halfak: that was notconfusing ^^
<DarTar> (wikidata imports)
<halfak>  mcnabber091: ^^
<mcnabber091> hi
* halfak has completed the point chain
<DarTar> halfak: is OB6 still in production on enwiki?
<halfak> I believe that the test condition is, yes. 
<DarTar> ok cool
<halfak> With minor bug fixes. 
<Veertje> 87 out of ~150
<notconfusing> halfak what do you need re: wikidata imports?
<halfak> It was mcnabber091 who needed something
<mcnabber091> dartar, do you know someone that could help create a program for wikidata imports?
<halfak> ^^^
<halfak> I was just in the middle of the point chain
<notconfusing> mcnabber091, what do you need in specific?
<Veertje> the people that were working on the Global Economic Map
<Veertje> do they know about this:
<tos> mcnabber091, ^
<DarTar> halfak, hmmm it actually looks like control is active, not test - I get redirected to the old gettingstarted page with 3 tasks
<tos> Veertje, I'm still waiting for a reply to the question I asked
<Veertje> The code on the geocoding component is live on
<Veertje> and on gitHub:
<Veertje> there are some feature requests (written by me to me) up there too
<DarTar> confirmed, I only get the old condition
<notconfusing> mcnabber091, if you want your entry point is wikipedia, and if your entry point is generations from wikidata
<DarTar> <sadface>
<mcnabber091> wow the export treemap is cool, i like that
<Veertje> Like, implementing data from the Monumenten Inventarisatie Project (monument inventorisation project), which was a goverment project from the mid 1980's to the mid 90's
<Veertje> I made the template for the color index back when MIT Harvard started uploading those treemaps to commons
<mcnabber091> Thanks notconfusing, what is the 'entry point?
<tos> Err, Veertje, I was hoping for a summary than some code :)
<Veertje> ok, well: I made an web application to generate Wikipedia articles for lists of municipal monuments. It does that fairly well at the moment. I should make more documentation so that other people can use it for their monuments
<Veertje> maybe do some code optimization, though the code is already fairly clean
<Veertje> and like I said, incorporating MIP data is a nice thing to have in NL
<mcnabber091> notconfusing, and Im confused about the links you sent. is that coding on how to create an importing program?
<Veertje> I;m off to bed
<mcnabber091> notconfusing, and Im confused about the links you sent. is that coding on how to create an importing program?
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<J-Mo> ah, things are winding down out west. managed to get (pretty much) every attendee onto labs. Thanks to halfak, andrewbogett_afk and everyone else who offered tech support!
<halfak> :)  Do you guys want to have a hangout session to finish up and say goodbye?
<halfak> SF, MN and TheOriginalSoni are currently present. 
<halfak> (soni is his own hackathon_
<tos> lol
<J-Mo> Soni is a hackathon-and-a-half
<computermacgyver> Scott from Oxford still here too, but fading fast. Amazing to soni for still being on
<J-Mo> one of our participants is currently giving a quick presentation on his project. might be up for a hangout at 3 or 3:15PDt? (15-30 min)
<tos> computermacgyver, I'm fairly familiar with staying up late. It's still a couple hours until sleep takes me over (Would be something like 6 am)
<tos> J-Mo, I dont see why not. halfak? :)
<computermacgyver> tos: lol, I love it
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<fullak> No room
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<YuviPanda> hey halfak
<YuviPanda> halfak: sorry, was away when you last pinged, and then got on a plane.
<halfak> Hey YuviPanda
<YuviPanda> do let me know if there's anything i can help with in the meantime
<halfak> No worries.  It all worked out.  I didn't exactly give you fair a proper warning. 
<halfak> I think we got everyone on Tool Labs who needed to be.  Andrewbogott was helping us out. 
<YuviPanda> ah sweet!
<halfak> :)  
<subbu> YuviPanda, still in sf or back in chennai?
<YuviPanda> subbu: back in Chennai
<YuviPanda> subbu: will be in BLR 2 days later
<tos> YuviPanda, You're from Chennai?
<subbu> oye .. lot of travel
<YuviPanda> tos: yeah
<tos> Nice. I'm currently in Hyd.
<YuviPanda> tos: ah, nice!
<subbu> it is 4:45 am there and you two are up :) impressive.
<tos> YuviPanda, I keep wondering if there is some co-ordination between the Wikipedia editors here for organizing meetups and editing workshops etc, but all I see is individual editors mainly. I wonder whether Chennai is something different.
<YuviPanda> tos: not different at all
<YuviPanda> tos: 'tis teh same everywhere
<tos> subbu, That's normal for me to wake up till late if required.
<YuviPanda> tos: there's the wikimedia-india list that sometimes is useful, but is mostly... not productive :P
<tos> YuviPanda, Just in india, or outside too?
<YuviPanda> tos: oh just in India. I've no idea how the situation is outside india
<YuviPanda> tos: and a lot of communication happens on the wiki, and is hard to follow
* tos agrees
<YuviPanda> tos: let me know if you think we can run a similar hackathon again somewhere (BLR?) and we'll do that.
<YuviPanda> i did a couple about a year back, and they were fun
<tos> YuviPanda, A year back, we had them in hyd in our college
<YuviPanda> tos: hmm, I actually did one in a college in Hyd a year or so back...
<YuviPanda> hey HenriqueCrang
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<YuviPanda> HenriqueCrang: I see that you are already part of the project
<YuviPanda> HenriqueCrang: log out, log back in, type 'become ptwikis' and that should work
<tos> YuviPanda, I'm all game to help anyway I can, if any hackathon or something along the lines of getting editors together is planned.
<YuviPanda> HenriqueCrang: if you want to add someone else to the project, go to, find that project, click 'add maintainer'
<YuviPanda> tos: :D sure!
<HenriqueCrang> thanks, YuviPanda ! I wasnt sure who to add a new member to the group
<YuviPanda> :D
<tos> YuviPanda, Do you stay in India much, or is it just a few days now? If the former, then what do you think of some kindof workshops to get new editors interested?
<YuviPanda> tos: no, I primarily stay in INdia
<YuviPanda> tos: just was in SF for a few weeks
<tos> I see. Chennai and BLR mainly?
<YuviPanda> tos: well, depends. THose editor workshops happen all the time - Outreach or 'WikiAcademies'. The India Chapter / CIS do them.
<YuviPanda> tos: I try to not get involved in those. I'm intereseted in recruiting technical folks for the technical bits of Wikimedia, and that is done rarely
<YuviPanda> tos: yah, Chennai BLR mostly
<tos> I dont really see any trace of any of this onwiki, so maybe they could be better managed :P
<halfak> J-Mo: You guys still active?
<halfak> I think we're looking to wrap up in MN too. 
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<tos> I see. What does recruiting mean? You hire them for WMF, or just try to get technical minded editors for Wiki?
<notconfusing> mcnabber091, there?
<YuviPanda> tos: yeah, definitely :)
<YuviPanda> tos: no no, not recruiting in that sense
<YuviPanda> tos: recruiting as in getting more people volunteer for the infrastructure / tools - toollabs, labs, mediawiki hacking, gadgets, etc
<tos> YuviPanda, I see. I'm not that technically minded yet, so I tend to go with general editors
<YuviPanda> tos: ah! :D
<YuviPanda> tos: in that case, if you email the wikimedia-india list, I bet they can easily set something up
* tos is very unfamiliar with mailing lists, and suspects them :P
<YuviPanda> :D
<YuviPanda> they can be useful!
<YuviPanda> tos:
<tos> Done
<YuviPanda> L(
<YuviPanda> err
<YuviPanda> :)
<mcnabber091> im here
<tos> notconfusing,^
<notconfusing> how can unconfusify this for you?
<tos> YuviPanda, So what exact do you do around here? And have you been to any of the Wikimanias?
<notconfusing> you don't see how this can be made into an improt bot? what are you trying to import?
<mcnabber091> im trying import economic data from the world bank, imf and other sources into wikidata
<mcnabber091> im just unfamiliar with python sorry
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<notconfusing> mcnabber that's fine, so your entry point is their data
<notconfusing> do you understand what wikidata properties you want to write?
<notconfusing> mcnabber091, actually you know what. its not possible yet
<notconfusing> because wikidata hasn't got the datatype number yet
<notconfusing> only string, which will sort of work
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<slaporte> We are trying to get the mic to work!
<slaporte> (in SF)
<slaporte> we are all yelling loud
<slaporte> we see bars bouncing
<slaporte> yes
<ben_plowman> we can hear you
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<mcnabber091> ^notconfusing, do you know when the datatype numbers will be ready? i have proposed about 30 economic statistics here:
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<J-Mo> hey halfak, sorry for the radio silence. Still around, yes: there are four of us here, lost in conversation. I'll sign into the hangout again to say wassup tho, if anyone's still there.
<halfak> Yes Please we are just wrapping up.
<halfak> J-Mo: ^^
<slaporte> don't wait for SF
<halfak> kk
* Disconnected (Network is unreachable)
* halfak sets mode +i on halfak
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-NickServ- You are now identified for halfak.
* Now talking on #wikimedia-labs2
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<HenriqueCrang> slaporte, good point!
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<tos> J-Mo, Since you are already familiar with TH, you might also want to look into it ^
<Nettrom> thanks everyone!